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May 12 1967
Rossville, Georgia
About Me
I were many hats. Among my titles are wife, mother, teacher, friend, counselor, author, and this list goes on. I am the survivor of family domestic violence and child abuse. I have two daughters, the old fashioned way and my husband and I have been foster and adoptive parents for many years. I have several poems published as well as my first book "AngelWing Cove Prophecy" which is the first in a series of three. It took a while but I like me and I love my life!
Type of Writer
FREESTYLE ! I write from my heart about anything and everything. I am a Christian but love magic and tales from other places.
Writing Style
I have a heart for children. I love fantasy and horror. I read, write, dance, sing, fish, cook, garden, love the outdoors, want to travel more and have more want to dos than time! I love talking to people and seeing what makes them tick.
Website / Homepage
Group Memberships
PublishAmerica author, Foster Adoptive Parent Association, child advocate, NHRA
Favorite Genres
childrens, fantasy, horror, spiritual, poetry
Favorite Books
Tiger Can't Sleep; Green Eggs and Ham; The Gruffalo; The Shack; The Bible; Women Thou Art Loosed; The Sword of Shannara (anything Shannara); AngelWing Cove Prophecy
Favorite Authors
Terry Brooks; Piers Anthony; Dr Suess
Favorite Poets
Poe; Stephenson
Favorite Quote
Life burns; it is what we make of the ashes whch defines us. Lora Goodnight from AngelWing Cove Tapestry
Favorite Music
I love music! Anything from Rock/Country/RB/hiphop to classical, I love Metalica as well as Rich Mullins. My ipod playlists blow my kids minds! I even like some rap if the language isn't ridiculous!
Favorite Movies
Song of the South; Harry Potter; Avatar; Dragonfly; The Changling (the old ghoststory not the new one);Dances with Wolves; Darkness Falls; Dragonheart; Lord of the Rings; The Patriot; Braveheart
Ivy Tales are bedtime stories written for my daughter.
Rated: E
~571 Words
Children's, Fantasy, Mythology
Type: Serial
Updated 12 years ago
A story written for my daughter when she needed an example of Native American legends.
Rated: E
~234 Words
Type: Short Story
Updated 11 years ago
I choose to use my childhood as a springboard.
Rated: 13+
~159 Words
Experience, Family, Inspirational
Type: Poetry
Updated 12 years ago
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