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August 17 1974
About Me
I discovered a love of creative writing in high school while writing for the school newspaper and literary magazine. I have always found an outlet in creative arts and have been privileged to perform in musical theatre, as well as compete internationally in ballroom dancing. However, writing is my first and current love. I have worked in health care, but have spent the past 15 years raising my 4 daughters and fighting a seizure disorder that limits my mobility, but not my creativity.
Type of Writer
Poetry and essays.
Writing Style
Personal reflection
Ballroom Dancing, Bowling Cross stitch, Movies, Travel
Website / Homepage
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Favorite Genres
Historical Fiction, Suspense, Fantasy, Romance
Favorite Books
Poison Study, The Stand, The Lord of The Rings, The Jester, The Other Bolyen Girl
Favorite Authors
Stephen King, Joss Whedon, Maria Snyder, James Patterson, Michael Chrichton, Nora Roberts
Favorite Quote
"Being an author is having angels whisper in your ear … and devils too."
Favorite Movies
Steel Magnolias, White Oleander, Where the Heart Is
Alice in Wonderland image prompt. Entry for Dark Dreamscapes (Round 3).
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Type: Poetry
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Can you capture the essence of an ancestor in one story or poem? (2013 Quill Award Winner)
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609 Posts
Contest, Family, Genealogy
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    When everything goes wrong at a funeral, a family finds laughter is the best medicine.
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    Finding life after the loss of a child. A Blitz Poem.
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    Finished pieces of poetry
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    My shadow is jealous of my life.
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