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July 22 1945
Provo area, Utah
About Me
I am a young 72 year old widow trying to reinvent myself. Currently I am learning what I can about creating characters. I am a believer in our Lord. I have two beautiful granddaughters. I miss my husband - we were married 42 years until cancer took him. I look watercolors, crochet a little, love to read various things.
Type of Writer
Poetry, poise, just still experimenting but enjoy other work as well. Here to support.
Writing Style
Still investigating. I am delighted to find out that I was awarded Preferred Author 7/7/12. No excuses now! Need to do it.
Art: watercolors, sculpture, museums, nature, crochet. People situations. Knowing and understanding our Lord and His word to us; my son and my granddaughters. Sometimes to many interests - hard to focus.
Website / Homepage
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Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
drama, comedy, biography, love, romance
Favorite Books
Timepiece, The Looking Glass, The Last Promise, The Christmas Box; The Christmas Sweater; Left To Tell; Mice and Men; Charles Stanley; Bible Bios of interest
Favorite Authors
Richard Paul Evans, Glenn Beck, John Steinbeck, Kirk Douglas (he has several, especially The Ragman's Son). Charles Krauthammer (sorry he is gone now)
Favorite Poets
Robert Frost Edgar Allan Poe (researching) Rod McKuen H.W. Longfellow
Favorite Quote
Anything our Founding Fathers actually said.
Favorite Music
Pop, country, classic, jazz; love to listen to new music (new to me)
Favorite Movies
San Francisco (original with Gable and McDonald), Entrapment, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, My Fair Lady, Paint Your Wagon; I don't watch many movies but love the Internet!
Favorite Shows
Comedy situations; some quiz shows; old TV programs; Twilight Zone (great writing); Frazier
A Birthday Bash to celebrate WDC's 12 Wonderful Years.
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~278 Words
Writing.Com, Comedy, Contest Entry
Type: Poetry
Updated 9 years ago
Poem for adults and children; humor side of a spider and flies.
Rated: E
~181 Words
Fantasy, Children's, Animal
Type: Poetry
Updated 2 years ago
A Tetractys poem about God
Rated: E
~84 Words
Religious, Inspirational, Other
Type: Poetry
Updated 3 months ago
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