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Why I want to write a book
Thoughts on life and society can be pointless, but that's what books are for. I've never enjoyed reading.
It's always been difficult for me to read. Sometimes, I imagine little demons pulling at my eye lids.
The Devil is in the details. I like people, who can act. They're fun to watch. I guess I wish I could be an
actor, but I just don't have that charm and I stutter. My life is meaningless. I just lope from one place to
another. I think that's my strength. Most people need a career and family. .. Family is a nice idea, but
I've never had a nice family. Is this becoming annoying? ...

Let's start with Vertago! He's cool and a stud. He also is popping up a lot in my movie watching. The mind
can make association: like is the guy on the radio talking to me? Or why am I seeing so many eye balls in
my movie watching? Jeeeze! I just saw CASE 39. A really scary movie with an eye ball scene that's very icky.
This guy has a hornet come up out of his eye's lid.. tear duck. Any who, it's scary. Well, when I was
Veratgo on Private Games.com my picture was of my left eye.
It was trippy. Just a note to the CASE 39 writers: Lilith is not evil. I'm talking about Adam's first wife, expelled
from Eden, because she "Would not be his beast of burden." Lilith is the first feminist in Bible Lore,
she is immortal. So you can't drown her. Nope, only God can stop her.

Okay, this Vertago guy is still effecting me. Strangers will look at me and cover their right eye, cars will shut
one headlight off. That's dangerous! I had an elderly woman pinch my butt an call me "Vertago." in the mall.
There was a Vertago concert. There is a Vertago song by U2. I started writing about Vertago in the 90's on an
Australian web site Private Games.com. That's when I was working at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart was awful.
I had an over night manager slap me in the face.
I just wish people would stop dropping pennies around me. I mentioned that Abraham Lincoln is looking to
the right, while all the other presidents are facing to the left, because he was assassinated. Now, I get penny's
dropped around me. I wish I had mentioned the dollar bill and the star of David over the eagel's head.
It has twelve stars in it for the twelve Apostles. Feel free to throw dollars at me.

Reflections: I wasn't completely honest about what I said about the penny. I was quoting the old Civil war
lore Lincoln was facing right because he freed the slaves and turned his back on the brotherhood. That's
what I wrote on Private Games.com. I'm not in favor of slavery.
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June 19, 2018 at 1:52am
June 19, 2018 at 1:52am

Yes, the planet was green again from
the union of the world's nations and extraterrestrials.
The White Ninjas and Black Ninjas had united for world peace.
There were no more wars or hunger or poverty..
The people were happy and well rested in peaceful harmony.

All of this came about after two thirds of Earth's human population
was sent to Mars...
They would refresh the bloodlines of ancient Martian civilization.
The human race had learned to regulate their impulses
and manage their reproductive rights.

And this is how I write automatically with no outline.
Be honest and unashamed..

November 17, 2016 at 2:07am
November 17, 2016 at 2:07am

Dear Bill O'reily,

Who wrote the Bible?
We don't have the original autographs.
What we have are copies, which were
written and rewritten over hundreds of years.
Don't you think the Rabbis and Monks have a
bias when they edit scripture?

It would be nieve to ignore religious bias.

Many of the prophecies written in the
Old Testament were rewritten hundreds
of times..
Isn't it possible they were adapted to
fit events that occurred by the Rabbis
transcribing them?

Is it okay not to believe there were dinosaurs
on Noah's Arch?
Did Adam and Eve pop up out the ground?
Did God command the Jews to kill all the Arabs?
Did Jesus walk down a cave into Hell?
Did Jesus float away on a cloud?

Is the Earth 6 thousand years old?

Come on Bill; this is primitive superstition.
I'm not sayin there is no God, but let's
get our facts straight.
The Bible is a document written by primitive
tribal people, who believed the stars were candles
hanging from Heaven and the world was flat.

Is the world flat ?

Just my two cents...
Sharpen your pin head Bill.

Kittery, Maine

October 3, 2016 at 3:37pm
October 3, 2016 at 3:37pm

You are a Martian to me.
Seriously, I thought you would not criticize
the Republican Champion Donald Dump..
But, you are a rebel at heart.
Goody. Goody.

The problem with this fiasco of an election
is most reporters have an agenda.
They want to elect Hillary and humiliate
the Dumpster.

You appear to be a true egalitarian.
You want your Republican principles to be heard
even if you have it shouted down by the Dumpster.
My what a pesky rabbit you are.

I could balance the national debt.
I would declare bankruptcy.
Who would sue the U.S.A.?
We have the most weapons of mass destruction!

Just my two cents, Dana baby.
Bernie Sanders was robbed!

September 27, 2016 at 3:32am
September 27, 2016 at 3:32am

Thou shalt send money to the Church of Muzzy.

Every church needs donations.
Why? It's show business !
The actors are the Reverend and his followers.
Miracles can happen only if you pay the rent!

Only Muzzy talks to God!

Obviously, if everybody could talk to God,
there would be chaos.
You need a leader in a Church
and that's Muzzy.

Everyone must obey Muzzy!

Do I need to explain the importance of obedience?
Especially, the importance of a woman's obedience.
is paramount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The women must not breed outside of the Church!

Muzzy is the alpha male in his Church!

He gets first dibs on the hot babes in his flock!
If you do not like this, then get out and go to Hell!
There must be sexual conformity !
God has told me this on my toy Barbie phone.

Send all donations to~

P.O.Box 821
Kittery, Maine

Attractive women may send photos and video.
I will personally baptize them into my church.
Praise God!

September 19, 2016 at 8:29pm
September 19, 2016 at 8:29pm
Recently, I spotted a blog about sex craved atheist
and their plans to destroy religion and replace it with
a hedonist culture.
Personally, I am not opposed to sex crazed people.
Dr Richard Dawkins has argued that a belief in a God,
who cares about our sexual habits is stupid.

There are many beliefs in God, but most follow the
golden rule do onto to others as you would have them
do onto you.
Oscar Wild remarked that there are things I like done
onto me that most people wouldn't want done onto them.
He was gay.

Dr. Richard Dawkins quotes genocidal violence in his
book the God Delusion as an example of the god delusion
in the Bible.
But, that doesn't disprove the existence of God.
It does question God's virtue.
Is God good?

Islamic terrorist believe God commands them.
And they quote the genocidal tribal wars in the Bible.
But, that does not prove God exits.
It does prove that religious fundamentalism can be

People can believe anything...
The question shouldn't be can you believe it;
but what evidence do you have to support your
If a self-proclaimed profit were to appear today
would you believe him?

I have friends, who are Satanist.
I'm not a Satanist.
I have friends, who are Muslim.
I'm not Muslim.
I can disagree with a friend's faith
and still be friends.

I believe most people want to have a loving God.
But, there is only faith to support this theory.
Dr Richard Dawkins believes extraterrestial aliens
designed our DNA.
This would explain our rapid evolution.
But, this is only a theory.

I have argued with Christians over the Divinity
of Jesus, but we are still friends.
I think many Satanist are rebelling against
their repressive Christian upbringing.
There are a lot of teen Satanists.
They forget Jesus taught forgiveness.+

How would a God speak to us?
The media would mock Him/Her's Divinity.
Miracles would be dismissed as magic tricks.
Followers would be marginalized as gullible ..
Nobody alive today knows what Jesus looked like.
He could have been black.

A Papal doctrine states, God gives sinners the grace
to enter Heaven.
If God foreknew that I was to be lost,
then why did he create me?
Every step forward in life would deny our own

July 9, 2016 at 6:27am
July 9, 2016 at 6:27am
I think you do a great job
as a reporter and political
commentator of Fox Five.
Whenever, I make any comments
on politics and social conflicts
I get a lot of negative responses.
I guess I'm not as subtle as you.

So, here I go again..
My social anthropology course taught
me that we all evolved from tribes.
Tribes are racist. The Old Testament
is full of racism. The Jews believed
they were the chosen people of God
and you had to be of their bloodline
to be part of their tribe.

But, if you look at the Jews as an
anthropologist you see a small tribe
that originated in Africa.
The logical conclusion is that Jews
were African. That angers some Evangelical
Christians, who insist Jesus was white.
This is how ingrained racism is.

Birds of a feather flock together.
It is natural selection that drives racism.
All animals judge each other visually.
That is a basic instinct ..
I am guilty of this, but I try not to be
prejudice. Obviously, your career is proof
that northern European culture is not dominant.
You were born in Colon, Panama and have
achieved great success as a journalist in
The United States of America.

There are many Americas.
There is Central America.
There is South America.
There is North America..
And there is the
North American Trade Union
that Obama signed.

Why amongst all the Americas
is there so much racism in the
United States of America?
Simply, there are more tribes here.
Yes, the U.S.A in 2016 is tribal.
The Old Testament records genocide
by the Jews against Arab pagan tribes.
Tribalism is violent.

There is a long history of racism in
the United States in the name of racial
purity and Christian manifest destiny.
It is ironic that a study of the Bible
would suggest that the Jews are African
and so was Jesus.
Nevertheless, Jesus is depicted as a white
blond blue eye savior.+
I don't believe this can be fixed rationally.
It is very dominant.

You wrote about the, "Culture of Failure"
in the black community.
Do you see yourself as a failure?
You were born in Panama. Do you identify
with Black Lives Matter?
Panama is a Latino tribe.
The black activist in Black Lives Matter
identify with African Americans.
They refer to Black African American slavery.
This is tribal.

I don't see a happy ending for this tribal war.
It will create a police state and make slavery
legal again. .. But, who will be dominant?
Northern European Christian culture is failing
and Islam is growing stronger in Europe
and amongst African Americans.
There could be an Islamic state in the
United States of America.

Reflections~ In olden days Heavens knows anything goes.
The Egyptians had their monuments and the Romans had their
Empire and Jews had a really great story.
The Jews have always been great story tellers.
Do you believe everything your told?


P.O.Box 821
Kittery, Maine
July 3, 2016 at 3:44pm
July 3, 2016 at 3:44pm

I think I have a fan following.
My dad taught me to drive defensively
and always check my mirrors.
Sometimes I feel like I'm in a Bond film.
I assume I'm being followed and my phone
is tapped and my computer hacked.
Don't you?

There isn't a day that goes by I don't think
about visiting my sister. She lives nearby
in Kittery. But, she doesn't want to see me.
I could just drive over and knock.
I might get shot.
You can buy a gun in Maine without a permit.

The way I see it; my sister doesn't like me talking
about our family on the inter-net.
She's a teacher at a high school and needs to
maintain her authority ..
Did I mention she use to bath me?
Yep. There was this huge iron sink with a deep side
to soak dishes, sometimes I'd get my bath there.
I was just a toddler and mom let Cathy and Maura
bath me. .. I'll never forget it.

Little things in our youth can have a profound effect
later on in our boring lives.
I was driving on 95 into New Hampshire after the big bridge
and this crazy girl speed up behind me and then
turned off, flipping me the bird.
She looked like Hanna .. A prostitute I knew,
not professionally. She was a neighbor.
I gave her a lift around town and she never paid
me for the gas. I thought that was odd, considering she had
several hundred dollars in her purse.
Prostitutes can be neurotic.

Which reminds me if you need any advice
you can write to me at:

Kittery, ME

I haven't had any great responses.
One girl wrote she thinks she is growing
a mustache. I wrote that is very common.
We all have testosterone , even women.
Not exactly Dr. Ruth..

I think I have a unique life experience
and can give helpful insight to those
troubled by life's peccadiloes ...

Any Who,


June 13, 2016 at 3:26am
June 13, 2016 at 3:26am
I first met Peter at a hearing exam.
There was just the two of us, standing
opposite each other with headphones
and the examiner at a sound control panel.
We would raise our right hand when we heard
the beep.

This exam took place at the Peabody grammar
school. We were boys and Peter had been sent
to this exam from St. Peter's grammar school.
I smiled at Peter after the exam and he hit me
in the temple. It sounded like a hammer hitting
wood and I felt dizzy.

The examiner took Peter outside the examination
room and returned to ask me if I was okay.
He flashed a tiny pin light across my eyes.
I didn't see Peter again until High school.
I noticed Peter in my homeroom on my first
day at the Fundamental House of Cambridge
Ringe High School.

He walked over and hit me in the temple
and jaw.
I picked him up and tossed him into a desk.
He ran out of the room.
We were called to the principle's office
and told to behave.
I asked Peter why he hit me.

"I don't like your face." he replied.
He wouldn't give me anything more specific.
Over the four years, Peter repeatedly attacked
me. He'd hit me and I'd toss him.
I guess I'm more of a wrestler.
Several, years latter I met Peter again.
I greeted him and he said, "Fuck off!"

A friend from high school has informed
me Peter Callahan is dead.
He was married and had two kids.
He was a bus driver.
And I believe he was a psychopath.
I still don't like him.

February 17, 2016 at 7:17pm
February 17, 2016 at 7:17pm
I had completed my literature exam.
As usual , I felt confident and was the last to present my paper
to the professor... I like to reread the questions.
I handed my rewritten and eraser smudged paper over with a smile.
"My son drowned snorkeling." the professor stated with a blank expression.
I froze in a dilemma between saying something trite or something personal
from my own experience with the loss of a loved one.

"I can't swim. I've always had a fear of drowning.
I'm an atheist and I'm so sorry for your loss.
Why are you here?" I stammered ....
"It's all right. I made it up. I just wanted to see how you'd react."
the professor smirked.
I gave a nervous smile back an exited quickly to avoid any poor
remarks. .. I didn't want to flunk a simple literature course.
I got an 84.

My life experience has given me an odd perspective on human nature.
But, I have spent many years reanalyzing these odd events.
For example, my sisters baby sat me.
They liked to dress me up like a girl with their hand me downs.
At the time, I thought this was normal, but, mom did not.
Okay. Why did this odd event happen?
My sisters were teenagers and their ethics had not fully developed.
It takes time to learn social behavior and respect for others.

I had sex with my best friends sister ..
I was in high school and Michael was not happy about me
dating his sister Rachael.
Once again, this was an irrational teenage impulse.
Rachael's dad Gunther did not approve ..
I assured him I was using condoms .. I actually believed that would
appease him. It did not.
I was banned from his house and forbidden to touch his daughter.
Rachael and I got together outside and continued to have sex.

What I concluded is this, we think we are rational, but we have a basic
instinct to mess with each other.
Most of human history has been driven by a desire to be dominant
and good.
Nevertheless, we are essentially monkeys with big brains.
I still can't fathom why that professor wanted to monkey around with me?
Maybe, she thought I was cute?
There I go ... Silly monkey .


October 11, 2015 at 8:26pm
October 11, 2015 at 8:26pm

I have odd thoughts. I am aware of the danger from society
when expressing these oddities.

First off, 5000,00 people have died on the Congo
from last month. Many were killed in tribal wars,
most were eaten by the wild life. Should the United States
send troops to protect the defenseless?

Syria has oil. That is why Russia and The United States want
to control it. A conventional war is practical, nukes destroy everything.
Over a million Syrians have fled their country. No one has counted the dead.
So, the United States pulls out of Syria and Russia does the dirty work
of thinning the opposition ... That's genocide.

What is practical can be genocidal.

I fear that moderate Moslems will be targeted by Islamist extremist
and secular globalists. It is practical to demonize your enemy as
the United States demonized Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor.
Can you trust a woman in a hajim?
Go to any Catholic Church and you will see a statue of the Madonna ,
wearing a veil .. It was Mosiac Law.

I am not a fan of the Seria Law. However, a desperate people will take
up any banner that rebuilds their pride and hope for justice.
That is how Hitler was elected by a majority in Germany.

Hot topics in the news are mostly propaganda for the corporations that own
the media. Bill O'Rielly likes to champion the Republicans.
So, what? I really, can't see any way around a 18trillion dollar money pit.
The Federal Government will collapse and local State Government will be
on their own. Neither, Democrat or Republican can stop it.

There will most likely be marshal law and lost of personal liberties such as
private gun ownership.

How many private gun owners will stand against the military?
That is a revolution and treason.
There are many events in the news that sound like a lone killer ,
but there targets could be considered terrorist tactics.
A city can be paralyzed by a terrorist threat in strategic traffic routes,
such as, the sniper attacks in the news.
The United States Senate was evacuated because of a false risen threat.
Power utilities and water depots are soft targets.
All of which will lead to more police searches and monitoring of citizens.

What if every Syrian was killed?
That would not kill Moslem extremism.
The only way to stop a bad idea is to reeducate the indoctrinated fanatics.
That takes a longtime ...

And where is God?
Well, I was raised to believe we live in the mind of God.
Ergo, it's all a dream.. Yeah, that's not going to stop the pain.

Just venting.
Please, don't shoot me.+


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