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In a kayak looking for the next chapter
About Me
After 18yrs as a banker(some latent hostility towards the profession may be evident),I put together a series of "doodles" into my 1st novel-An Ancient Evil.I live in the grand Old Dominion of Va w/ my lovely wife of 17 years,2 daughters, Bob the Guinea Pig(real name),& possibly the least intelligent,but sweetest beagle on Earth. "Tear at the leash that keeps you controlled and contained."
Type of Writer
Fantasy, SciFi, Horror, Thriller.
Hiking and Kayaking, movies, wine and cheese. Gaming with daughters (mostly COD, Skyrim, Assassin's Creed etc) I'm a bit ADD, so lots of things. My one useless skill - Solving Rubik's Cube
Group Memberships
P.E.N.C.I.L Coffee Shop for the Fantasy Society Showering Acts of Joy
Favorite Genres
Many- anything with a good story. Fantasy, SciFi, Thillers, Horror, Adventure. Whatever else looks good.
Favorite Books
Hobbit and LOTR, Star Wars (all of them), Cold Mountain, Sound and Fury, 1001 Knights (that might be 18 books), The Decameron. Can go on...
Favorite Authors
JRR Tolkien, Isaac Asimov, William Faulkner, Steven King, Dean Kootnz, William Marsch (but that's a little self serving)
Favorite Poets
Favorite Quote
"These are not the droids you're looking for."
Favorite Music
Like books-If it sounds good I'll listen to it. At the gym-AC/DC, Alter Bridge, Black Veil Brides Hiking and Kayaking-Grateful Dead, Rodrigo Y Gabriela & the above Writing-Whatever fits the mood of the chapter. I'm old so over 30,000 songs on my ipod
Favorite Movies
Star Wars (unequivocally), LOTR - Glad Tolkien Foundation waited until they could be done right. Tangled - (all Disney actually). Blazing Saddles and a crazy number of other runner ups.
Favorite Shows
Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica (Until writer's strike), Hannibal, Family Guy, The Grimm, LOST, and most Nat Geo / TLC etc stuff
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