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October 14
About Me
My flirtation with the dreaded forties has already begun. I don't know if that is what catapulted me into the mid-life crisis that I currently face. Frustrated by the intensity of my ambitions and unhappy with my accomplishments, I seek greener pastures to fulfil my destiny. Unfortunately, I still don't know what that is.
Type of Writer
I'd rather tell than show and use the passive voice, if that makes my writing productive.
Writing Style
I have been told that my writing has the distinct style of someone whose native language isn't English. Is that a compliment?
Reading, Writing, Travelling, Astrology, History, Daydreaming
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Favorite Genres
Romance, Erotica, Fantasy
Favorite Books
The Class, The Glass Palace, Kane and Abel, Maneaters of Kumaon, Straight From the Gut, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.Currently, I also love history. Just finished reading about Cleopatra and the early life of Victoria.
Favorite Authors
Eric Segal, Amitav Ghosh, Jeffrey Archer, Jim Corbett, Jack Welch, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. When I was younger, I devoured books of Enid Blyton, The Hardy Boys, Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators.
Favorite Poets
Yet to develop an appreciation for poetry. I do recognize that without it I am missing out on something beautiful.
Favorite Quote
We are all victims, Anselmo. Our destinies are decided by a cosmic role of the dice, the winds of the stars, the vagrant breezes of fortune that blow from the windmills of the Gods.- H.L.Dietrich, The Final Destiny.
Favorite Music
I am old-fashioned and absolutely adore Elvis when he croons those mushy numbers.
Favorite Movies
Hotel Rwanda, Crash, Avatar, Gandhi
The space within WDC which allows reticent and shy "ME" to speak about my own self.
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70 Posts
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Type: Social
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A tribute to India's greatest gift.
Rated: E
~452 Words
Environment, News, Educational
Type: Short Story
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A marooned sailor lands on an isle whose hedonistic inhabitants practice the cult of Cupid
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~3,494 Words
Erotica, LGBTQ+, Drama
Type: Short Story
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