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I have been writing since I can remember and it is more than a hobby. I struggle to speak (aloud) my thoughts in a way that is easy for people to understand and have always preferred the written word. My life revolves around creativity and expression, more so now because I have a four year old son with an imagination that brings me back to my childhood every day. I hope that my writings bring thought and inspiration - even if it is critical (especially if it is critical!). I have lived so many lifetimes over the years, and I hope that what I have to share can be identified with by some, and perhaps bring insight to others.
satirical if it wasn't sad...ah, to be an adult in love
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Experience, Psychology, Romance/Love
Type: Poetry
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Self medication creates a bitter distance in an unsatisying marriage
Rated: E
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Emotional, Relationship, Psychology
Type: Poetry
Updated 13 years ago
Control is given away as often as it is taken
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Philosophy, Emotional, Experience
Type: Poetry
Updated 16 years ago
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