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July 9
South of Reason, Most Likely Sleeping or Worrying
About Me
MOOdy & Silly. Never try to bully me or call me names to "win" me over. Not happening. I am VERY stubborn. And I do have a temper. Mostly, a quiet comes over me when I am most upset. A long, still quiet.
Type of Writer
Speedy, distracted
Writing Style
Riveting. *Headbang* *kidding*
All Things Relating to Basset Hound or Cows. History. Old Movies. Jean Harlow Movies. The BEATles Celtic music. 60s and 70s music. Classic Rock. Baseball (METS). Ireland. Weather Forecasting. Reading. Travel. Photography. Playing Piano.
Group Memberships
I got chewed out for listing these (because I took one out of the list) so no. more. lists. like that. It seemed like the height of irony at the time because I was miffed about an arbitrary (and very shortsighted) list.
Favorite Books
"A Moveable Feast" by Ernest Hemingway (1964) is the best reading experience of my life. I read it once a year or more. I also love A Prayer For Owen Meaney, The Lovely Bones, and Jane Austen's timeless Pride and Prejudice.
Favorite Authors
Ernest Hemingway is way above the herd. His influence was there all through my life and writing. Other Authors I Admire - Sue Grafton, Jacqueline Winspear, Alice Seibold, John Irving, Annie Barrows, Jane Austen, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Poe...
Favorite Poets
Mr. HOOves & Shakespeare
Favorite Quote
"May you always find whispers in the lilacs" Yellow Rose
Favorite Music
The BEATles, Celtic Music, Classic Rock, Cat Stevens, & Traveling Wilburys, Chieftains, Coors, Lots More *Music2* Everything Soundtrackers. I definitely prefer Vinyl and am old school (60s & 70s) when it comes to music. Love Old Town Road though.
Favorite Movies
Simon Birch & Movies From 1930s and 40s
Favorite Shows
Frasier & Gilmore Girls & Seinfeld & Pride and Prejudice (1995) & Brokenwood Mysteries & Downton Abbey & Doc Martin & Law & Order & American Pickers & Amazing Race & Pawn Stars & NYPD Blue & That Girl & Murdoch Mysteries & Midsomer Murders
poem of my love
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~106 Words
Romance/Love, Relationship, Philosophy
Type: Poetry
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Poem about Dublin for contest
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~212 Words
Travel, Experience, Personal
Type: Poetry
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Halloween wasn't going quite as smoothly as I had planned.
Rated: 13+
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Holiday, Comedy, Contest Entry
Type: Short Story
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My Lou Ryan, 1930s Private Detective, stories.
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Detective, Crime/Gangster, Mystery
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Campfire of quotes by authors, celebrities Part 2 by Hooves and Megan.
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266 Additions
Inspirational, Other, Other
Type: Campfire Creative
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