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January 25 1994
Type of Writer
A perfectionist who edits so much, I sometimes don't write anything new for a long while.
Writing Style
Someone once called it abstract, and I couldn't quite disagree with that.
Video and Tabletop Games • Philosophy • Architecture • History of Art and Literature • Random Trivia • Stand-up Comedy
Favorite Genres
Comedy • Horror • Mystery • Slice of Life
Favorite Books
Pettson and Findus stories. But maybe I'm looking too far back. To my grown-up self, it's The Stranger by Albert Camus, The Story of Mr Sommer by Patrick Süskind, La Vie devant soi by Romain Gary.
Favorite Authors
If there's a book by Albert Camus or Patrick Süskind in the bookstore, I'll get it without a second of hesitation. I'm also a huge fan of existentialists altogether. Apart from that, I deeply respect Ray Bradbury and Terry Pratchett.
Favorite Music
Depending on the day, I can jump from the haunting music by Loreena McKennitt to the nostalgic songs by The Scorpions or deep vocals of David Draiman. Though Andrea Bocelli and Ludovico Einaudi manage to tug my heartstrings the most.
Favorite Movies
While The Intouchables remains closest to my heart, there are honourable mentions of Gosford Park, The Game, A Good Year...
Favorite Shows
Quite a few British detective series except for Jeeves and Wooster which only started in the court.
    Rated: 13+ · Dark · #2202338
    They called her a malady all the while seeking her help. For better or worse, she'd agree.
    Rated: 13+ · Dark · #2098516
    In a burnt-down village, lies a diary with a short entry among its pages.
    Rated: 13+ · Dark · #2171541
    We weren't friends. But we shared a bond that surpassed even the fear of a haunted house.
    Rated: 18+ · Dark · #2137062
    Some dreams don't let us go even when we wake.
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