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October 3 1968
Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK
About Me
Middle-aged, married, three sons. Undertall for my weight, perhaps due to my favourite pastime. Unexpectedly hot for a guy so ugly, smelly, boring, poor, balding and plump. A complete wimp, unless he's writing a fictional account, and then you'll find he's the most amazingly courageous, strong and athletic guy you never met as well as a master of all the martial arts, including the secretive form of combat known as Ecky-Thump. Did I mention I was hot? *Laugh*
Type of Writer
I'm a chocoholic writer. Oh, & human too, though some may beg to differ. I enjoy writing speculative novels & short stories.
Writing Style
I'm a 'points on the map' kinda plotter and fussy on the edits. When writing poetry, I prefer structured, metrical stuff.
I like chocolate, reading and writing, in that order. ;) I also kinda like horses, but I'm not as active with them as I once was since messing with horses eats into my quality chocolate eating time too much.
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Favorite Genres
Fantasy and sci-fi, especially YA, but also other genres if the author catches my eye, like John Green or Charlotte Bronte.
Favorite Books
The Host — S Meyer Jane Eyre — C Brontë An Abundance of Katherines — John Green Tomorrow When the War Began — John Marsden Dead Until Dark — Charlaine Harris The Hunger Games — Suzanne Collins
A tale of love and betrayal
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