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February 17, 2021 at 6:49am
February 17, 2021 at 6:49am
daily SCREAMS!!! win

“Isn’t she a beauty?” Horticulturist, Evin Smarthy, gingerly caressed his latest hybrid plant’s leaves meant to feed an ever hungrier world. “Grows like a weed. Takes no care at all. That’s the beauty of it.”

He felt like he was a reborn Johnny Appleseed, ready to sow and reap a harvest that would eliminate starvation. “What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Jane Meadows, blushed as she was caught in mid-yawn. She had no green thumb nor interest in obtaining one. “Come on Evin. You spend too much time visiting your impossible dreams. Come. Take a trip to reality with me.”

“Bills, Past overdue. While you’ve been growing weeds, these have been collecting. What am I going to do with you?”

The lights and power shut off. “Damn. You’re too late."

Jane Meadows was more than mad. On his better days, Evin Smarthy could be the most enchanting, dreamy lover. “Come on. We’ve got to figure things out. We can’t do it sitting in the dark.”

They left the basement indoor garden room open. She led the way, stumbling up darkened stairs. Below, one super specialized living plant got busy eating the remains of the other shriveled, dying or dead.

A single flower opened in anticipation of finding its next meal. A bee buzzed down from an open window, taking in the scent. Plant petals trapped it, acid solution dissolved the poor creature alive. The flower, reason for being spent, dissolved and dropped off with the bee’s wasted remains. Seeds replaced the flower head on the bulb of the stalk.

“I think I’ve sorted out this mess.” Paperwork lay strewn on Jane Meadows kitchen table like a battlefield yet to be won. “It will take personal visits with creditors to get you back in your house again. Not paying the mortgage means foreclosure. If you're not lucky you’ll be out on the street and homeless.”

She sighed. “It is a good thing you have me. You can stay here if need be.” The welcome was there in her voice. It was what she had always wanted. The trap was neatly laid. Evin Smarthy was so engrossed in his gardening hobby he hadn’t noticed her distracting and ardent visits included keeping his mail from him. She’d been drawn to him like a bee to flower pollen and he was the plant.

“But what about?”

“Shush. Let me handle it.”

And Jane Meadows became the fertile offering where Evin Smarthy planted his own seed, encouraged by the way she handled him, trapped him inside her, made him shiver and grow. “I’m pregnant.”

One trap had led to another. “What? How do you know?” Evin unwrapped himself from their bedsheets, sodden with spent passion, almost unable to stand.

“Don’t you love me? I thought you’d be happy. Silly. We’ve been doing this on and off for quite a while now.” Jane moved Evin’s hand to her belly. “Three months along, the doctor says. I like naming our baby after my mom or dad. That will keep them off our backs after being surprised by our not already being married.”

She tattered on, filling the space of his shock. Her plan, absolutely brilliant, was working. With this added puzzle to be solved, Jane could keep her lover distracted, changed, rearranged and his impossible dream eaten up, replaced by her own.

Back at Evin Smarthy’s, constables monitored the removal of his possessions, documenting, stamping and approving it being sold off to meet expenses before the house itself was lost. The contents of the basement plant room was thrown in the backyard along with other accumulated litter not worth salvaging for money. Seeds began to grow.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Jane leaned against Evin’s side. She wasn’t sorry at all.

One crisis leading to another had held her mate captive, unraveled his attention. There was the hurried marriage ceremony, meeting her family, the real and faked morning sickness needing his care. Dealing with his financial collapse nearly ended up in his own. Medication, counseling, it all took up time. “My home. My plants. I’ll have to start all over.”

“Yes, dear. I know. As soon as we get the baby’s room fixed up like ‘we’ want it and you get settled in your new job my father got you, we’ll make a room in the basement for your new plants.” She had even gotten him one, a Venus Fly Trap plant. She felt a kinship with it, having trapped and fed on Elvin, making him her own.

In his old abandoned backyard seeds sprouted like weeds. The wild open environment made them flourish in a speeded up cycle of regeneration. The insect population of the neighborhood was reduced to the point of oblivion. Occupants no longer slapped at mosquitoes. Bugs no longer bothered housewives. It was an unconscious welcome change.

Birds and bees, addicted to the gentle scent of the growing mass, became meat and fertilizer strengthening the next generation’s spreading crop. Seeds were spread by larger animals, squirrels, rats, raccoons and other wild pests.

“What pretty flowers.” Gardeners in nearby neighborhoods allowed, encouraged the weeds to grow, amazed at the bounty they produced. When the flowers were snipped early to decorate kitchen tables, the roots produced nuts of every variety. The stalks offered up greens to be devoured so tasty everyone wanted more. The bulbs at the head of the plants held immature seeds curing headaches, the effects of arthritis and other common ills.

“I didn’t need a doctor. Mabel Anderson said these seeds swallowed with a glass of luke warm water fixed her up without it costing a cent. The same worked for me.” Jane rubbed her bulging pregnant tummy. Morning sickness was no longer a problem. Neither was Evin. The monotony of slaving at work, paying off finances and dealing with to do lists, dulled him into exhaustion.

“Yes, dear. Thank you for taking such good care of me. Here. See what I got you from Walmart?” The plants Jane bought him in thanks, withered and died for lack of care. She left the brown remains in sight as a kind of thermometer gauging her success in owning every moment of his life. All Evin wanted to do was sleep when he got that rare chance.

Outside, the weed spread, became part of online plant catalogs, was shipped around the planet eliminating hunger as an aside. Evin’s dream had come alive. Success has its costs. As people became addicted to eating the plant, preferring it over anything else, the immature seeds ripened inside them.

“Are you all right?” Evin hovered over his wife. He had become famous, news had gotten around to finding the origins of what was simply called ‘the weed’. Mankind was on the cusp of having world hunger and health problems erased from its future.

“The doctor says something is wrong with the baby. It’s long past due. Something has replaced it that appears on an ultrasound like a seed pod. When I poo, seeds come out.” It had all happened so fast.

Jane had never felt better in her life physically. Emotionally she was a wreck. Evin had quit his job under her father and was feverishly working in the basement plant room, forgetting to eat or take care of himself or her.

“What are you working on? Why can’t you stop? I never see you anymore.” Something like sand or small pieces of gravel sprouted from Jane’s mouth. She spit it out, coughed, “Damn you and your plant. It’s more than a weed. It’s taking over the world, everyone, and look what it is doing to me? I’m nothing but a garden bed turning your dream into a nightmare for everyone but you.”

Evin nodded absently before closing the garden room door in her face. He locked it, ignored her pounding and resumed working on a modification of his first weed that might kill and destroy it to bring some balance back into nature gone madly awry. Beasts of every size, insects, all manner of life was being consumed by his plant. People didn’t seem concerned. They were healthy and hungry only for one thing.

He had to get it right and in a hurry. The world of mankind was at stake, unable to live with or without his initial discovery. They hadn’t noticed a strange change in themselves. Their skin color was changing to a light shade of green. Thin shaped tendrils of grass like hair grew on young heads. Babies popped out with roots emerging and wiggling at the ends of fingers and toes.

Evin had plenty of sample seeds to work with. He coughed, wiped drool along with innocent looking seeds from the lips of his mouth. The knock on his door from authorities coming to get him was followed by the hysteria of the mob coming to tear him apart.

Too bad. He’d just made his second discovery ready to revolutionize the first.

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