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As the first blog entry got exhausted. My second book
Evolution of Love Part 2
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May 20, 2019 at 3:05am
May 20, 2019 at 3:05am

This message is from a group of doctors in India.

1) Do not drink APPY FIZZ. It contains Cancer causing agent..

2) Don't eat Mentos before or after drinking Coke or Pepsi because the Person will die immediately as the mixture becomes CYANIDE..

3) Don't eat Kurkure because it contains high amount of Plastic.
If you don't believe burn Kurkure and you can see Plastic melting.!

4) Avoid these Tablets, they are very dangerous:
* D-cold
* Vicks Action-500
* Actifed
* Coldarin
* Cosome
* Nice
* Nimulid
* Cetrizet-D
They contain Phenyl Propanol-Amide PPA. Which causes Strokes & are banned in USA!

Please, before deleting, HELP your friends by passing it..!

Let it reach to every one

It might help some one. Forward to as many as you can.

Please read and forward:

Doctor of the INDO AMERICAN HOSPITAL has found a new cancer in human beings, caused by Silver Nitro Oxide. Whenever you buy recharge cards, don’t scratch with your nails, as it contains Silver Nitro Oxide coating and can cause skin cancer. Share this message with your loved ones.

Important Health Tips:

○Answer phone calls with the left ear.

○Don't take your medicine with cold water....

○Don't eat heavy meals after 5pm.

○Drink more water in the morning, less at night.

○Best sleeping time is from 10:00pm to 4:00am.

○Don’t lie down immediately after taking medicine or after meals.

○When phone's battery is low to last bar, don't answer the phone, because the radiation is 1000 times stronger.

○Can you forward this to people you care about?

I just did!
Kindness costs nothing
Knowledge is power...


U.S.A. CHEMICAL Research Center Gives New Result:

Don't Drink Tea in Plastic Cups and Dont Eat Any Food on Polythene Paper. The plastic reacts to heat and It Will Cause 52 Types of Cancers.
May 19, 2019 at 2:36am
May 19, 2019 at 2:36am
And so here we are on the brink of d-day
This week we will know how our future will sway
The duffer, the bluffer, the man with the muffler
Which one of these men will we have to suffer

If you voted for Modi go jump in the sea
If you voted for Rahul you're dumber than he
If you voted for Kejri then that should be fine
Because sooner or later the man will resign

Democracy demands we give them a chance
But this time I think we should join in the dance
Coz whoever they are, the men at the helm
The country still belongs to us, not to them

We gave them their seats, the two-seventy-two
We voted them to power between me and you
But whether they prove to be wise men or fools
This nation is ours so let's play by the rules

Let's not break the law, can we please stand in line
Let's not pull those strings to avoid paying a fine
Let's finally get that a red light means stop
Let's not stoop to bribing the poor traffic cop

Let's be part of the reason our country is great
Let’s pay taxes and not cheat
Let's be good citizens before it's too late
Let's serve our great country without hesitation
Let's all work together to build a strong nation

Enough of the trolling, the barbs and the fights
Now let's stick together, stand up for our rights
Enough of debates on religion and caste
Now let's be united, secular at last

They might have the seats, the two-seventy-two
But the country belongs to me and to you
And we're a billion people, a billion and plus
At the end of the day, the onus is on us
May 18, 2019 at 2:39am
May 18, 2019 at 2:39am
“Blissfulness is not a rare visitor in your life, blissfulness is your constant companion, because that is the nature of your being.” Sadhguru. He tells the story where one afternoon he went up Chamundi Hill in Mysore and went to a particular rock. It was a huge rock which was his usual place and he sat there with his eyes open. “ After a few minutes, I didn’t know where I was. Till that moment, like most people, I always thought this is me and that is someone else. But for the first time I did not know what is me and what is not me. What was me was spread all over the place. I thought this madness lasted for 5 to 10 minutes but when I came back to my normal way of being, four-and-a-half hours had passed. I was sitting right there, fully conscious with my eyes open. For the first time in my adult life, tears were just starting to flow ceaselessly from my eyes. My whole shirt became completely wet from the tears.
I had always been a happy person, that was never an issue for me. But the feeling that came over me that day when I sat on that rock was absolutely indescribable. Every cell in my body was just bursting with ecstasy. I had no words. When I shook my head and tried to ask my skeptical mind, “What's happening to me,” the only thing that my mind could tell me was, “Maybe you are going off your rocker.” I didn’t care what it was but I didn’t want to lose it because this was the most beautiful thing that I had ever touched. I had never imagined that a human being could ever feel like this within himself.

The next time this happened to me was very significant because there were people around me. I was sitting with my family at the dinner table. I actually thought 2 minutes had passed but actually seven hours had gone by. I was sitting right there fully alert but I had no sense of time. This happened many times. Once this experience lasted for 13 days. After about six weeks these experiences became like a living reality within me and everything about me changed in those six weeks. My voice changed, the shape of my eyes changed. If you see photos of me during that time, you can clearly see something changed dramatically in the body. I knew I had to do something, but I didn’t know what. All I knew was this blissfulness that was simply bursting within me. I then came to the realization that this can happen to every human being. That every human being has this same inner ingredient. “

Sadhguru says it is his wish that this experience would happen to every human being. He says whether you become the richest man on earth or not, your experience of life on this planet should be pleasant. He says there is bliss within you. When you learn to regulate your mind you can feel this bliss all the time. The fact is that thoughts and emotions are generated within us and we ought to be able to keep them under our control. But when you're not conscious of the nature of your mind, then thoughts and emotions turn nasty. He says this blissfulness comes through the practice of yoga. When you find the bliss within yourself...through yoga...then everything in your life becomes beautiful.

Sadhguru goes on to say that he eventually met his wife Vijaykumari, fondly called Vijji, two years after this experience of spiritual awakening. Their first encounter was in Mysore, at a lunch Sadhguru was invited to. This was followed by a brief but heartfelt exchange of letters, which culminated in marriage in 1984, on the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri. In 1990, Sadhguru and Vijji had a daughter, Radhe. Sadhguru says that in the month of July in 1996, they were consecrating the Dhyanalinga at a temple. Vijji had decided that once the linga was complete, she would leave her body. She announced that she would leave on a particular full moon day, and she started working towards that. I tried to talk to her, “It’s not necessary now, wait for some time.” But she said, “Right now, my life is perfect, inside of me and outside of me. This is the time for me. I don’t know if another time like this will come for me.”
For some reason we could not complete the consecration at that time. So on that full moon day, she sat with a group of people, meditating. Eight minutes later, she left her body without any effort and with a big smile on her face. She was at the peak of her health, just thirty-three years of age. It is not easy to leave like this without causing any damage to the body. Just walking out of your body like you drop your clothes and go is not an ordinary thing. When a person has reached that point in his life when he feels everything that he needs is fulfilled, and there is nothing more to see in his life, he drops his body, willfully. If there is any struggle or injury, it means suicide. When there is no struggle, when somebody just walks out like he walks out of a room, that’s Mahasamadhi.

Once a person leaves like this, that person is no more. When somebody dies, you say they are no more, but that’s not true. They are “no more” the way you know them, that’s all. But once a person leaves in full awareness, shedding the body without causing any injury or damage to the body, that person is truly no more. That person doesn’t exist as a being anymore. They have just melted away, the game is up, completely.

Sadhguru says it has always been hard for him to explain to people what Vijji is. When I say Vijji, I am not referring to her as my wife or as a woman. Even as a being, she has always been truly wonderful in my experience. But as many of you know, she was a person of very intense emotions. In her childlikeness, whatever emotions were within her always found expression, irrespective of the situation. Now she attained Mahasamadhi – the ultimate aim of all spiritual seekers – with such effortlessness, and has proved her worth.

This is not child’s play. Even accomplished yogis who spent their lives in spiritual sadhana struggle to attain this. To throw one’s life out of the body without injuring the body takes something else. One has to generate tremendous amount of energy, which requires intense sadhana. She just made this possible with her love, probably the only thing she knew.

When I look at the whole series of events, it is very clear that there is a direct intervention of the Divine. It seems like it was Shambho that her heart was crying for. He has taken her by the hand. Out of sheer love, He made it possible. ( Shambho represents a gentle form of Lord Shiva ).

To a few people who were close to her, she had spoken about this many times. She had been expressing her intense desire to leave her body in full awareness, without any sense of attachment. “I want to leave” – this had been her constant mantra with me also.

One day we dropped Radhe and were driving down from Ooty, as she used to normally do when we are travelling, she was chanting “Shambho.” Tears of devotion were flowing from her cheeks. Then she held my hand and asked me to stop the vehicle. She said, “I don’t know any other Shambho. “ There were moments when I have seen you in that form. Only you should help me towards my moksha,” and she cried. I said, “Whether you know him or not, he knows you. Just be sincere in what you are doing. You will definitely experience him and know him beyond my form.”
On the Guru purnima days, she was into certain intense sadhana. On that day, I was with her but then went back to the class that I was teaching. At 6:15 in the evening, she dissolved into that utterance of Shambho and became His.

“Victory’s Daughter”
Even now, when we feel the energy that she has left behind, it is very clear to me that she found her exit through the Anahata chakra – the seat of love. The Anahata chakra is the heart chakra. For any being, to transcend the limitations of the physical body, there is really no better way. For this being, there is no more bondage of a physical body. Her name was Vijaya Kumari, which means “victory’s daughter” – the highest possible victory for any being became hers.

She has left my home empty but our hearts full. One important aspect is, she had a vital role to play in the consecration process of Dhyanalinga. Till now, the process was progressing in a glorious manner. But now we are a little stuck. That Shambho who took her as His, He only should show us the way.

The death is not a problem for me but this energy called love that she has left behind, I am unable to bear. All the sadhana that we are doing here will now take on a new fragrance of this love absolute.

For all spiritual seekers, Mahasamadhi is the ultimate goal – the very culmination of their sadhana – to dissolve into Divinity. Let people know that this kind of opportunity is available to man, that one can take the very process of birth and death into one’s hands. Generally, people believe that all these things were over with the sages and rishis of ancient times. But spirituality in its highest possibility is still very alive today.

The public at large has come to the conclusion that the age of genuine saints are over. Now, the present situation here is a clear proof that it is not over – and it never will be.

I did not wish that at this stage, anybody here should leave the body and go, but somehow she aspired for it. She dissolved into the Mahamantra “Shambho.” It is not for me or anyone to ask whether this is right or wrong. I am not big enough to question Him.

This is incredible, truly incredible. Without even my assistance, she transcended the bonds of mortality. Out of her love, she has gone beyond. Out of our love, we are required to be here and fulfill the task on our hands.
May 17, 2019 at 2:12am
May 17, 2019 at 2:12am
Start with sitting quietly for a few minutes. Feel your body, dive into it and see that there are different qualities, some feel light, others may be tensed. First, give attention to the area wherever you locate it, where you feel the deepest calm, warmth. It can always be found but we tend to fixate on tensions and often overlook the harmony and silence.

Second, look for similar quiet areas and rest in each one of them, relaxing into that part.

Finally, open with all that calm as capital also to whatever tensions you experience. Just accept the energy, feel into it without resistance.

Then let the little (your name) come up. Do not preclude what age, or how s/he appears, if possible let her/him arise spontaneously as an image within.

When that impression is there, open your eyes and imagine him/her sitting in front of you (put a chair before you start).

Now first just look at the little one, just looking. Notice how you, the big one feels when looking at the child.

Then get up and switch roles. You take a moment on the seat of the little one to feel how s/he is within him/herself. When you have that impression, raise your eyes and look at the grown-up of today. Notice how it feels when you look at her/him.

That's the first step. Try when you have time and report to me. All the best.

- I wrote this beginning instruction in a chat this morning. The work with the Inner Child is what i call a spiritual therapy because the adult learns to love the child he/she once was.

Usually, spontaneously a great love and tenderness is felt
(i had clients starting to sob within minutes). On that basis, it is easy to extend the love into problematic emotions, the adult encouraging and empowering the child, thereby filling gaps that have been left by the parents.

The next step can be a catharsis when the inner emotions are led back to the parents by the child. What is able to move through these difficult areas is the deep trust and heart-felt friendship between the child and the grown-up.
May 16, 2019 at 1:44am
May 16, 2019 at 1:44am
Our world is split into two – those who LOVE Modi, and those who HATE him.

You know who you are. There’s hardly anyone left in the neutral zone anymore.

I never had any serious opinion about him in the past. Was no fan of his ever, but I went ahead and voted for the BJP in 2014 in the hope that something good was coming our way.

It didn’t take me too long to realize that I made a mistake. I wouldn’t say I hate him, but I just don’t like him anymore.

My grouse with Modi arises from a very basic human level of consciousness and it’s different from most of the stories you read about the economy or other communal matters.

A laundry list of complaints against Modi is a vast subject to cover but I will be narrowing my focus in this post to only what I feel most passionate about. The rest you are anyways hearing from the opposition parties, and I hope you’ll share some stories in the comments section too.

Before I speak further, it is important to first understand the context into which Modi came into our lives. It’s only when we know the backstory that we can make sense of the disappointment with the present.

Here’s my story. Actually…it’s our story, and this is where it started.


Year 2010 - Common Wealth Games (CWG) and Suresh Kalmadi were the hottest topics everywhere along with the 2G scam. It was the beginning of a new India; an India that started waking up to the power of Social Media.

Facebook started its Pages option in 2009 and Twitter gained mainstream prominence in India after Shahrukh Khan joined the platform in early 2010, followed by Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Deepika Padukone, Salman Khan, and the rest of Bollywood and other Woods. The only politician who really mattered there was Shashi Tharoor.

What was a fun platform back then also showed us how we could leverage trending topics to bring to notice burning topics. News channels took notice of these new mediums and considered them as the true voice of the people.

CWG event in 2010 was the perfect start for this potent mixture of aggression that we are so used to today. We showed our concern and outrage on a daily basis online and for the first time I saw it manifest in the real world at the opening ceremony of CWG 2010.

Suresh Kalmadi was booed by everyone in the stadium. I remember a gentleman sitting next to me trying to tell folks not to boo at such a prestigious event, but no one cared. We the citizens, felt empowered, and believed we could hold accountable the powers that ran the nation. It was a new India we were waking up to.

By 2011 the momentum grew as a lot more people started getting online. India won the cricket world cup and Anna Hazare started his anshan at Jantar Mantar around the same time. The online angst against the ruling party quickly started translating into support for Anna Hazare and his movement. I remember reading editorials that said Anna Hazare is their pick for the PM because of his honesty and fight against corruption.

This momentum grew rapidly and the likes of Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and others in the India Against Corruption team came into the limelight. Anna Hazare however was the big man – he was a great communicator and spoke a language that the common man could relate to. His concept of LokPal bill was too simplistic a solution but people lapped it up.

I remember people taking out candle light marches around our apartment complex in Delhi in support of this fight against corruption.

Then the Nirbhaya incident happened. India Gate which already turned into a symbol of protests via candle light marches, thanks to Rang De Basanti, became the focus of everyone’s attention.

It was as if the soul of India resided at India Gate!

Large scale protests erupted. Everything was the UPA government’s fault. We the people would re-write our own destiny, or so we thought.

Modi was nowhere on the national radar back then.

Our only target was Congress, and to let those protests manifest into something tangible we understood the need to have a real political alternative.

The IAC movement wasn’t a political force, and infighting within their ranks led to the eventual creation of the Aam Aadmi Party. However, they were still a Delhi centric phenomenon and new to the political game; in a way clearing the deck for others to occupy that space.

We needed a seasoned political alternative to make our voices not just heard but to matter too. That’s when he arrived.

Building the Myth:

Our knight in shining armour arrived from nowhere. With stories of his Rambo like qualities - in rescuing stranded pilgrims in Uttrakhand while the Congress was sleeping - started doing the rounds.

The Gujarat model as an ideal governance model and a symbol of progress was being peddled nonstop. I remember film star Nagarjuna giving an interview where he praised to the sky the way some model village in Gujarat was developed. He spoke as if he’s never seen internet in a village before that day. It was ironic to hear that from someone who came from Andhra where Chandrababu Naidu's e-governance was a reality much before the rest of the country caught up.

It left a lasting impression on me.

A myth was being built slowly, and we bought it hook line and sinker – the myth was Narendra Modi.

He was our alternative, our hope, while the villain was the Congress. Just try and recall those days.

Narendra Modi came into prominence with the promise of a Congress Mukt Bharat.

That’s what the people wanted. The acche din concept was an extension of our beliefs – where we thought we were finally in control of our own destiny.

Fast forward to 2014, and we elected Modi as our PM with a record number of seats.

It’s a gift that the people of India gave him, as a true representative of their voices and hopes for a better future.

But he turned out to be an imposter.

The Aftermath:

Here’s what happened once Modi came to power.

While we were united in our fight to oust the UPA government, what followed was disastrous – we started fighting each other.

Our most potent tool, Social Media, turned against us.

In the pre Modi era, when citizens questioned the government, they demanded answers and the government was at least being led to the path of accountability; there was some fear. They eventually lost power. Such was our power.

That power started slipping from right under our feet. Social media became a weaponized industry with trolls on duty 24/7. The waters of social media started getting polluted beyond repair.

This honour goes to Modi and the fake news factory that doesn’t let us point a finger at him. I am not even talking about the anti-national tags yet. I am just speaking about our ability to question the government without fear of being attacked or counter-questioned by a Modi supporter. It’s like some zombie apocalypse is upon us.

If the CWG 2010 booing incident were to repeat today with BJP in power, instead of one, you would find a few uncles in every row ready to start a fist fight with you.

We thought we won the war, but the fight is still on.
And we’re now fighting each other.

The ones who fight those that question the government remind me of Hiroo Onada, a Japanese soldier from World War 2.

He was fighting in the jungles of Philippines. The war got over in 1945, but isolated from the rest of the world, deep inside the jungle, Onada believed that the war was still on. He went on fighting a non-existent enemy till 1974. Yes, a full 29 years after the end of the war.

Most of those who fight online today don’t realize that the one we have to question is the government in power, not the party that we already defeated.

Cross your heart and tell me how often you’ve seen folks say “What about Rahul Gandhi / Congress?” when you are critical of Modi / BJP. These folks are the alter egos of Hiroo Onada.

There are two variations of Hiroo Onada out there.

Those that were there from the start of the war, and those that came in later, thanks to the widespread usage of WhatsApp and YouTube amongst millions of folks who came online later (thanks to Jio) with their smartphones.

The ones that were fighting continued to fight, while some of the newcomers looked at the ongoing fight and started siding with them. They turned into clueless warriors fighting a ghost from the past.

Themes of nationalism, religion, past glory of India, foreign invaders, outsiders, Pakistan, 60 years of misrule by Congress are just a few chapters in their narrative dictionary, to divert attention from the real issues of the times.

Most of them are also popularly known as Bhakts.

You’ll find many among your own family, friends, colleagues, both online and offline. There’s no escaping them. They are unknowingly doing a lot of damage to our own wellbeing.

Zero Accountability:

A natural outcome of this infighting is the zero accountability of the government. It first started coming to light during the student protests at the Pune FTII to oust Gajendra Chauhan, a BJP candidate.

Despite months and months of protests, the government was adamant to sack him. The voices were muffled. The direction of the wind was clear. BJP would never bow down to public demands.

Our PM was silent. He had no say in this matter. It was as if he was operating on a different plane. He continued doing the same, on matters that we had a beef about.

PM’s silence could only mean one thing – he is providing his tacit support to the guilty. Or maybe he doesn’t even consider them guilty. Or maybe he’s so busy that these are all just trivial matters in his eyes.

Most often we see that there’s some movement only after the Supreme Court gives a rap on the knuckles.

The FTII instance is a very minor matter, but whenever it concerned bigger issues, he always had/has an easy escape card.

It’s the Congress’ fault:

There’s a train crash. People die. It’s the Congress that’s at fault.
Kids die at a hospital due to negligence. It’s the Congress that is to be blamed.
40 soldiers die in a bomb blast – who are we outraging against - Kapil Sharma and Navjot Singh Siddhu. No one questioned the government on their intelligence failure.

No taking responsibility. No resignations. It’s the fault of the Congress, or Pakistan. It’s as if we didn’t vote the UPA out of power in 2014.

He’s gone all the way up to Nehru to cover his shortcomings. It’s an outright insult of the people’s mandate when past governments are blamed for the current's shortcomings.

It is like Virat Kohli blaming an IPL 2019 match loss on Sunil Gavaskar for getting out for a duck in a test match in 1987.

I mention IPL because the rules of the game are different from the test matches of the past. We cannot judge past governments by today's yardsticks. With social media, availability of digital tech, etc. politics and governance aren’t the same anymore.

Why should anyone care about what Congress did back then. The rules were different. The pitch was different. They made mistakes. They lost. Maybe they learnt their lessons and will not repeat them. Who knows?

By falling prey to this whataboutery, as individuals we lost not just our ability to question the current government but also something else.

We lost Arnab Goswami:

Ok…don’t laugh.

This might sound funny. But he was our mouthpiece. He was our voice. He fought for us so aggressively by outshouting the villains of the day. Given a choice we would have made him the PM; such was his impact.

And now…Arnab is a puppet of the BJP.

On any given day you can watch his TV channel, and marvel at the ingenious ways in which he manages to blame someone else for the shortcomings of the BJP. It’s an extraordinary tragi-comedy that plays out there.

While the likes of him have openly become the lapdogs of the government, those that are critical of the government have been termed as presstitutes or Lutyen’s gang (as if that’s a cuss word), and the latest I hear is the Khan Market gang.

Add to that the other tags like intolerance gang, award-wapsi gang, tukde-tukde gang, etc. and the circle is complete, or should I say, the crisis is complete.

You are branded an anti-national if you ever plan to protest at India Gate again!

We lost that space. Ask the award-wapsi and intolerance gangs and they’ll tell you what happened to them.

The critical fighting arm of our democracy, the mainstream media, is today as divided as the citizens of this country. Everyone is running their own agendas, and mostly toeing the government line. It’s a business for them at the end of the day.

While most media sleeps, it’s led Modi to unabashedly continue building on his narrative of “nothing happened in India so far, and I am fixing it for you”.

The ME, ME…ME and ME syndrome.

When things go wrong, it’s easy to blame someone, but when things go right, what does he do: It’s all because of me he says!

ISRO launches something, Modi lands there as if he’s the one who started their whole program.

Army conducts an airstrike; he’s the one who gave them strategic advise on how to use clouds as a cover to escape radar detection (the latest joke in town, but unlimited fodder for WhatsApp University).

He goes abroad, and speaks as if the digital revolution happened because of him. It’s as if the IT hubs of Bangalore, NCR, Hyderabad, etc. just came into existence once he blessed us.

It’s like nothing ever happened in India before he arrived.

It’s this megalomania that led to the catastrophic demonetization. Where he imagined himself to be a saviour putting our miserable lives in order.

We elected him to clean up corruption in the political system, where our tax money was going down the drain - but he instead pointed fingers at us, blamed us for holding black money. We became the villains.

He messed up big time, but you know the drill right? The Hiroo Onadas were out in full force defending their master.

This me, me and me nature also meant no one else should get any credit for the good work done by others.

Chief Ministers of states have called him a psychopath and a dictator for his petty ways of functioning. Sample: You inaugurate a new line for Delhi metro and don’t bother to invite the Delhi CM to the opening ceremony.

Never before have we seen this kind of megalomania and disconnect between the centre and the states. And the language they use to describe each other, it’s unthinkable in a civilized society. Modi is singularly responsible for not just unleashing this monstrous filth in India, but for normalizing it too.

You might love him for whatever reasons you have, but I don’t trust him anymore.

Modi is an IMPOSTER who hijacked our hopes, angst and dreams.

Whoever comes to power tomorrow, be it the BJP, the Congress or anyone else, always remember, no party or individual is bigger than the individual citizen of this country.

Don’t fall for imposters who claim to be chowkidars while silently setting the house on fire.

Make your voice count, not just at the voting booth, but by being vigilant citizens that don’t fall into the trap of blind hero worship or nationalism. Make sure your government is accountable to deliver on its promises.

Let’s come out of that jungle and fight the real fight, for our future.

May 15, 2019 at 3:39am
May 15, 2019 at 3:39am
The year was 1990. I was returning from Delhi by flight with a monk of the RamaKrishna Mission. A journalist from Chile was there with us . He started
interviewing the monk, as had been decided earlier.

Journalist - Dear Sir , in your last lecture, you told about Jogajog ( contact ) & Sanjog (connection ). It's really confusing. Can you explain it to me ?

The Monk smiled a little but apparently deviating from the question, he asked the journalist:Are you from Chile ?
Journalist( J ) - Yeh...
Monk ( M ) - Who are there at home ?
The Journalist felt that the Monk was trying to avoid answering his question since this was a very personal and unwarranted question. Yet the journalist said: "Mother has expired. Father is there. Three brothers and one sister. All are married..."
The Monk, a smile on his face, asked next: - "Do you talk to your father?"
Now the journalist looked visibly annoyed...
The Monk - "When did you talk to him last?" The
journalist supressing his annoyance said: "May be a month back."
The Monk: "Do you brothers and sisters meet often ? When did you last meet as a family together?"

At this point, I saw sweat on the journalist's fore head. I wondered who was taking whose interview. It seemed that the Monk was taking the interview of the journalist.

With a sigh , the journalist said: "We met last at Christmas two years ago."
The Monk: " How many days did you all stay together ?"

The journalist ( wiping the sweat on his brow) : "Three days..."
Monk: "How much time did you spend with your Father, sitting right beside him ?"
I saw the journalist looking perplexed and embarassed and scribbling something on a paper...
The Monk: "Did you have breakfast or lunch or dinner together ? Did you ask how he was? Did you ask how his days are passing after your mother's death ?"

I saw the journalist's eyes sadden.

The Monk placed his hand on the journalist's hand and said: "don't be embrassed or upset or sad. I am sorry if I have hurt you unknowingly...
But this is basically the answer to your question about "contact and connection ( jogajog and Sanjog)". You have 'contact' with your father but you don't have 'connection' with him. You are not connected to him. Connection is between heart and heart... sitting together , sharing meals , caring for & hugging each other. Touch , shaking hands, having eye contact, spending some time together...You brothers and sisters have 'contact' with each but you have no 'connection' with each other...."

The journalist wiped his eyes and said : "Thanks for teaching me a fine and unforgettable lesson"

This is the reality today.
Whether at home, in society and elsewhere everybody has lots and lots of contacts but there is no connection. No communication... . Everybody is in a his or her own world.

Let's not be well "contacted" - let's be well "connected" , with each other ...... caring , sharing , touching , hugging , spending time together with all our near and dear ones, and other co-passengers in our life travels.

God bless us all!
May 14, 2019 at 8:53am
May 14, 2019 at 8:53am
Recently I was in Moscow, Russia.

The day I went to the park was Sunday. It was drizzling and cold, though it was summer. I was standing under an umbrella and enjoying the beauty. Suddenly, my eyes fell on a young couple. It was apparent that they had just got married. The girl was in her mid-twenties, slim and blond hair and blue eyes. She was very beautiful. The boy was almost the same age and very handsome. He was in a military uniform. The bride was wearing a white satin dress, decorated with pearls and pretty laces. Two young bridesmaids were standing behind her holding up the hem of the gown, not to get dirtied. One young boy was holding an umbrella over their heads so that they should not get drenched.
The girl was holding a bouquet and the two were standing with their arms linked. It was a beautiful sight. I wondered why they had come to the park in this rain soon after getting married. They could have surely gone to a merrier place.
I watched as they walked together to the dias near the memorial, placed the bouquet, bowed their heads in silence, and slowly walked back.
By now I was curious to know what was going on. There was an old man standing with them. He looked at me, my sari, and asked, ‘Are you Indian?’
I replied, ‘Yes, I am an Indian.’
We began chatting amicably. I decided to use the opportunity to ask some questions.
- ‘ How do you come to know English?’
- ‘ Oh, I worked abroad.'
- ‘ Please tell me why that young couple visited the war memorial on their wedding day?’
- ‘ Oh, that is the custom in Russia. The wedding takes place normally on a Saturday or a Sunday.
'Irrespective of the season, after signing the register at the marriage office, married couples must visit the important national monuments nearby.
'Every boy in this country has to serve in the military for a couple of years at least. Regardless of his position, he must wear his service uniform for the wedding.’
- ‘Why is that?’
- 'This is a mark of gratitude. Our forefathers have given their lives in various wars Russia has fought. Some of them we won, and some we lost, but their sacrifice was always for the country. The newly married couple needs to remember they are living in a peaceful, independent Russia because of their ancestors’ sacrifices. They must ask for their blessings.
'Love for the country is more important than wedding celebrations. We elders insist on continuing with this tradition whether it be in Moscow, St.Petersburg or any other part of Russia. On the wedding day they have to visit the nearest war memorial.’
This set me wondering about what we teach our children.
Do we Indians have the courtesy to remember our martyrs on the most important day of our lives?
We are busy shopping for saris, buying jewellery and preparing elaborate menus and partying in discos.
My eyes filled with tears at the thought and I wished we could learn a lesson from the Russians.
May 13, 2019 at 5:27am
May 13, 2019 at 5:27am
Hot coconut water can save you a lifetime

Look at it again, then tell others,
Spread love out!

Hot coconut ~ only kill cancer cells!

Cut 2 to 3 thin coconut flakes in a cup, add hot water, it will become "alkaline water", drink every day, it is good for anyone.

Hot Coconut water releases an anti-cancer substance, which is the latest advance in the effective treatment of cancer in the medical field.

Hot coconut juice has an effect on cysts and tumors. Proven to remedy all types of cancer.

This type of treatment with coconut extract only destroys malignant cells, it does not affect healthy cells.

In addition, the amino acid and coconut polyphenol in coconut juice can regulate high blood pressure, effectively prevent deep vein thrombosis, adjust blood circulation and reduce blood clots.

After reading, tell others, family, friends, spread love! Take care of your own health. 🙏🏻💖
May 12, 2019 at 4:46am
May 12, 2019 at 4:46am
My First

1) *My first restaurant* => * my mother's breast *
2) *My first toilet* => * my mother's laps *
3) *My first school* => * Mom's kitchen *
4) *My first teacher* => * my mother *
5) *My first doctor* => * it's my mom *
6) *My first thermometer* => * my mother's fingers *
7) *My first friend* => * it's my mom *
8) *My first dresser* => * it's my mom *
9) *My first vehicle* => * my mom's back *
10) My first lawyer => * it's my mom. *

Thank you mom for all you did for giving me life

* Long live to all mothers*

*_A mother can easily maintain 6 children, but it would be difficult for 6 children to maintain a mother?

*To all the moms of the world*
May 11, 2019 at 6:26am
May 11, 2019 at 6:26am
The Brahmavidya practitioners’ qualities...are like this below.

Brahmin- the one with Brahma knowledge.
Who is with Brahmavidya oriented practicable knowledge, is called Brahmin.
Such a Brahmin will be taking insults and humiliations regarding Brahmavidya Sadhan, as Param Amrit. As these will be reducing growing up ego in him...!!!
And he will take praises and humiliations as Kaalkoot Vish or deadly poison.
Because praises will make a person egoistic.

Why it is like this? Is the question of the neo-seeker or modern day truth seekers and modern day Bhagawan seekers.

Because ..praises are giving happiness to mind. Why should we deny this happiness? Is the question of the seekers.

Yes true, praises are giving happiness, but praises are raising Ego of the human beings. Egoistic humans are not good humans. We all know that.
So which is raising the wrong happiness in humans is wrong for humans.

So Brahmavidya oriented Brahmin is against this wrong happiness or unhappiness bringing badkarma oriented bad-happiness in him.!!!

for those who are practicing Brahmavidya, for them Humiliations and insults will be sizing up the humans. And they will become humble in their Sadhan.
As always humble people will be learning more...
This is of course inside learning. ..
This is Not the external technology skills oriented western education....!!! As this technical is not at all education only.
It is just a “bread earning skills” teaching procedure....!!!!

But remember this rule is not for the nowadays people who ever are not practicing Brahmavidya.

Even for learning externally also... if a person is egotistical he will never be into learning mode.
He will stop bending and asking questions.!!!
So no learning only.

That’s why these days people are not having any proper knowledge, regarding “human insides” neither about themselves, nor about their surrounding people’s insides,
that is why sooo many psychological problems in humans.
All this is because of this lack of “inside human” knowledge oriented education...!!!!

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