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July 2 1996
Windsor, Ontario (Canada)
About Me
I have been diagnosed with autism on the higher-functioning spectrum, maybe ADHD as well (I can't remember.) I am a gamer, the games I play are mostly single player games, although I don't mind playing online from time to time. However, don't ask me about games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne etc. Just don't. Also, I tend to keep to myself and procrastinate, but that is only because of my autism and ADHD. Despite these obstacles, I want to be able to be independent and make a name for myself.
Type of Writer
I will not write anything pornographic unless I have a good reason to do so. Like, it is part of a project or something...
Writing Style
I firmly believe that all stories should have a good sensible plot, characters, settings etc.
Single-player video games (God of war series, Borderlands series, Horizon Zero Dawn, Dying Light, Injustice 2, BioShock series and many more, except for games by FROM SOFTWARE.) Not to mention reading comic books and manga.
Website / Homepage
So far only my account on Writing.com
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Favorite Genres
I am mostly into stories that have multiple genres mixed in with each other. However, I like fiction more than non-fiction.
Favorite Books
My favourite books are mostly well-known by others or by well-known authors, like Cell, Bag of Bones, World War Z, The Zombie Survival Guide, Wings of Fire, Diary of A Wimpy Kid. I also read some books called: Killer Pizza, Death Troopers, and 1984.
Favorite Authors
Obviously it's Stephen King, but I also like Max Brooks, Tui T. Sutherland, Jeff Kinney, Dav Pilkey, George Orwell. I am pretty sure I can name a few more, except I either don't know or can't remember their names.
Favorite Poets
I don't read poetry a lot, it's not that I don't like it. Heck, I even wrote a few poems, and a haiku in middle school. If I have to pick I choose Edgar Allen Poe, because I read some of his short stories and I want to read his poems as well.
Favorite Quote
I am torn between "Speech is silver, silence is golden." Most likely because I don't talk a lot to other people.
Favorite Music
Like my writing style; my choice of music is also fickle and mixed up a bit. However, what I listen to is: (mostly) heavy metal, rock 'n' roll, some techno, funk, and many other themes. I also like to listen to music from video games as well.
Favorite Movies
I recently saw the new movie "Joker." I also love the two Lego Movies and their spinoffs: Lego Batman and Ninjago. The new "IT" part one and "Child's Play" as well. Two DC movies: "Shazam," and "Suicide Squad," for the special effects and Will Smith.
Favorite Shows
I watch a lot of anime; "My Hero Academia, Attack On Titan, Hunter x Hunter," and "One Punch Man" to name a few. The last anime I mentioned (O.P.M.) is highly underrated, I recommend watching it. I also watched all of "Bojack Horseman."
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