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I am a 23 year old male and I have been diagnosed with autism and ADHD. I have decided to write whatever I want, because I want to..not to please others or to fit in. To be clear, I am aware that I may be hypocritical when writing this, so please be aware that if you find something that you don't like in my portfolio...then leave alright? However, I want it to be known that I was raised in a Christian environment but that doesn't mean I am "close minded" I just have different opinions about certain things that will (most) likely not agree with others. As long as we don't get political...I can manage fine.
    Rated: ASR · Writing · #2209841
    An opinion poem meant to offend and belittle those who enjoy creating pain in the world!!
    Rated: E · Writing · #2204425
    A short poem I wrote in elementary school.
    Rated: E · Family · #2203391
    A narrative that takes place in my childhood while living in my old neighbourhood.
    Rated: 13+ · Supernatural · #2203279
    "Monster Delta" is a fan project of "Monster Arms." The O.C.s are unofficial and non-canon
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