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You know what, as a college student I honestly don't have much to say about myself, I'm still figuring that bit out myself. I can't even tell you whether my writing is any good because that's entirely up to you to decide. But what I can offer you though are the bits and pieces of myself that are in every excerpt I write whether the piece is a light-hearted comedy or a suspenseful surreal experience through Purgatory. And with that said, as the author, I'll be right there by your side as these stories, thoughts, poems, whatever they are, take us anywhere and everywhere. Feel free to leave comments, critiques or questions. Thanks, - Ty.
    Rated: E · Emotional · #1918948
    A simple wispy poem, no meter used.
    Rated: 13+ · Young Adult · #1907781
    Never thought train stations would make great places for tea parties, until now.
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