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September 30 1959
Mansfield, UK
About Me
Been writing for far more years than I care to mention, always convinced that there is room for improvement. In love with words and language, guess thats a good starting point. Not published so as you'd notice, would love to leave the rat race and be paid for pursuing my passion.
Type of Writer
Short stories, poems, prose, novelettes. Impulsive rather than planned - get carried away with research.
Writing Style
Like to think I reflect realism even when I drift into fantasy- tend to be drawn to the dark side and cynical humour.
writing (obviously), reading when I find the time, my family and making the most of life in whatever form that takes.
Favorite Genres
Fantasy, horror, thrillers, crime, historical fiction and fictionalised fact.
Favorite Books
Stephen King - Rose Madder, Dark Tower. Almonds and Raisins - author slipped my mind.
Favorite Authors
Stephen King, James Patterson
Favorite Poets
probably should have one, but all poetry, by its nature, has merit. Poetry is truth with rythmn.
Favorite Quote
Tomorrow is another day.
Favorite Music
Any music that moves me to feel, dance or think, contemporary or classical. My playlist includes jazz, rock, R&B, opera, easy listening, popular and orchestral. Love it when an artist pushes boundaries of accepted genres.
Favorite Movies
Goodby Mr Chips (Robert Donat), Lord Of the Rings, Alien, Donnie Darko, American Beauty, Constantine, City of Angels, Sin city, Labrynth, Back to the future and Ray Harryhousen films
Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/barnaby3009