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December 28 1978
North Miami Beach Florida Sunshine State
About Me
Born in Rio Piedras Puerto Rico. Spanish is my first language. But as I went away from the island to live in NY from the age of 10 is a bit rough. English is a passion for me. Learning it was an ambition I had since I first heard Ted Bundy on channel 13 at my uncles house. I really wanted to know why they were laughing about. lol Fave food is chocolate. fave color is baby yellow. Sunflowers and daisies. My hair is a spike asymetrical Emo cut right now. I luv my tattoes. And my family :)
Type of Writer
Imaginary fictional romantic sci-fi
Writing Style
I have figured that out yet
Books and mor ebooks ..history dancing and cooking gourmet. I love horror anything and I'm obsessed with vampires and werewolves at the moment. Twilight opened up possibilities in my head that were sleeping.
Favorite Genres
fiction horror
Favorite Books
Amy Eyes by Richard Kennedy..The Villa By Nora Roberts..Selkie Girl..Haven.. Torment..Fallen anything dark but young
Favorite Authors
Nora Roberts Jo Beverly Stephen King John Grisham Stephenie Meyer Ann Rice Lauren Kate
Favorite Quote
"Never regret any action you take because at some point it was exactly what you wanted" Z.
Favorite Music
Can anyone say Reggaeton? Salsa Merengue Bachata Freestyle but Latin Rock tops it.
Favorite Movies
Friday the 13th Nightmare on Elm Street An American Haunting The Haunting of Emily Rose The Ring Saw The hills have eyes The Grudge The Lord of The Rings Fantasia Avatar 300 Titanic Tron The Fast and the Furious Torque Transformers Black Swan
Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/z.crespo