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May 12 1997
Greenwood south carolina
About Me
I am fourteen years old. i love writing stories and books. I have a very creative mind. I love to read even though all my friends dont like me to but i do its like a movie but in detail and u can put yourself as the main charecter. I wrote a book called into far that i am trying to get published, i want to be an actress aurthor or script writer when i get older. i hope you enjoy my stories.. ENJOY!!! :)
Writing Style
Sort Stories, Novels, poems!
I love to write stories, novels,poerty and act. i want to learn how to write screen plays and if not an actress which is my life long dream i wanna become a script writer or director.. I listen to rock im not the usual typical teenage girl you's see
Website / Homepage
My Blog
I love rock music, im a party hardy kind a girl i love rocking out! Writing, acting and music is my heart without it i would a brainless follower
Favorite Genres
suspence/love stories, suspence/horror, mystery or anything that is intresting and catches my eye.
Favorite Books
the hunger games, Hush Hush, Zombies dont slow dance,The girl in the arena,copper sun, anything that catches my eye and my eyes are always looking for something new so theres no telling.
Favorite Authors
sharon draper,and the authours who wrote the books above thanks for putting exciment in my life. If your reading this life is hard so having writing in is a blessin that not everyone shares.
Favorite Poets
edgar allen poe
Favorite Quote
Sister's are angles who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering! I feel as though i have lived a thousand years and still doesnt know the meaning of life! If i ket you go would these scars continue to show?
Favorite Music
rock,heavy meatl, classic rock and now a days music.
Favorite Movies
twilight series,carolina moon.
Favorite Shows
The Walking Dead, True Blood, SouthPark,
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