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I once had an account on here, but since then I got caught up in the busy part of my life. I'm just now starting to get back into this. So most of my writing will probably be short as I get myself caught up, and won't make much sense. I'd appreciate any and all advice, critiques and feedback.
    Rated: E · Dark · #1650086
    One of the very first poems I ever wrote. Short, because I struggled pretty badly.
    Rated: E · Nature · #1650084
    An even worse attempt at poetry.
    Rated: E · Family · #1650083
    My terrible and feeble attempt at poetry.
    Rated: ASR · Dark · #1649182
    Writing exercise. I guess this is my own ending. Inspired by someone I love.
    Rated: ASR · Family · #1649178
    This one a tad more sentimental than the others.
    Rated: ASR · Military · #1649173
    Another writing exercise, different view from the last.
    Rated: ASR · Opinion · #1649169
    A little writing exercise, so it probably won't make much sense.
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