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Spending some time with my mentor and reaching some conclusions about life.
"Look at me" was the last thing I heard from him, before he left. He kept waiting for me to answer, but I didn't. I was too scared, All I felt was shame of what I have done. I disobeyed his orders, I couldn't bring myself to look at him. Suddenly he disappeared and left me there crying, regretting what I've done. Come back and I'll look, just come back please. I'm sorry, so sorry. I thought.
October 4, 2013 at 3:30pm
October 4, 2013 at 3:30pm
"If God protects people, then why do bad things happens to them?" I wondered looking directly into my mentor's eyes.

"God protects people, but HE also want them to learn, they need to learn the consequences of their actions," my mentor paused, "if God kept protecting people from their actions and from nature they won't be able to learn what they need to survive."

"So, you are saying people needed to learn through their mistakes?"

"Yes, cause they never listen to God anyway, and when they do, they don't last long in following HIS orders."

"Then, how do you explain diseases, natural disasters?" I paused, "and most of the times innocent people are the ones who get hurt."

"The world and people got their own will, and God gave them that freedom, so you might find comets and asteroids falling on people, villages and entirely destroying them, but that's cause it's the asteroids orbit to fall at that time, in that place, it's the sequence of reactions that caused it to fall. to protect humans God created the atmosphere to burn the comets and asteroids before reaching the grounds of Earth but sometimes the asteroids are just too big to be burnt."

"So you are saying even in natural disasters we are experiencing a lot less more than it would be if God didn't protect us?"


"So what about diseases, why do people get sick? and does God interferes in sickness to?" I asked

"Yes, God interferes in sickness too, cause if HE didn't HIS whole creation would be dead. you will find people experiencing on bacteria,viruses sometimes to get a cure and sometimes they do mistakes and create a worse virus or microbe, through evolution. the world evolve naturally and that includes everything but it is an evolution that we can only feel it and experience it but we can't see it. that's how viruses and microbes appeared infecting humans. when Adam and Eve fell, they fell into a world that isn't 100% stable, meaning they fell into a world that has to every action an exact and equal reaction, so what they do will affect them either in a good way or in a bad way, and it won't only affect them alone but it will affect them and their children and all the creatures living in it."

"So you are saying, people get sick, due to actions of other people, or world evolution (i.e viruses and microbes)" I mumbled.

"Yes, Exactly and God allows it cause HE gave free will to everything in universe. and that affects everything else in the process."
October 2, 2013 at 7:38pm
October 2, 2013 at 7:38pm
"Most people talk about good and evil but, how do you know the difference between them?" I asked my mentor.

"Well it's different from one person to another, and also from one religion to another, but you will find some common things between them like right and wrong, it's wrong to steal, kill, lie, rape, hate, insult, and hurt people in general." he sighed, "but then you will realize that people don't really think of it that way, they only care about what's good and what's in it for them. Neglecting others, and their conscious ."

"So you are saying people knows what's right and wrong yet, they choose to neglect it for their own benefits?" I asked

"Right and wrong yes, good and evil no, otherwise God wouldn't have had to list what's considered to be a sin and what's not." he paused, " and religions wouldn't be that different from each other when it came to good and evil."

"But right and wrong aren't always that obvious, situations in life are different."

"True, one of the more reasons of why you need to be close to God to know what to do." He smiled, "Not knowing the right from the wrong doesn't protect you from the consequences, for example a baby crawling on the balcony of the tenth floor, he knows nothing about gravity, still if he fell, he dies. it's entirely his choice."

"But, he is just a kid, and sure his parents will be there to protect him?" I asked puzzled

"True, he is a kid, and true his parents might try to protect him, but he could also refuse their protection, by pushing their hands away, which will lead to falling and dying."

"Couldn't they just take him away from the balcony?"

"That would be taking away his freedom, also if the baby insists he will probably find away to get there again. They could put some things to protect him like a fence that he couldn't pass." He winked

"Yeah, so you are saying God protect us yet, we refuse his protection sometimes and find a way to jump off the fence?"

"Exactly! God uses his words first like, parents would with that baby, when it doesn't work he use fences, and then when it doesn't work he put cushions on the floors to protect you from the fall, but the fall part will still hurt, along with the fall feeling."

September 11, 2013 at 2:58am
September 11, 2013 at 2:58am
Hell is mostly described by unending fire that burns foe eternity, but is it true and why would God create such place? and why is heaven described as a city filled with beautiful houses and something like another life similar to earth but without evil?

"Hell is a place where God doesn't exist, only evil and the devil is there, it is the place for those who refuses God. So it's filled with evil, and evil is in charge there." My mentor continues, "Heaven is a place God created for those who chose HIM, and HE is in charge there so there is no place for fear, sadness or any negative feeling or action."

"How did hell existed?" I asked

"Hell was never meant to exist, God creation was for HIM to enjoy, but not all of them wanted what HE chose for them and decided to have their own kingdom, and take HIS place." My mentor paused, "HE kicked them out of his kingdom and that out was called hell, where they did what they pleased, but instead of making it a happy place equal to heaven, they turned it to an ugly place cause they aren't and will never be God, they don't care about humans, they are manipulative and only care to make them slaves, they rule through hate and fear. God is pure, allows free will, will never manipulate you, fair, caring and strong."

"That means Hell isn't a punishment to the devil it's punishment to humans only?" I asked.

"No, hell is torture to both, it is a place filled with hatred and soul corruption, without a healer, none of humans nor devil soul was created to handle such hatred without a healer. Their souls will grow with hatred and envy, greed and they will never be able to be fulfilled nor satisfied. It's what they chose to be away from God."

"What about heaven?" I asked.

"Souls were created to be close to God, only God can fulfill and give happiness cause HE created them, and since HE exists in heaven then there will be no suffering, cause they are close to the creator who can purify and fix them, make them as good and new again."

"How do people choose between heaven and hell?" I mumbled

"They don't, they either choose to be with God or away from HIM."
September 8, 2013 at 6:11pm
September 8, 2013 at 6:11pm
Free will is one of the most important topics, cause it defines a lot of stuff about us and God. Is it true that humans got free will? And if they do, is it limited? and how does God already know their choices and their decisions? Did HE programmed them? Does HE interfere?

Humans do have free will, but it is limited and bound to certain rules. for example if you want to fly, you can but you will need a airplane first *Wink*. (So free will is bound to natural rules, meaning logic.)

God didn't program people to make HIS decision but it is true that HE has a plan for every single person to fulfill, except the person is free to follow that plan or not, that's entirely the person's choice not God's.

God created time and logic, but HE didn't trap HIMSELF in it. Meaning HE is the only one who can break them, HE can see the past, present and future and that is how HE knows what you have done, and what you are doing and what you will do.

God interferes a lot in human life, mainly to prevent harm, and certain things that the world isn't ready for it yet, or when HE sees that innocent souls are forced to be corrupted, but HE leaves enough space for both the bully and the victim to act freely and that's why free will is limited, a person cannot do extreme harm that the world isn't ready for, but it is people's right to try and do evil just as it is their right to try and do good, giving them enough space to choose which way to go.

September 8, 2013 at 2:05am
September 8, 2013 at 2:05am
Knowing that there is God brings up another question, which is why. Why did HE created us? My mentor smiled hearing this question from me, his answer was another question, "why do people suffer to have children?"
There are many answers to my mentor's question.
         1. They want to have an heir, share their wealth with their own blood, pass on their genes.
         2. They want to have their own family.
         3. They love children
         4. They want to feel and enjoy the growth of their children.

"True, God didn't create you to worship HIM" like most people think. "HE made you to enjoy you, to enjoy seeing you grow up, make you a part of his family, give you HIS love."

"Then why do people suffer?" I asked confused.

"Cause people chose to learn the hard way from the beginning, instead of letting God teach them, they chose to learn from their experiences instead." He paused, "Adam and Eve chose that by not listening, and then the nature of their action took it's own course, leaving lots of their descendants in suffering."

"Why God didn't interfere?" I asked.

"Free will, God gave humans free will, interfering means taking it away from them." he replied.

September 6, 2013 at 6:28pm
September 6, 2013 at 6:28pm
There was always that feeling inside of me, the feeling that makes me feel unique, in control of my body and my mind. I choose my thoughts, I control them. But also there was always this other thought which was "are other people like me" do they feel themselves." "Are they in control too." Or are they just like machines doing what they want to do without thinking.

That feeling was my soul, and also the feeling of immortality. The body can die so is the mind, and decay too, but there is always this thought inside of me "I cannot die" cause death means ceasing to exist. I refuse this thought, there has to be something stronger like life after death, another sort of life where that feeling of "me" still exists.

My mentor told me that everyone feels the same way about themselves, but not everyone believes it. It is easy to believe what you see and you see people dying every day, and cease to exist on Earth except for their remains. There came the idea of the soul and came the need of having a god to believe that there was life after death, there had to be a god or someone in power of the whole thing.

Adam and Eve were able to see God before they disobey HIM, that's why they didn't have in problem believing in God, but us their children we were born in a place where we can't see HIM, not in HIS true form anyway. So they always struggle about HIS existence.

The problem when Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree, their eyes became unable to see things with the same purity as before, and that is why they couldn't see God. it became in their DNA, their blood and they passed it on to their descendants. God never left them, HE was always there, but they couldn't see HIM. They could feel HIM everywhere, but they got used to that feeling.

September 5, 2013 at 4:36pm
September 5, 2013 at 4:36pm
The first thing my mentor taught me was to listen to my soul, not my heart, not my mind but my soul.
"The soul knows everything." This was his favorite quote.
It was hard to understand what he meant at first, but he explained that the human soul was given directly by God's breath, while the mind, and heart were created by God from mud, creating their own line.

Adam and Eve were meant to stay in heaven but they both followed their body's and mind's desire not their souls desire. It's the main reason of why they were kicked out of heaven. Eve was fooled by the devil implanting power desires in her heart that she will be like God if she ate from the forbidden tree. while Adam was fooled by his logic, if Eve ate from the tree and she didn't die then why wouldn't he eat too.

Both disobeyed God, followed their logic and hearts not their soul, but that wasn't the main problem the main problem was by following their desires, they blocked their soul. The only one who can access and talk to the soul is God, cause it's HIS breath. Disobeying God meant they no longer can see HIM, and that is why HE told them if they ate from the tree they will die. You can't live without air, and God is the air to the soul.

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