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October 26 1993
About Me
I am a passive writer coming back active again after over five years. I greatly enjoy reading, classical poetry, mysteries, and Christian fiction are some of my favorites. I am currently in college pursuing a degree in visual art, but trying to transfer to creative writing. I hope with the future pieces that come from my hand that they may glorify God and touch and inspire people's lives. I love to write so much! For I know that as long as I live, I shall always be a writer.
Reading, Writing, Cooking, Knitting
Favorite Genres
Mystery,Romance,Christian fiction, Adventure
Favorite Authors
Lori Wick,Jane Austen, Tracie Peterson, Judith Pella
Favorite Poets
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost
Favorite Music
Hillsong,Brian Crain,Beethoven,Tchaikovsky
    Rated: E · Romance/Love · #2044379
    A young couple exchange letters on their lives during the whole of their courtship days...
    Rated: E · Nature · #1984591
    A poem about the beginning of Spring and its simple joys.
    Rated: E · Philosophy · #1906943
    The power of discovering written words.
    Rated: E · Holiday · #1910163
    An overview of Christmas day
    Rated: E · Action/Adventure · #1908887
    A modern-day superhero story of sorts.
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/autumnsong