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December 21
About Me
I love animals, God and Jesus. I have an Associates Of Arts Degree towards Journalism, Short Story Writing and Free Lance Writing Diplomas. I have a Creative Scrapbook Designing Diploma. I have 2 published books: Passage To Romance and Princess Of Scruples available at Barnes and Nobles. I retired as a QMA {like a Nurse} in Psychology. I love being here at WDC. I love Young and the Restless, Twilight{I am a big fan!} I am a country girl and live in the country.
Type of Writer
Romance, Jane Austen Genre, Blog Writer, Historical, unicorn stories, Poet Sig for nominees A signature image for use by anyone nominated for a Quill in 2018
Writing Style
I love to write romance, medieval stories, poems, Jane Austen style and items about unicorns, teddy bears and short stories.
I love writing, scrapbooking,{I am a Creative Scrapbook Designer}, stress relief coloring, Nascar, love the ocean and the world of fantasy. I collect dolls, wolves, snowbabies, teapots and teacups.I think of myself as a Jane Austen Historian.
Group Memberships
2015 Quill Award For Jane Austen Newsletter Fairy Tales Princess Group Leader, Blog City Council Leader, Welcome To My Reality Assistant, Jane Austen { Quill Group Nominee}/Darcy Ladies Group Leader, Prince Group Leader, Christian Blog.
Favorite Link
No More Seasons in the Rain  (E)
Poem Entry
#2232899 by ♥Hooves♥
Favorite Link
Winter Campfire:New Adventures, Prayers  (ASR)
Hooves & I are doing a Winter Campfire 2022/2023. Please stop by as we continue writing.
#2283486 by Princess Megan Rose 22 Years
Favorite Genres
Romance Being happily married, I am a big fan of romance. I love Historical Fiction and Supernatural/Paranormal romances
Favorite Books
Twilight Series, Jane Austen Books, Jane Austen Golden Treasury Scrapbook, Danielle Steel Books, Books About Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice Characters, Women Of The Bible, Susannah's Garden, Books about Angels, Dr. David Jeremiah Books
Favorite Authors
Jane Austen, Danielle Steel, Stephanie Meyer, Debbie Macomber, Amanda Ashley, Nora Roberts, Margaret Mitchell, Kristin Painter
Favorite Poets
Emily Dickinson Maya Angelou Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Favorite Quote
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Live a little longer. This is from Kelly Clarkson's song but I agree with her. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
Favorite Music
Old Country and Western, 60's, 70's and 80's Rock, Alice Cooper, Prince, Celtic Thunder, Taylor Swift, Celine Dion, Christmas Music, Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, Twilight Movie Soundtracks, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Andrea Borcelli
Favorite Movies
All 5 Twilight Saga Movies Titanic Breakfast At Tiffanys Johnny Depp Movies Jupiter Ascending Patrick Swayze Movies Star Wars Movies Mamma Mia 1&2 Dark Shadows 2012 one Lost In Austen, Jane Austen Novel Movies My Fair Lady Passengers Downton Abbey
Favorite Shows
Gilligans Island,, Downton Abbey, Survivor, Heartland, Keeping Up Appearances, Batman, Old Dark Shadows Series, That 70's Show, The Young and the Restless, Green Acres, Newhart, North and the South, Home Improvement
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An essay about me and things about me you didn't know.
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Hooves & I are doing a Winter Campfire 2022/2023. Please stop by as we continue writing.
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