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December 13 1962
About Me
A close friend once said, "You are Fucked Up." He died recently in a motorcycle accident. I like to write, because it feeds my psychotic fantasies. I get bored and fidgety and start scribbling. My mom said I had scramble eggs for brains. My pop thought I was retarded. He put me in the slow classes. Oh, well.
Type of Writer
I'm an automatic writer. I do not make outlines. I just start typing and let the story take me.
Writing Style
Well, my dad thought I wrote like a child: short sentences. My mom believed I was channeling spirits.
I have aquariums and tons of DVD's as well as a lot of books on religion and philosophy. I like Zen poetry.
Favorite Genres
Martial Arts and science fiction: Forbidden Planet and Ninja III, The Domination.
Favorite Books
I'm a slow reader. I have mostly reference book. I liked the Greater Trumps by Charles Williams and The Fate of the Earth by Jonathan Schell
Favorite Authors
Edgar Allan Poe, Issac Asimov, Gen Roddenberry, Lewis Carrol, Charles Dickens, Tom Clancy.
Favorite Poets
Edgar Allen Poe, Chuang Tzu, John Milton, William Blake.
Favorite Quote
"Buster Bear is big and strong; His teeth are big; his claws are long; In spite of these he runs away And hides himself the livelong day!"
Favorite Music
Favorite Movies
Forbidden Planet, Ninja III The Domination, Superman III, The Car, Rope, The Devil and Miss Jones, The Devil and Daniel Webster
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/muzzy43