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July 30 1992
In my own world
About Me
I consider myself to be like a duck. Cool, calm, and collected on the surface,but working hard to stay afloat.
Type of Writer
Hard to say as I prefer to branch out(except poetry, can't write a naturally flowing poem/prose to save my life).
Writing Style
Once again, hard to say. I haven't found a definition for it yet.
Money,meat,women,philosophy,human nature,psychology,spirituality and things of a metaphysical nature. Others include history,music,movies, football (soccer)and boxing (despite it's failure to evolve as a sport).
Website / Homepage
Working on it.
My Blog
Working on it.
Group Memberships
Newbie Academy
Favorite Genres
Generally Non-fiction
Favorite Books
Don't really have a favorite.
Favorite Quote
"Everyone has a plan until life happens"
Favorite Music
Neo-Soul Grime 90's Hip-Hop DNB House Music
Favorite Movies
Expendables trilogy,Rambo Series,Kickboxer Series,Bloodsport Series,President's Man Series,Steven Seagal movies,American Ninja series,Jean Claude Van Damme movies, you get where I'm going with this.
Favorite Shows
Don't really watch TV.
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    A compilation of the best sounding job titles I have ever heard. Let's hear yours!
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/tbnmkak