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Fictional stories, written with care.
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Melissa is a beautiful woman. She
stands about 6'3" with the sneer
of a lady of the Amazon. She can
lift 400 pounds, and throw it like
it weighed nothing. Give her an axe,
and she can chop down a tree in a
single swipe! Watch out! She's crazy!

And if you believe that...
I can get you a good price
for the Brooklyn Bridge.


What you'll find in this folder:

"Boogieman 18+: Is the boogieman really something of the imagination? Just ask the hitchhiker...
My first attempt at fiction, horror, and short story writing.
This was inspired by a flash short I had watched on a random website.
Last updated: 8/2/04

"Invalid Item :
Written using a dream as inspiration.
The dream was much scarier, of course. *Pthb*
Last updated: 10/4/02

"Invalid Item :
Inspired by another bad dream.
A little bit of horror/scary mixed with the strange.
Last updated: 1/2/04

"Invalid Item :
Written on a dare.
I am a drool expert. It is apparent by this static.
Last updated: 3/13/03

"Invalid Item :
Written to perform at the 2004 Writing.com convention.
This is one of three, the other two performed and written by phil1861 and The Milkman .
Last updated: 11/15/04

"Invalid Item :
Written for "The Writer's Cramp [13+]. It won.
A story inspired by a disagreement with my husband.
Last updated: 9/20/04

"Invalid Item :
Written for the 2004 Masquerade Ball.
Mostly created so I could catch a guess at the masqueraders.
Last updated: 11/11/04

"Invalid Item :
Written for "Invalid Item . Contest still running.
A story inspired by a nightmare I recently had.
Last updated: 11/5/05

    Rated: 18+ · Horror/Scary · #524610
    Is the boogieman really something of the imagination? Just ask the hitchhiker...
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