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JubeCube's mind plays tricks on her, making her paranoid and scared, especially at night... Many of her writings contain dark or mysterious things, beware of what you may find inside her portfolio... She hopes to write more this coming year because she feels like she has abandoned her creativity and mind... Short stories will become longer, interactives will be visible to the public and campfires will continue through the year not just the week... She will endeaver to write a little each day, no promises just yet, just the hopes and dreams of a young woman who needs her muse to return to help her quest...
This is the first poem I have written and did so because of the death of my beloved dog.
Rated: E
~206 Words
Type: Poetry
Updated 14 years ago
This is my 2019 NaNoWriMo work
Rated: 18+
22 Entries
Horror/Scary, Sci-fi, Dark
Type: Novel
Updated 5 years ago
October 2019 NaNoWriMo Prep assignments
Rated: 13+
27 Entries
Research, Contest Entry, Other
Type: Collection
Updated 5 years ago
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    Items I have written for Contests...
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    For my miscellaneous non-interactive items...
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    For my miscellaneous interactive items...
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    Stories of adult content
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    Items I wrote when I was younger...
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    Any photos worth uploading
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