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July 21 1946
Surprise, Arizona, U.S.A.
About Me
Retired, full-time artist, writer, essayist. Married 41 years. No kids. Two cats. Vietnam vet, 1965-1969. Currently working on website promotion. And remaining on this side of the grass.
Type of Writer
Fantasy, Science Fiction, Science Fact, Action Adventure, Dragons.
Writing Style
Children and Young adult. Adult essays. Serious and humor. Professional illustrator.
Everything. Especially science fact and fiction, fantasy, dragons, astronomy. Psychology. Art. Philosophy. Robotics. Futurism. Reviving dead things in my lab (depending on the weather).
Website / Homepage
My Blog
Group Memberships
Showering Acts of Joy | Please, Help Me! | The Four Controversies Contest
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Fantasy, horror, dragons, sci-fi, sci-fact.
Favorite Books
My own?
Favorite Authors
Stephen King. Michael Crichton.
Favorite Poets
Dickenson. Bukowski. Poe.
Favorite Quote
All part of One. One part of All.
Favorite Music
Showtunes, Serious movie scores, Classical.
Favorite Movies
2001: A Space Odyssey. Indiana Jones. Oblivion. Alien.
Favorite Shows
Supernatural. Everybody Loves Raymond.
A cautionary tale for all would-be space explorers.
Rated: 13+
~493 Words
Sci-fi, Action/Adventure, Educational
Type: Short Story
Updated 5 years ago
It's likely that no form of life ever existed on the red planet. Ancient or otherwise.
Rated: E
~1,126 Words
Scientific, Educational, Opinion
Type: Essay
Updated 4 years ago
Hollywood and its younger viewers like fantasy heroes because so few exist in real life.
Rated: E
~1,883 Words
Philosophy, Educational, Opinion
Type: Essay
Updated 6 years ago
Confessions of a Recalcitrant Omnivore. Unless you or your family are starving, eat pasta.
Rated: E
~2,599 Words
Philosophy, Opinion, Educational
Type: Essay
Updated 6 years ago
What separates the sane from insane, the rational from irrational?
Rated: E
~2,537 Words
Psychology, Opinion, Educational
Type: Essay
Updated 6 years ago
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/timtuink