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by Joy
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Second blog -- answers to an ocean of prompts
Kathleen-613's creation for my blog

"Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself."

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Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet
confinement of your aloneness
to learn
anything or anyone
that does not bring you alive
is too small for you.

David Whyte

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This is my supplementary blog in which I will post entries written for prompts.
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October 19, 2020 at 2:53pm
October 19, 2020 at 2:53pm
For "Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise
Prompt: In the book, The Berlin Candy Bomber by Gail S. Halverson, a pilot threw down lots of candy parachuted by handkerchiefs to the children of Berlin, during the siege of the city by the Russians at the end of World War II.
What are your thoughts on small but kind acts like this? Do they have the potential of bringing about World Peace?


I believe only purpose, compassion, and love by everyone will bring about world peace.

Still, kind and small acts by the few may have an impact as they may encourage imitations, which may grow and roll about like an avalanche. It may just be that such an avalanche can overcome all acts that compromise peace and may do everything to restore it.

We have to realize that when we reach down and lift other people up, we are also revitalizing our own hearts. There are many organizations that encourage people to do simple acts of kindness, even if it’s only a smile or a kind word to someone who needs it. One such organization is:
According to these people, if everyone did three simple kind acts a day, we will have a better world. We may or may not belong to this or any other organization or a religious sect or idea, but trying for three small acts a day, shouldn’t be too difficult. Who knows, we may just have a better world this way.

*FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV*

For: "Space Blog
Prompt: From Bruce. ’s "Spring's in the Air.
What is your favorite season and why is it your favorite?


I have been kind of fickle about seasons. At one time, my favorite season used to be autumn, but then at the middle of my life, my body came up with allergies against the pollen from the weeds and the pollen that eked into the air from the falling leaves. Thus, since I despise sneezing and coughing and losing my breath, autumn lost its special place immediately.

Summer is too hot, especially where I live now, and winter is too cold and cruel almost everywhere. Until, a short while ago, I thought Spring had to be the best season for its rejuvenation and new life, but then, I realized most of my loved ones passed away in Spring.

So, until a fifth season shows up, I have no favorite season left, although I love nature in general.

October 17, 2020 at 1:10pm
October 17, 2020 at 1:10pm
For "Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise
Lyn's Prompt: Use these words in your blog entry... purple, pumpkin, determine, clock, scarecrow and Shelia.

Shelia the Cat
a story for children

It was the day before the Halloween night when the old black cat Shelia determined she needed to be owned. So she decided to pay a visit to a witch’s house. Since no one else wanted a black cat, Shelia thought of Amanda the witch might want to adopt her and possibly protect her from the tauntings of the purple crow in the neighborhood, but as Shelia ambled through Amanda’s vegetable garden, the huge scarecrow with the pumpkin head caught her eye. She slowed down, worrying if the scarecrow would attack her, but the scarecrow was standing in the middle of the patch like a frozen statue. So, Shelia turned toward Amanda’s twisted house with puffs of black smoke emerging from its chimney.

A few steps later, she heard an unintelligible chant. When she neared a couple of yards more to the house, she could make out the words to the chant. “Come little cat, come! Camouflaged in the witch’s suit, I am a hungry woman. I can eat a horse, or a bat, or even a cat. The blacker the better! I am now drawing one closer to me! Come little cat, come!”

Shelia meowed in terror, stopped short, and turned around. How could she be so dumb to let herself go under a witch’s spell? She didn't need her very own personal clock of life stopped like that.

Dashing through the vegetable garden, bumping into the scarecrow, and flying with the wind, she ran away from Amanda’s domain. After all, no one needed to be owned for protection. Not by a witch, not by anyone else. Shelia might as well protect herself from the purple crow or anything else that scared her. Hadn’t she done that all her life, anyway!

*FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV*

For: "Space Blog

Prompt by Megan: From Don Two ’s "One Million Stars
Write about the universe and the stars.

Sometimes I wonder about the stars and their numbers. Just how many of them exist in the universe, I ask myself. That amount must be so huge that it must far outnumber our systems of counting.

Yet, the astronomers say, the stars are not scattered randomly thoughout the space. They bunch together in galaxies, just like us people.

There are about six billion people on earth, which is a countable number. Still, can anyone claim to have met all the people on this tiny planet, which is not even a star?

Then, why in the world, would I want to know the number of all the stars? Chances are I’ll never meet or set foot on those stars either, and neither would I want to. Who knows what lurks in those darker corners of the universe? Better safe than sorry. I’d rather exist in my tiny little corner than traverse a whole crazy universe. Isn't one crazy planet enough to loiter about?

October 16, 2020 at 2:53pm
October 16, 2020 at 2:53pm
For "Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise

Discuss this quote: “I think of myself as a bad writer with big ideas, but I'd rather be that than a big writer with bad ideas.”
― Michael Moorcock

As I always say, to each his own. Michael Moorcock can think of himself and his writing in any old way he wishes.

As for me, I am not into big ideas or bad ideas. I am into writing. I am not a big writer as far as fame and fortune is concerned, and I never go after fame and fortune, but I am a big writer because I like to write a lot. I always did.

Just to be a writer is good enough for me. To be a better writer, though, one has to put up with one’s own bad writing and hope that it will get better. Since day one, I have been working on that one.

As to ideas, any idea can be developed into something. When you least expect it, the simplest of the ideas can produce good results. The same can go for bad or big ideas, too. It depends on who is writing it and who gives it the time and effort to develop it.

*FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV*

For: "Space Blog
 9-11  (13+)
A poem about September 11, 2001.
#2170507 by Schnujo

Write about that day in 2001. 9-11. What were your thoughts?


My husband and I were watching CNBC that morning. On the screen, Sue Herera said something like, “Something’s going on behind us at the twin towers!” Then she turned a little and asked the cameramen, “Can you direct the cameras there?”

That’s when we saw the first plane half in and half out of the first building. The rest bothers me way too much to write about. Each time I think of what followed, that horror attacks me and doesn’t go away for days. Suffice it to say that, we followed each step the New Yorkers took and every darn thing that happened after that.

What I can add is that, on a personal level, my older son was working in downtown. He lived on Long Island and took the train to be at work at 10 AM. He had to be just in the train then or barely out of it when the first plane hit.

He called us from his cell, asking us what was happening. The problem for most of the people on the streets was that no one knew what was going on. So, we watched that catastrophy step by step and informed him as to the goings on, with him calling us every five to ten minutes or so.

The trains had stopped, then. He couldn’t go back. So, with everyone else, he began walking uptown. Then, he got into some bar around the Colombia University where people were watching TV. He was thinking he could get a ride with someone and go over one of the bridges. His father told him to go back to the train station and wait till the trains would start working. I was even afraid of that.

At that point, like us, everyone thought it was war and we were being attacked. The trains began working sometime around 4 PM and my son went home, after that.

We were all affected badly. The sorrow lasted even to this day, and those images still haunt me. My son stopped working in the city for good. That trauma caused some kind of a PTSD in him, and since he refused therapy, I am sure he still feels the effects of it.

October 15, 2020 at 12:45pm
October 15, 2020 at 12:45pm
For "Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise

Prompt: Would you rather write poems, short stories or news items?


All of them. Non-fiction comes more easily because I am more experienced in it, but this doesn’t mean that I prefer it to others. Quite the contrary.

I like poetry in general. I write poetry a lot on my own just for the sake or it, but I do not post what I write either here in WdC or somewhere else. Most of the poetry I have on this site were either written for slams or for some occasion or contest.

Stories--short, long, or novel-size—are intriguing to me the most. Through them I can experience more of life and more of my own internal potentiality. Despite the blood, sweat, and tears of it all, I find stories to be excellent emotional outlets that lead to improved and improving communication, thinking, leadership and organizational skills (by that I mean because of the proper handling of the characters and other story elements), and facing personal difficulties.

Talking about personal difficulties, writing in general and reading, too, have saved me some from truly bad moments in my life because they gave form to my ideas and suppressed the negatives my mind could create so easily. Reading and writing! I think they always stick together to become best friends for me.

*FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV*

For: "Space Blog

Prompt: From Dr Gonzo ’s "The Way I See It
How do you see earth?


I have never been up in space to view the earth in its absolute fullness. I can only see with my eyes little parts of it at a time.

From the pieces of the planet that I have physically seen, the earth can be a place as hot as hell, as colorful as the entire spectrum bound together , as fresh as newborn anything, and as cold as the look in a killer’s eyes who is dressed all in white.

The way I see it from what I have read and heard about it, the earth fosters all kinds of beautiful and amazing animal and plant life, cruel sometimes and kind at others, set on vast oceans and blue seas, lakes, and all types of waterways, and deserts, valleys, flatlands, and majestic mountains.

What I don’t like about the earth is that most of the species and humans are extremely selfish. If only to survive or to feed their egos, people and species have to eat one another, war with one another, and grab things from one another. On the more positive side, just about anything on earth adapts to a new place on it, that is a living thing--plant, animal, or human--not indigenous to a place but can be naturalized with some success.

Coming to humans, as much as organizations, Nobel laureates, corporate partners, citizens, and world leaders claim to work for unity, there is no global understanding of shared concerns even though some scream their heads off about globalization, which in essence, means trade and commercial gains, and means nothing where true human values are concerned. If a true unity of humans were to be possible, there would be no wars and no divisions.

This warring, divisiveness, and chomping on one another, I think, makes the earth a place of shame.

October 14, 2020 at 11:36am
October 14, 2020 at 11:36am
For "Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise
Prompt: Write about a closed door and what's behind it.


Funny you should ask! Right now, I have two closed-doors in the house. One is to my bedroom and the other to the study. The reason is a cat.

I sort of adopted my son and daughter-in-law’s wayward cat, Noche, a black, eleven-year-old disturbed cat, who I taught I could train. Do I have a big head or what! My son was going to take her to a no-kill shelter, and I didn’t have the heart to let her in there as they had declawed her when she was a kitten, and I had also read that the unadopted cats in such shelters were handed out to medical research.

In my bedroom, I have my bed, bedroom furniture, a few books, e-readers, and Kindle Fire pads. The room also has an adjacent bathroom and a walk-in closet. The reason Noche isn’t allowed in there is because she kept punishing my kids by peeing and pooping in their beds. Their crime was adopting another cat and a Cheshire Retriever after getting Noche.

In the study, which used to be my husband’s, are his books, file cabinets, and a desk, and also the internet modem, which at this point, I am guarding with my life. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to write this.

Do I get Noche’s peeing and pooping? So far, some pooping not on furniture but on the floor, which I clean easily. She does pee in the two litter-boxes I put in an extra bathroom, and sometimes, she poops in them, too. I also found out that she misbehaves when she’s afraid of something. In my son’s house, I think it was the big aggressive dog that started the whole thing.

Noche needs a lot of love, now. At least two to three times a day, he meows to me for love and I pet her and play with her for at least a half-hour, each time. Last night, I was tired and cut the session short. Then at 5 AM in the morning, I heard her cries. I got up and played with her. This morning I found poop on the tiles. I guess it happened at 5 PM, when she felt bad.

Noche is, in fact, a very loving cat, and I won’t give up on her, although I promised my son I wouldn’t take much from the cat and should she become unmanageable, he could take her to wherever he wants. Yet, I am quite sure that Noche is going to stay with me now. and the two closed doors will stay closed.

*FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV*

For: "Space Blog

Prompt: Roari ∞ NaNo 2020 Survivor!! ’s "To My Muse
What do you do for Writer's block?

Writer’s Block? Is there such a thing? I think we should be able to write whenever we wish, regardless of the outcome.

In my opinion, Writer’s Block may happen when we expect perfection first, and second, while we are composing something and we hit a snag. That snag is not Writer’s Block. It is our mind asking for extra time and space to think out the problem in that specific work. When this happens, it is a good idea to leave that piece alone for a time and go to other projects.

Searching for ideas is usually a good ploy to keep off the nervousness about writing. Another one is getting into the habit of writing every day, no matter what comes out of one’s pen. When all else fails, we can always write a review, a book review, or a letter. Just sitting down and noting whatever the eyes can see and the ears can hear is another thing, also.

October 13, 2020 at 12:12pm
October 13, 2020 at 12:12pm
For "Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise

Prompt: “Art completes what nature cannot bring to a finish,” says Aristotle. “The artist gives us knowledge of nature’s unrealized end.”
What do you think about this connection between art and nature?


It is said by those who study humans and human bodies that viewing art has the same effect of reducing stress levels as being in nature. I think this is because, even though we may live in crowded cities, we humans are not separate from nature.

Then, as beautiful and fresh as nature can be, our assessment of it adds to it in a great way. In other words, what nature opens to our senses, the artist’s interpretation of it adds to it and makes it a collaborative experience.

As an example, imagine yourself looking up at the sky on a starry night. Then look at Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Do you see the revolving energy and dynamism in those stars? This is what art brings to our senses and to what nature endows us with.

Nature might have been here before humans arrived, and I can't help but imagine that it was created by its Creator partly to make it a source of inspiration for us to create, also.

*FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV*

For: "Space Blog
Prompt: From PandaPaws;VETTECH Class of '20 ’s "Honor Flight
Saluting the Brave Men and Women who fought in WWII.


I did not serve in any war, but I was born during the end of WWII. So, I respect and applaud this special breed of people who exemplify to us honor, pride, dedication, valor, and service, and I am grateful to them for making the world a better place.

The atrocities and the left-over negatives of wars are unimaginable. Those of World War II especially had to be the heaviest. Yet, they had been carried away and dealt with by these brave men and women, in ways I can’t even begin to imagine.

When I was growing up, I was intentionally made to respect those in uniform, be it they might be in the military, law enforcement, firefighting, or from the ranks of first-responders. I don’t have grandchildren to instill such a respect but I think it is important to show those that put their lives in jeopardy to protect us and our nation.

May we always have such heroes to fight for us and may they always feel our thankfulness. But most of all, may we become smart enough and astute enough to make sure those who badmouth our heroes are silenced forever.

October 10, 2020 at 5:57pm
October 10, 2020 at 5:57pm
For "Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise

Prompt: Image by Lyn “Use this image to inspire your blog today. It's at Stonington Harbor in Maine, where my oldest son lives in Maine.”


Although the image here is gloomier than the other photos of Stonington Harbor I found online, it is probably more accurate of this place in winter than in summer. Granted, I have never been to Stonington, but I visited many other places in Maine, usually in summer and a couple of times in winter.

I can also see how that rocky, fog-bound coast can affect its residents and play a central role in
their lives. Chances are this image was taken from Route 1 that hugs the coast of Maine. This is only conjecture on my part, of course.

What entranced me about the image were the rocks and their bunching up together. I always loved the rocks and climbing on them. That is, wherever we were if there were rocks to climb and make my mother crazy. I doubt I can do this anymore, but this image reminded me of those far-away times and also projected related images into my mind of the old clipper ships; although, I doubt they would dare to come too close to these rocks when the fog stood on guard over them for days at a stretch.

*FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV*

For: "Space Blog

Prompt: From Paul ’s "Doug The Dog
“Life becomes more bearable with someone who loves you.”


In my thinking, you either enjoy life or go with the flow. I never thought of it as being bearable or unbearable; however, when the tide turns against a person and they lose too much, especially the one they love the most, that unbearability factor shows its ugly head.

Yes, someone who loves you makes life better. I won’t argue that, especially because I used to have such a someone with me for most of my life.

Still, as a principle, I am not dumping the reasons for my being or happiness on any one person. First, it is too difficult for that someone to carry the burden of my being or happiness on their shoulders. Second, I am the one responsible for myself, provided my intellect and judgment isn’t harmed by disease, age, or stupidity.

Then, life becomes stimulating when you look at how people do things. Right today, I learned that someone I know washes her vegetables in large loads in her clothes washer. Then she stores them in the veggie bin in her fridge. Well, that was news to me but interesting anyhow. I may have gone on a tangent here, but I was trying to make a point about making life bearable worthwhile on the worst of days.

October 9, 2020 at 4:21pm
October 9, 2020 at 4:21pm
For "Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise

Prompt: There are 83 days left in this year. Have you accomplished the goals you set back on the 1st day of this year? Have you set new goals with the intent to accomplish them in the last stretch?


I am not one for setting goals. They have never worked for me, and even when they did, their results were less than satisfactory. I think the reasons for this can be explained. First, goal setting creates an unneeded pressure while giving me a sense of failure. Then, while adding undue importance to a project and concentrating on its progress, I end up focusing on the result, and that cannot be a winning solution.

I set, however, very short-term goals such as those on a daily basis or goals I need to take care of within days. Short-term stuff isn’t too difficult to handle. For all my incompetence with personal goal-setting, however, it is a fact that whenever I worked in a team, I was the one who stuck to the goal 100%. Maybe I am one of those people who do better work with a team.

On the other hand, I can understand how goal setting can help a person. First, it gives them a target or a plan which may become a vehicle on the route to success. It encourages commitment and also clarity on the course they may want to take as vague goals do not motivate people.

It is said that the most efficient people do set challenging goals and commit to them, and unlike me, they thrive on the social influences and the expectancies of other people.

*FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV*

For: "Space Blog

Prompt: From TheBusmanSantaPoet ’s "Decisions
Write about decisions.


Anyone can make decisions, snap-decisions or slow decisions that take their sweet time, but are they effective with good results? This is where the human judgment comes in.

I think it may be better to take one’s time and make decisions based on the projected effectiveness of the results while examining the underlying realities of the problem and the work that needs to be taken care of. A decision may seem clever at the beginning, but it may not be sound. It is better, therefore, not to make very many decisions without thinking, unless one cannot help it with an urgent situation at hand.

The trickiest decisions have to do with deciding between right and wrong. Even when the intention is good, it doesn’t mean the rightness or the wrongness of the matter is clear.

I would say, classify and define the problem, then specify its answer, while testing the validity of the decision. Even then, unknown factors may be in the play. In short, decision-making is a risky project.

October 5, 2020 at 10:26am
October 5, 2020 at 10:26am
For "Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise

Prompt: What do you think of the graphic depictions of violence in books, and is the threat or anticipation of violence in a story much more effective and frightening than any graphic depiction of it?


I don’t care if the genre is horror or murder-mystery. I think there is no need for graphic depictions of violence anywhere in a book or in a movie for the simple reason that they shouldn’t serve as “how-to”s for the sick minds.

Elongating the moments and filling the readers with anticipation of some cruelty or something sinister would work better. The more skilled authors like Dean Kuntz do this to perfection.

Now, read this excerpt, which is a bit long for an excerpt, but I had to take the whole thing to make a point. Here the character is reacting to a shadow while under the influence of a nightmare. See how the author is elongating the moments to fill the reader with anticipatory terror.

“She was probably still spooked from the dream that awakened her after midnight, the same one she'd had on a few other recent nights. The man made of dead, rotting leaves, a nightmare figure. Whirling, raging.

Then her gaze dropped to her elongated shadow, which stretched across the close-cropped grass, draped the curb, and folded onto the cracked concrete pavement. Inexplicably, her uneasiness swelled into alarm.

She took one step backward, then a second, and of course her shadow moved with her. Only as she retreated a third step did she realize that this very silhouette was what frightened her.

Ridiculous. More absurd than her dream. Yet something in her shadow was not right: a jagged distortion, a menacing quality.

Her heart knocked as hard as a fist on a door.

In the severe angle of the morning sun, the houses and trees cast distorted images, too, but she saw nothing fearsome in their stretched and buckled shadows--only in her own.

She recognized the absurdity of her fear, but this awareness did not diminish her anxiety. Terror courted her, and she stood hand in hand with panic.

The shadow seemed to throb with the thick slow beat of its own heart. Staring at it, she was overcome with dread.

Martie closed her eyes and tried to get control of herself.”

From False Memory by Dean Kuntz.

*FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV*

For: "Space Blog
Prompt: From SusanFarmer ’s "In the Midst of Tumult
"Choosing a stillness moment even as everything around us convulses."
Everything around us is definitely convulsing with riots, COVID-19, the election, and soon, the holidays. What do you do to calm the insanity?


It isn’t what happens in the world but it is our reaction to it. Keeping a cool head in times of trouble isn’t easy, but one can do it if one is already prepared for it.

As for me, a few decades ago, I learned meditation. It took a long time to really make it a habit, a habit that shows up on its own in times of trouble. It seemed frivolous to do this in those days, but I am happy I attempted it because now, the meditation thing comes to me automatically whenever something fearful or disturbing happens. Once one learns the technique, one can adapt it to his or her liking. One can, for example, incorporate the name of a Saint or God into it or let the meditative words stay as they are.

What would have happened if I didn't know about and hadn’t learned meditation? Then, I would have to go with keeping myself busy and creating jobs to do and reading a lot, which is I always do anyway. Keeping busy has its plusses, and also, enjoying the nature helps, but for those of us living in big cities, nature isn’t easily accessible. Then, it is always a good idea to breathe deeply and think, “This too shall pass.”
September 30, 2020 at 11:55am
September 30, 2020 at 11:55am
For "Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise

Prompt: Describe what Memory Lane looks like?


At Memory Lane’s entrance, you notice two tall walls standing across each other on the two sides of the road. These walls are covered with climbing roses of all colors, and from afar, you think, ‘how lovely and such a heavenly smell,’ but when you near either of the walls you see that these roses have the biggest thorns. This is because roses are warning you to look from afar and not touch for if you try to get closer or touch, you might be subjected to intense bleeding, as some things, especially memories, are meant to be enjoyed from afar. A nearer vision or better grasp can hurt you.

So you try to walk in the middle of the road, noticing road signs along the way. Here are a few of them:
“Proceed at your own risk!”
“Beware of the too-sweet memories. They are out to distract you.”
“Check out the facts well because bad experiences can be presented out of context.”
“Remember why you forgot even forgave.”
“Your details may not be accurate.”

These warning signs are the only correct things on this lane.

Your memories aren’t.

*FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV*

For: "Space Blog

Prompt: From Annie ’s "Windows of the morning
"Morning is my favorite time of day......."
What is your favorite part of the day and why?


I’ll go with morning, too. That I woke up still alive is a gift. That a cat waits for me at my bedroom door in the morning is the biggest compliment I can receive. That I can cook for myself and can take care of myself is my bonus. That I don’t owe anyone anything and I own my home is God’s grace and I am thankful for it.

For those and for many other things, I am thankful for all my mornings.
September 29, 2020 at 5:37pm
September 29, 2020 at 5:37pm
For "Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise

Prompt: In an interview, Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgaard, who wrote the six-volume autobiographical novel My Struggle and many others, said, “I don’t really pay much attention to the world. I’m not very present. I’m detached from almost everything. I’m very occupied with myself and my own mind. I’m not in connection with the world—but in writing, I can be.”
What do you think? If writers are attached to writing, how can they write if they are detached from the world?


I believe this is called in psychiatry depersonalization disorder. People with this disorder describe a sense of complete detachment, a life lived as if on autopilot, characterized by an absence of emotions, good or bad. Such people observe life through a fog as if they don’t own their bodies. They may also have OCD and other mental disorders. I guess such people write about stuff as they observe the world behind their fog, but I don’t think, they’re able to feel with their characters or even their own emotions. Depending on their skill, some writers can get away with this.

Then, sometimes, due to our digital connections, we may feel disconnected and depressed even though we are connected to the entire world through the internet. It is a catch 22 situation.

I think it is okay to feel sad, detached, or depressed from time to time, but if it happens often or unrelentingly, the person feeling that way should better seek professional help.

Although Knausgaard, here, claims some kind of a detachment, I doubt that he is seeing himself clearly. If he were, his writing wouldn’t be so successful.

*FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV*

For: "Space Blog

Prompt: From Lisa Noe Kittyluv um Puppyluv ’s "A new world.
"I can't believe this is happening on my birthday."
Odd things happen on birthdays.
What birthday do you remember best?


It was my older son’s first birthday. He didn’t understand what the cake was for. When it came to blow the candle, he stuck his entire head into it. Luckily, a neighbor pulled the candle out of the cake at the last minute.

As the result, I had to wash the baby while my husband had to go get another cake, but the bakery was out of cakes, and he came back with a full load of eclairs. I think eclairs taste better than any cake, so we were all happy about what our son did, our son with icing all over his face and body.

I don’t think any of my own birthdays can top this one.

September 28, 2020 at 12:52pm
September 28, 2020 at 12:52pm
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Prompt: Now that we have only a couple of days to the "October NaNoWriMo Prep Challenge"   [13+] by Brandiwyn🎶 , are you going to write a novel this year? With or without doing the NaNo, what is your best approach to write a novel: vignettes, outlines, character developing or what? If you are a NaNo rebel, what is in your book-writing future, then? If you are not ready to write a novel yet, what do you think of the NaNo program?


My favorite approach to any writing is pantsing. But is it the best approach? I don’t think so. As enjoyable as pantsing is, a more organized thinking especially with the longer works brings out the best result, and that is why I so appreciate the Prep.

Not that prepping always works for everyone or every book, but it makes the rush-rush writing in one month much easier. To tell the truth, when they say NaNo month, it is never the full month. You’d better have your novel completed within three or four days after the 20th. Because there’s Thanksgiving and other stuff that can get in the way. NaNo would do us a bigger favor if they accepted the entries within the first week of December, but that is not in our hands, is it!

Even so, although each year I say I won’t do this, I end up doing the NaNo bit anyway. Because the one year in between that I didn’t do, I wasn’t happy with myself. I don’t have OCD but I might have developed one concerning NaNo. Again, this year, I said I wouldn’t put me through this again, but as soon as I saw Michele’s post, I was there.

Now, about last year’s NaNo, I got 54k plus words, but the book is not finished. I didn’t reach any viable ending. Thus, it is not even a first draft like the others were. And here I am again to possibly write a totally different story. *Headbang*

As to prepping, it depends what kind of an idea I get for each book. Sometimes an interesting character or an outline pushes my thinking around. Last year, I wanted to write about a voyage of sorts like the Odyssey, *Rolling* This year, I am thinking of a theme but I don’t know how I’ll work it in a story with characters and a halfway decent storyline. It is always a challenge, but then challenges usually keep us alive.

*FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV*

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Prompt: From princess ’s "Hugs
"The many meanings of giving a hug"
Why do we all like hugs?


We like hugs because we are pack animals and feeling hugged relieves stress as our brains can produce soothing chemicals (like oxytocin) that help us feel safe and less agitated for a while. This, in the long run, helps boost our immune systems, regulate our heart rates, and lower our blood pressure.

But now, the tide has turned. We have the epidemic and no hugs.

Suddenly, hugs have become risks. The more people we hug, the higher is the risk of getting the virus. What happens is that when we meet someone to hug, we take a step, then stop, and so does the other person. So instead we wave from afar or we message one another with “hug” words or send hugging emoticons. It may just be idea that counts, but then, it may not be as some bandaids can fall off.

Thus, hugs may be the most-missed thing at this time. Once the epidemic goes away, the consolation prize can be that we’ll be hugging one another all over the place and feeling good again. Something real and meaningful to look forward to, I'd say.

September 26, 2020 at 11:09am
September 26, 2020 at 11:09am
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Prompt by Lyn: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/i-feel-sorry-for-americans-a-baffled-world-...
“I feel sorry for Americans,” said U Myint Oo, a member of parliament in Myanmar. “But we can’t help the U.S. because we are a very small country.”
The same sentiment prevails in Canada, one of the most developed countries. Two out of three Canadians live within about 60 miles of the American border.
“Personally, it’s like watching the decline of the Roman Empire,” said Mike Bradley, the mayor of Sarnia, an industrial city on the border with Michigan, where locals used to venture for lunch.: New York Times

What are your thoughts?


You can bring together all the small and large dogs in the world and have them bark at the ocean. Ocean is ocean. It will not change its color, get dirty, or diminish in any way for all their barking in the world.

Frankly speaking, I feel sorry for those dogs for not taking care of their own poops and barking at us.

I was born during the World War II. Ever since my childhood, I heard the cries of “That ugly American!” from several corners of the world. Well, we might not win their beauty contests, but did their cries change us? No, we the ugly Americans, as they call us, have rushed to heal the world when there was a wound that we could heal.

If anything, I believe in the greatness of this nation. I also believe, due to this greatness, we can smooth out the little glitches that show up here and there.

The only big threat I see is the dirty money coming in from the outside forces to undo what’s good and God-given here. That, regardless of one’s pessimism or party affiliation, should be the threat to bind us together, so we can work for our unity and for the betterment of the entire world.

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Prompt by Megan: From Monty ’s "AMERICAN SOLDIER.
“He is the American soldier and will forever stand
For the red, white and blue,
The American flag of his homeland.”


The USA’s military presence has been one a few can dare to challenge. This might has nothing to do with having billions in our defense funds. Rather it has to do with the American Soldier’s heart and spirit, plus good will, upbringing, and superb training.

The American flag is a symbol of our freedom. When the soldier salutes the flag, he salutes that freedom and the nation it represents.

Freedom has a special charm but it also needs the authority of use. In some other places, nations fall into decadence and licentiousness and force their citizens and the smaller nations around them sink into oppression. The American soldier safeguards this nation from such a dreadful extreme. That is why “the American soldier will forever stand for the red, white and blue.”
September 25, 2020 at 11:13am
September 25, 2020 at 11:13am
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Which character would you be? Why?


None. Unfortunately for this prompt, I haven’t seen any of those movies. In fact, at the moment, I am at odds with Hollywood’s grandiose and condescending incompetence.

To begin with, I don’t like anything, fiction or a movie, that intends to only terrify, scare, or disgust. The characters in such works go down with the genre, even when they are played by the best of actors. Unless, the story has some magnitude, scope, and intelligence that will save it.

Talking of which, I liked Hannibal Lecter in “The Silence of the Lambs.” Who can forget him saying, “I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.” But this movie wasn’t meant to be a horror film. It had its horror-filled moments, true, but the entire work was full of depth, meaning, and wisdom.

This kind of horror I’ll take anytime.

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Prompt: From sethermancrash ’s "A Voice Lost Among the Wind
“We all refuse to be another set of voices long among the wind. We will be heard.”


The fearless ones shout to be heard. They are heard for sure, but they are also frowned upon for adding to the noise pollution.

Thus, here’s my opinion. No need to add to the cacophony that is making everyone’s hearing faulty. If you have something significant and relevant to say, say it. You will be heard, at least by some people who may appreciate words like yours. If that is too difficult, then say what you yourself want to hear. At least, you’ll be the one to hear yourself.

The trouble with the temper tantrums when your voice becomes lost and you realize you are not being heard is in the fact that you put your own emotional well-being in other people’s hands, people whose ears may be faulty and can distort what you are saying.

Besides, your own individual voice has to be your own, controlled by nobody, and hopefully, it will offer a sense of purpose and value to your life. Then, you’ll have a very good chance of being heard.
September 24, 2020 at 10:51am
September 24, 2020 at 10:51am
Prompt: Who was your childhood hero?


My childhood and all-time hero is one of my uncles. Only because he gave me his attention and encouraged me toward what was important to me, which were the arts, writing, and literature. While others in my family were very nice to me also, none of them could act like him. They all saw to it that I lacked nothing material and they were kind, but that special attention by my special uncle has always been something else.

I guess my uncle took it upon himself to care for my emotional well-being when my father died when I was little. I don’t know what makes any human being take care of another’s child in the exact way that child needs it.

At the time, my inclinations and interests were not met with enthusiasm by most of the people in the family as everyone expected me to be like my father and become a physicist or something like it, eventually. While a few people kept saying there was no future in what I liked to do, my uncle told me to do what I wished to do, and the rest would take care of itself because doing something one’s heart is not in is hell on earth, even if financially positive and some fame is guaranteed.

My uncle didn’t only encourage me when he saw me, but he took me to stay with him, together with his wife and three children, for days and weeks at an end during my school vacations and gave me his full attention.

I’ll never forget my uncle, and I think people like him have a very special place in Heaven, within God’s quarters.

*FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV*

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Prompt: From ♥HOOves♥ ’s "Walking My Humans
“I still like to walk these humans of mine.”
Write about walking a dog from it's perspective and views.


When I see a dog walking its human, I always think, ‘Now here’s a dog who should become the president.’ After all, it must take a genius to be tied to a leash and rule over the one holding the other end of the leash. This also means the owner of the dog, or the peasant who is ruled by the emperor dog, has not established the proper dog-handling protocol.

I imagine, the emperor dog probably would say:

“See how I get away with anything! I sniff, explore, pull my human hither and thither just for the fun of it, and I slow down when my human wants a brisk walk or run at a breakneck pace usually much faster than my human can. What can the human do but either fall sprawled on his face or let go of the leash. Usually, it is the latter, and then the real fun begins with my human running after me while I keep the other end of the leash beyond his reach.

Then, you wouldn’t believe this, but my frustrated human took me to an obedience school. I knew of his intentions very well, so I acted according to my own best interests. I became the most obedient dog in the class and I received the highest award and a badge at the end.

Yet, when the school was over and it was my human at the other end of the leash, the fun began again. I immediately dropped the idea of walking beside him and ran ahead. Glory be! I was the leader, once more.”

See, people, us humans can never win!

September 23, 2020 at 11:51am
September 23, 2020 at 11:51am
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Prompt: When was the last time you were creative?


I don’t know. While I just do things like write, cook, sew, etc., I never think I am being creative. If I thought that, I’d jinx myself.

For whatever reason, it is true that I like doing things differently each time. For example, I never follow a recipe as it is written. Even with writing, an outline makes the work easier, but I like meandering much better, which doesn’t mean I don’t do outlines. It means I change routes from them. It is a natural process, but not because I am trying to be “creative” or any such thing.

Being creative means being innovative and fresh. It means being imaginative and acting on it. Creativity demands resources, either stored or learned, as knowledge, insight, and inspiration. It means taking advantage of opportunities and making new connections. Creativity itself can be huge and inspiring, and also, a very scary concept to live up to.

If I thought all that about anything I attempt to do, I’d run for the hills for not living up to the level creativity requires.

So, I just do things for those things themselves. Trying to be creative, therefore, is not in my vocabulary.

*FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV*

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Prompt: From Brian K Compton ’s "A Slower Return "Make the most of each moment...before it's gone".
How do you make the most of each moment?


To make the most of each moment, one has to know oneself to the best of his or her ability. We humans always trick ourselves by saying, “I know what I want” or “I am this or that.” This is how we get stuck in a rut, and that rut traps us into not using our time and life well. This may also be because we may have holes in our pasts that weren’t filled and wounds that weren’t healed.

After getting to know the real person inside us, then, we need to cultivate excitement and contentment for life. Making the most of each moment doesn’t necessarily mean filling our time with constant action. It means knowing who we are and feeling gratitude for it and for what the world offers.

With that feeling then, we can begin our true contribution. This way, we may find ourselves to be effective in making the most of every moment of our days.
September 22, 2020 at 10:27am
September 22, 2020 at 10:27am
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Prompt: “The earth laughs in flowers,” says Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Which flowers do you like and why do you think people like flowers so much?


The day before yesterday, my daughter-in-law brought me a lovely bouquet of roses for no reason at all. I think this is the best reason, this no-reason thing. It delighted me to no end. So, every time I pass by that vase, I stop and smell the roses and I admire their petals, scent, and colors.

Roses are one of my favorite flowers. Probably I like their thorns, too, as it is the thorns that feed and keep alive the roses. Just like the thorns in our lives that teach us and make us grow.

Yet, I like all flowers. Daisies, for example. Those that grow free, flouncing and curving, in the wilderness or in rows in a garden.

In the Victorian era, the language of flowers was the in-thing as it was uttered in symbols and silence. The frivolity of the idea, especially for us word-people, added to the frivolity of corseted fashions now seem to be empty and meaningless, but would we think this if we were to have lived in those times? I don’t believe so. I imagine we would take those symbols to heart and converse with one another through gifts of flowers.

Come to think of it, getting and giving flowers wouldn’t be such a bad thing, would it?

Then, imagine what would happen, if in the election ads, the opposing parties handed one another flower bouquets…I think, for my part, I wouldn’t turn off the TV when such ads were to pop up. And that would be an improvement for everyone concerned.

*FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV*

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Prompt: From Jenn Webster ’s "Will 2021 Be a Year of Hope? "But for right now, I would very much like to know: Which symbol of hope would very best represent the calendar year of 2021, in which we hope would be a Year of Hope?"

Well, what do you think?


Well, who’d know! This item is a poll and I voted for the dove because being a bird, it can fly and rise over anything. Plus, a dove is a universally known symbol of hope.

Hope helps us to ignore the unpleasant present. As such, it is all we have at the moment to provide us with strength and bear the misery and misfortunes of 2020.

Hope encourages us to persevere with the onward journey, despite the obstacles, fear, or simply the masks that make the entire planet earth look like a cave for bandits.

Hope offers us a positive belief and a doable path, and directs us toward specific directions, destinations, and goals. Hope, then, becomes a mindset that urges us to keep on trying, at least one more time, one more month, or for the next year of 2021.

September 21, 2020 at 11:28am
September 21, 2020 at 11:28am
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Prompt: “When leaves have to let go of the tree, they wear their best colors and they dance all the way to the ground.”
Karen Kingsbury, Finding Home
What do you think of autumn, and why is it difficult to let go of things or people we become used to, unlike the leaves?


Who doesn’t love autumn leaves in all their splendid colors! Their charm and appeal are boundless for the simple reason that they have matured under the sun.

Yet, autumn means change. How we judge or adapt to change will predict how much we love or hate this season. After all, what follows it is winter, and unless one is lucky, winter is difficult on most of the places in the world.

Autumn also refers to the time's passing drip by drip like the autumn rain, with weekdays following one another in a row just as the months and years do. This passing of time makes us get used to people and whatever we love, or in other words, whatever and whoever has tamed us. Then, as time passes, like the autumn leaves falling off the trees, our loved ones also leave while the traces of their images become just as colorful as the leaves of autumn, and the bare branches they’ve left behind are just as desolate looking and painful.

As St. Exupery’s Little Prince said, “One runs the risk of weeping a little, if one lets oneself be tamed...”

*FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV*

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Prompt: From Stormy Lady ’s "Never Love A Poet
"Never love a poet, she warns..."
Why should we never love a poet?


I used to love (still do in hindsight) Stormy’s forum. I don’t think I ever missed a prompt of hers, then.

As to the question, I think Stormy answered it best: “Their hearts beat too strongly to hold.”

I think it is also because poets are already married to poetry and anyone who loves them will be no more than a mistress or the male equivalent of it. Poets will always obey the muse, and not always mind their partners. Then some, if not most, fall in and out of love very easily. Unless you want to be the spare tire in their trunk, you better set your sights on someone more stable.

In addition, not many poets write or talk openly. You need to have the ability to pinpoint and understand the metaphors and the like. Then, your poet doesn’t always mean what s/he says, either, although their words are their truths at the moment. Plus, anything you say, do, or think can and will be held against you, and there, in communication, lies the greatest challenge you’ll ever face.

September 19, 2020 at 10:51am
September 19, 2020 at 10:51am
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"Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable." ~ Sydney J. Harris
Discuss this quote in your blog today.


Truthfully, I am not a proponent of any quote that idolizes regret. Any kind of it. I am of the thinking that says, ‘Proceed boldly, and only look back to learn, and do not waste your physical or mental health over it.’

Unfortunately, regret is a common emotion, and it is the most negative one. It doesn’t help to rewrite history in one’s mind over and over again. It helps to look forward and not be afraid.

Things happen whether we caused them or not or whether we interfered or not. Thus, what if we had done the thing we regret not doing, and the results were to be even worse? We can’t know that, do we?

Plus, sometimes we don’t interfere or do anything about a situation for self-protection. Good enough reason, I say.

An example: A policeman is chasing a criminal and you happen to be in the way and you tackle the criminal while at the same time, the policeman aims at him and shoots you instead and the criminal escapes. Did you realize you got that policeman in major trouble, both emotionally and professionally? You acted, didn’t you, so you wouldn’t feel your precious regret?

In life, whatever is wrong needs fixing, and from our experiences, we learn this. We need to learn this, but we need to learn how to employ the tactics of doing it properly and in a way that our actions help and do not hurt.

*FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV*

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Prompt: From Thankful Sonali I AM WRITING! ]s "Ping
“I'm not a person, I'm just a ping in queue.”


Yessss, to this poem!

I have always applauded the electronic revolution, but not this. I guess this is the dark side of something so addictingly helpful.

Things I used to do easily with one phone call in five minutes, I can’t do now even when I stay by the phone for three hours. Then, there is always the chance that my call can be dropped at any one moment. And yes, any time a computer voice says, “Your call is important to us,” I want to do something so vile that their whole circuit gets broken for good. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for the companies or whoever, I am not a hacker and I don't know enough stuff to pull it through.

I am reacting this strongly because this poem has touched so deeply on my most recent pet peeve. I can’t even get in touch with a doctor’s office to handle something simple about a medication. Ring! ring! A computer. That computer sends me to another one. Then to another one. Then to the nurse’s phone, which says leave a message; we’ll call you back. Although their computer voice takes my request, no one gets in touch with me. We’ve been playing this ring-around-the-rosy several times a week for more than a month now.

Their probable, custom-made excuse: It is Covid-19 era and they are busy. Nice going! I can change doctors you know or I can sue you, but I don’t like doing this because I have never sued anyone. That’s not me. Plus, I like this doctor (best cardiologist in the area) although not the way his office is run.

If this is the sign of things to come, woe is us!

September 18, 2020 at 9:58am
September 18, 2020 at 9:58am
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Prompt: (from yesterday since I didn’t write yesterday and didn’t see today’s prompt) : The ACM Awards were on last night. What are your views on country music?


I do like country music, but recently I have the TV shut out totally since I don’t want to hear any fake election ads from either side. I don’t necessarily watch TV in the first place. Thus, I didn’t see that show or any other show.

Although my real interest has to do with the Classical music of the earlier centuries, I am partial to any kind of music. As to country music, when it is the folk music or the cowboy music with the addition of a string instrument, I like it just fine when I hear it, but I wouldn’t necessarily put on a country music album or turn to a country music station and listen. I also don’t like it when the lyrics are about nothing but complaints that drone on and on..

Talking about singing the complaints, I think Kenny Rogers sang them the best and with a humorous, satirical dip. I’ll listen to any complaints from him, such as “You found a fine time to leave me, Lucille.”

I guess my age shows in my likes and dislikes, also. Thinking about this, I suddenly remembered Glen Campbell with his, “Rhinestone Cowboy” and other perfect songs.

See, I have my favorite country singer picks, too, however dated they may be.

*FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV* *FlowerV*

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Prompt: From "The Tenor at the Opera
“Only truth can be sung.”

Thanks *Heart* Princess Megan Rose !


There are the facts and there’s the truth. The facts can change but the actual truth does not.

Then, there is that thing about the arts. The reason we admire them is because they have a way of touching the truth. The artists in any area may not be aware that they are reaching for that truth themselves, but the nature of the arts requires such an undertaking. Otherwise, what they are attempting as artists has nothing to do with the truth, and what they are putting forth can be considered as trash and not the truth we all seek.

That truth is the truth of our feelings, the truth. of why we do doings even if we are not aware of our hidden intentions, or the truth that is too difficult to face or too profound to handle, which becomes deeply immersed in our illusions and dreams.

The item in the prompt refers to that truth, which only true artists can handle.

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