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At 64, I am an avidly devourer of books, but my favorite has always been the Fantasy Genre. Having written a three part fantasy series called The Black Tide, where magic, monsters,gods and sword-masters battled for control of the world, I have moved on to historical dramas. My most recent effort, the 3 book "Lillum of the Nile" series follows a young Egyptian girl as she struggles to find her place in a society ruled by Queen Hatshepsut, a society that was ancient 3,500 years ago. I admit living vicariously through my characters and having a ball. If you have a moment, please drop in and join me. http://ann-carter.weebly.com/
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    The Lily of the Nile, My Lady's Bower
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    Poetry, from a non-poet. Everything rhymes, all the time.
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    Various 3000 word extracts and submissions, posted for group review
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    Tasty morsels for your delectation...Enjoy
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