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November 1
New Jersey + Florida, United States
About Me
Me, I'm ordinary. I've been on WDC a while, I like it here. This is home. I'm always willing to help you, but I won't do something FOR you. Doing your own work is how you learn. I try to be honest and tell it like I see it. I expect you to do the same. So get comfortable, be yourself and say hello, I don't bite. *Bigsmile* Usually.
Type of Writer
I write short stories that sometimes end up long. I also write horrible poetry that pleases only myself.
Writing Style
A skyscape of mediocrity interrupted by flashes of mercurial brilliance. My grammar should be shunned to a deserted island.
Interior design, graphic arts, gardening and chocolate...yeah, definitely chocolate.
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Favorite Quote
I grew up in the era when there was only one ringtone. And it sounded like...the phone. Yeah, I had one of these.
Revenge? Nah, I'm too lazy. I'm gonna sit here and let karma mess you up.
The shillelagh belonged to the leprechaun.
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They were lost and nearly out of fuel.
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Gift certificates are available! Signature images and cNotes! Dress up your forums!
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Sometimes it's music, sometimes it's white noise.
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Where music moves me. Here are my stories. Album #1
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