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January 16
Otaki, New Zealand
About Me
Everything you hear about a Capricorn - the good and the bad - that's me.
Type of Writer
I write to inspiration, which comes and goes. Usually there's no plan; I let the characters do their thing. It's easier.
Writing Style
You won't find fancy words but I AM trying to be more of a show-er than a tell-er. I like using dialogue as a form of 'show'.
Reading and writing, of course. I love classical history, and I'm an archer. These latter things tend to pop up in my stories quite a bit.
Website / Homepage
www.sjadecastleton.com - totally out of my comfort zone and into the public realm!
Group Memberships
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Gay fiction, then any other sub-genre! Romance, scary, supernatural, dark fantasy...
Favorite Books
I couldn't pick one out of all I have read, but S. E. Hinton's The Outsiders is always one I'm happy to read and read and read. For a really impressive tale try Katherine Neville's The Eight
Favorite Authors
Don't really have favourite authors, though I do have Lindsey Davis' full Falco series, and I love Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles and Heroes of Olympus series - so I guess I like these authors.
Favorite Poets
I do like John Keats' odes.
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