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June 27 1988
Manchester, UK
About Me
I grew up falling in love with video games and the idea of escaping reality. This led me to attend a Computer Games Design (Story Development) course at University in London. After 2 years and a big setback I realized the course was not for a writer but a 3D designer/Coder who was interested in writing plays/poems; I was niether. I'm now back in Manchester being beaten down by society, working in a bar, writing and dreaming of what could be and waiting for my life to click into place.
Type of Writer
I've deleted my answer to this five times now. 'I don't know right now' is the short answer, but i'll let you know asap :)
Favorite Music
A lot of bands inspire me when i'm in create mode. A few of them are; The Used, Bayside, Armor For Sleep, My Chemical Romance and Finch. There's obviously many, many more. Music influences my writing in a big way.
Favorite Movies
My favorite movies change quite regularly. For now, this space shall include the following; Inception (Blew my mind!), Shutter Island, Pulp Fiction and of course, Toy Story 3. As soon as Sucker Punch is released, it'll be added here i'm sure.
    Rated: E · Contest Entry · #1942890
    Mornings will never be the same again.
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    The enemy is closer than Dexter thinks. Writers Cramp entry.
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    Some people need help waking up.
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    Very short extract from a larger story. Wrote for the Writers Cramp Contest.
    Rated: E · Contest Entry · #1732476
    On these days there's always so much noise.
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