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Hi, welcome to my portfolio! For as long as I can remember reading and writing have played a huge part in my life. I love writing stories and thinking up plot lines, and I also enjoy reading different items here on writing.com. If you do take a look at any of my work I hope you enjoy what you find. Let me know afterwards what you think by reviewing! You could tell me which characters you liked best, how you would like to see the story develop, how you think I can improve - it's all really helpful. If you want me to review something of yours, I'd be very happy to help! Just drop me an email. *Wand*
“Magic.” There's a darkness in his face that goes beyond the flirtatious bartender gag
Rated: 18+
~3,158 Words
Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Young Adult
Type: Chapter
Updated 3 years ago
A dramatic monologue for my A level course work, about, well, try and guess!
Rated: 18+
~1,093 Words
Drama, Adult, Dark
Type: Monologue
Updated 7 years ago
The air is stuffy and smells stale; there is no window and no ventilation.
Rated: 13+
~4,077 Words
Young Adult, Comedy, Romance/Love
Type: Novella
Updated 3 years ago
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