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Celery is a great snack when you're hungry and want to stay that way.~ Comedy is the best genre, so try to write a layer or two of the funny stuff—it will be entertaining and make you millions when you’re published. I’m more of a reader but over the years, I have tried to write. Humor is my focus, and if you need a laugh, you might find one or two here. Currently, I’m reading and critiquing the novel "Ciridian"   by Dan Hiestand . I write a summary for each chapter. *Pointright* "Ciridian Summaries Comedy contests I host: "The Humorous Poetry Contest & "The Humorous Short Story Contest 2020 Quill Winner for "Animal Characters for Comic Relief Best Comedy, Satire and Nonsense
A mystery surrounds a retirement party.
Rated: 18+
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Fiction, non-fiction, old, or new entries ~New Round in the Fall of 2021~
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Humorous scribbles from the Queen of Comedy
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