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March 5 1963
Toronto, Canada
About Me
Hello my internet Angels, My name is Brenda, aka Giggles the Poet. I am finally opening up my world and showing other's through the poems that are shared with me the journey of a poet. I left Newfoundland when I was seventeen. I had no life there, only broken memories of a childhood gone wrong. At the age of five my other three sisters and two brothers were all separated and put into foster homes, strangers homes.....then I lost my childhood.
Type of Writer
I write a variety of genres and about patterns that we all witness and unfortunately some become apart of us as we grow
Writing Style
My style of writing is more of rhyming. I never know what kind of poem is in the making until it's written and I look at it.
My interests are writing, learning anything that will help balance my life, inner and outer world. I love camping, boating with my partner and vacationing every year. Advocating-I continue to advocate for myself where my medical issues are concerned
Favorite Quote
FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real Don't think about what you can't do, Think about how you're doing what you can" - bkeough 1990
Favorite Movies
I love horror movies and inspirational movies
Favorite Shows
CSI, Game of Thrones, Dexter,
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/bkeough