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June 9 1961
Parkersburg WV
About Me
I am a four time published author. I own Mid-Ohio Valley Poetry magazine. I also edit the same. I am also a Christian. The National Association of Christian Ministers ordains me. Two things I am passionate about are Jesus and poetry. I have been in love with both since childhood. I am also a recovering addict. I have four years clean from prescription medication. I am a Bible student as well.
Type of Writer
poet/short story
Writing Style
I am a spiritual writer usually. I try to leave the reader feeling good.
My family is my world. Jesus Christ is my God. I collect music boxes when I can afford them.
Website / Homepage
My Blog
Group Memberships
Blogging Circle of Friends Coffee Shop for the Fantasy Society
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
My favorite genre is poetry of course. I am also very fond of short stories.
Favorite Books
Words of Wisdom by Marvin D. Schrebe, Pathways of the Heart by me, Mid-Ohio Valley Haikus and Tankas by Marvin D. Schrebe, Styles in Poetry by Marvin D. Schrebe and the Holy Bible. Also Alcoholics Anonymous (Big Book)
Favorite Authors
Robert Frost, Edgar Allen Poe, myself
Favorite Poets
Robet Frost, myself
Favorite Quote
"And acceptance is the answer to all my problems today. When I am disturbed, it is because I find some person, place, thing, or situation- some fact of my life- unacceptable to me and I can find no serenity... Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous Page 417.
Favorite Music
Classic Country, contemporary Christian, Country Gospel, Southern Gospel
Favorite Movies
Any Star Trek movie
Favorite Shows
Star Trek, any version
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