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I'm a 35 year old happily married mom of five. I've been writing since I was 6 years old. I used to be on WDC absolutely every single day but then life got in the way. Eclectic pagan. And now I'm going through a lot of my old writing and re working it to flow better. If anyone remembers me from days of old please do not hesitate to drop me a pm or an email, all the better to get to know you again My Pretties.
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    Follow Unicorn weaving Her way through light and dark recessess of my soul. Poetry.
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    Almost poetry but not quite. These are my thoughts given Dragon Wings.
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    Short howlings of my mind and soul. Please enjoy hearing Her song.
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    Ratty home for my tries at brevity.
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    Pieces of mine that have soared on the wings of the Raven. Enjoy Her cry.
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    Images and sigs that have touched me. Colorful as day or dark as night. Inspiration.
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    Trying my hand at erotica....
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    Listen to the Owl's song....*Lyrical Tries*
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    Can you use 14 days to turn 7 prompts into 1 story?
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