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April 29 1978
Lincolnshire UK
About Me
I am a poet and writer from Lincolnshire, UK. I am a woodsman and a naturalist. I enjoy reading and walking. I co-host a couple of online poetry open mics with my friend. I am Autistic, recently diagnosed, and have written about my experience of this which I shall share here in due course.
Type of Writer
Poetry and prose, Non fiction nature writing
Writing Style
Poetry - melancholic, with focus often on nature, love and death Nature writing - Focussed on personal experience
Reading Books Nature Writing Walking Photography Music
Favorite Link
Favorite Books
Wildwood, A Journey Through Trees - Roger Deakin The Old Ways - Robert Macfarlane The Peregrine - J.A. Baker
Favorite Authors
Roger Deakin Robert Macfarlane
Favorite Poets
Edward Thomas John Clare
Favorite Quote
“To enter a wood is to pass into a different world in which we ourselves are transformed.” Roger Deakin
Favorite Music
Radiohead Elbow
    Rated: 13+ · Dark · #2292802
    Inadvertently staying in the hamlet in Cumbria where Jacob Polley lived.
    Rated: E · Health · #2292799
    A short piece on being Autistic
    Rated: E · Psychology · #2292232
    A personal insight into being Autistic
    Rated: ASR · Ghost · #2292171
    A poem about a phantom woman who haunts a graveyard and lures lovers to their demise
    Rated: E · Relationship · #2292170
    A poem about leaving a place and a person which had both crushed me
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