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August 22 1954
I've moved from Montana now Live in Idaho
About Me
Type of Writer
I have SciFi, Fantasy, Supernatural Horror, feel good Vignettes, and some free style poetry in my portfolio.
Writing Style
off the cuff--some poetry, some short story, three novels in progress (tho currently stalled)
gardening, fishing, hiking, reading, Science and Math
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My Blog
Group Memberships
"Invalid Item although I've been inactive for some time.
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Science, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, ancient History and pre-history, Mythology
Favorite Books
DarkOver Series Marion Zimmer Bradly Heart of Bronze Matthew Woodring Stover Stranger in a Strange Land Robert A Heinlein Dorsai Novels Gordon R Dickson Foundation Novels Isaac Asimov Earth's Children Jean M. Auel Aton Irving A. Greenfield
Favorite Authors
J.R.R. Tolkien Stephen R. Lawhead Harlan Ellison Juliet E. McKenna Andre Norton Harry Harrison J. K. Rowling Isaac Asimov Anne McCaffrey Robert A. Heinlein Stephen R. Donaldson Piers Anthony B. N. Ball Alan Dean Foster
Favorite Poets
Maya Angelou I don't own any poetry, but I've read Maya.
Favorite Quote
A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. Maya Angelou Be a rainbow in someone's cloud. Maya Angelou
Favorite Music
70s and 80s Rock n Roll; Scottish Pipes; Irish Ballads; Native American (Drum, Song, Flute)
Favorite Movies
Galaxy Quest Lord of the Rings Star Trek Movies Red Planet Ice Pirates Enemy Mine Robinson Crusoe on Mars Six Days, Seven Nights Captain & Commander Gladiator Troy Tristan and Isolde True Lies WarGames Cast Away Wizard of Oz Lilo and Stitch BirdCage
Favorite Shows
Carl Sagan's Cosmos Downton Abbey;Doc Martin MacGiver StarGate:SG1/SG:Atlantis Star Trek/ST: Next Generation/ Deep Space Nine/ Enterprise/Voyager Firefly and movie Serenity Dark Angel Earth2 Get Smart MASH The Honeymooners
Daily notes and timed freewrites but mostly my blog
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