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July 8 1966
Cleveland, OH
About Me
Hmmm... hehehe... right. Uh, I'm a simple man. A high school dropout, blue collar biker guy from the OLD school. I have solid friends and family. I like to have a good time... and I do. I was married for a decade. She divorced me more than a decade ago. My three children are grown and on thier own doing well. I work. I play. I ride, drink and write but I don't do drugs.
Type of Writer
Seat o' da pants... I am fortunate, however, to have in my possession a fairly good grasp on an extended vocabulary.
Writing Style
Sleeping awake...
Motorcycles... specifically Harley Davidson and even more so pre-1985. Music... good friends hangin out havin real good times. Shooting pool. Frisbee... Movies but not TV. Science fiction fantasy... Stephen R Donaldson. Poetry...
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Favorite Genres
Science fiction fantasy
Favorite Books
Chronicles of Thomas Covenant Trilogies-- Gap series-- Lord of the Rings-- Clan of the Cave Bear & sequels...
Favorite Authors
Stephen R Donaldson-- Jean Ault
Favorite Poets
T.S. Elliot-- Jim Morrison
Favorite Quote
Hmmm... I'm drawing a blank...
Favorite Music
Rock... Classic, Alt, Metal, Thrash, Punk... Smooth Jazz - mood and instrumental..-- Bands-TOOL, UFO, Robin Trower, Alan Parsons, Type O Negative, Perfect Circle, Filter, Rollins Band, Megadeath, DRI, Circle Jerks, Crystal Method & Soul Coughing
Favorite Movies
Anything Clint--Lotsa John Wayne--Kostner stuff & Nicholas Cage...--Dirty Larry Crazy Mary--It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World--Modern Problems--Cut Throat Island--Outsiders--Escape from New York--Black Rain--Funny Girl--Wyatt Earp--Tin Cup--Donnie Brasco
Favorite Shows
Giligans Island-- Who's Line Is It Anyway-- Drew Cary Show-- That 70's Show-- Friends
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    Mmmmm... this is delicious!
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    A result of working hard for a living.
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    A mental reflection moment given by nature.
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    I'll have to get another one!
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    An escalation to misery.
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