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*RainbowL**Shamrock**RainbowR* *Holly1**Heart**Type* At the tender age of 5, I was sent to "The Thinking Chair. Still waiting for the "thinking" part to kick in, as I have almost mastered the art of sitting. *Laugh* *Tulipr**Reading**Bug* *Cow**Heart**Balloonr**Balloons**Cow* *Music2* *Music2*Welcome *Sun* to the Boulevard of Bovine Dreams, and Forgotten Folders *Cow**Sun**Balloono**Heartv**Cow**Shamrock**Hearty*
A Dinosaur who still loves vinyl and listens to the radio. And I will NEVER EVER text.
Rated: 18+
471 Entries
Comedy, Opinion, Dark
Type: Journal/Blog
Updated 3 days ago
The Diabolical Case of the Missing Bread Tie
Rated: E
~414 Words
Mystery, Detective, Comedy
Type: Non-fiction
Updated 13 days ago
Song parody of Eagles' Song Written By a Bovine Fan
Rated: 18+
~406 Words
Comedy, Animal, Music
Type: Lyrics
Updated 3 months ago
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