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I have tried to summarize my observation with vivid and simple manner.
I am writing on a subject I have deep interest, and a inner clarification to express and bring them out as per best of my abilities. Moving forward, as and when the thoughts and its logical conclusion come I try to express it. The views written are my own and any shortcoming to be noted. This failing will be due to my grasp of this vast topic in a rather narrow manner.

I have wondered and kept a keen eye about latest developments in the field of science, economics, politics, and personal orientation. In all these diverse field I wondered about a possibility of divine arrangement (this can be in the form of infinite permutation and combination).
I was hooked on to the evolution theory, and believed that the nature has evolved in a manner to prolong its natural state of equilibrium (by equilibrium I meant longevity).
This is a state wherein in earth we reproduce and leave the best of traits that can survive acid tests of the environment.
Environment can be defined as a random state of nature. Life with its natural way of prolonging or surviving is successful in prolonging its traits in the surrounding, in a successful manner. This power of life to receive a stable body for a day or for a millennium depends upon, its ability and this ability increases with greater repetition and progression.
To clarify this point I take an example when we learn to walk we fall, and more we make effort the more successful we become in maintaining our weights, on our legs similarly, as life evolves the ability to prolong longevity increases with greater exposure.I have spent a considerable time in observing a ant and has marveled the perfection that has been demonstrated in all activity. This perfection is ingrained in our nature and can be exhibited in nature, in all practical matters. I have observed a naughty cow answering to the soft and tenderness of caressing the tender skin below the head. We are born to achieve the same, and hence shouldn't waste our precious time in discussing irrelevant matters and strive in direction of realizing our true nature. This journey though we don't have to take, as perfection is inbuilt we need to understand, and accordingly accept the. This we can do when we start seeing divinity in all activity, and accordingly realize the potency and perfection of all acceptance. This means we have to accept all circumstances in equanimity, and not get affected. Like the clouds can temporarily hide the sun, similarly all joys and sorrows are just the temporary phase of life, we need to nourish and increase our power to accept the good and the bad as divine display by nature, that includes our body, and practice the habit of all acceptance with earnest and focused manner. We will automatically experience and nourish the radiance of love.
In the last billion years scientists have uncovered the inherent persistence of life in evolving and surviving in different kinds and types of natural conditions some are harsh and some are favorable yet we find the process of evolution being perfect, this perfection come with maintaining the fine-tuning with nature.The example I can think is to copulate in a favorable condition and surviving the harsh conditions of nature and weather.
All this I have gathered with some reading, and some logical sequence of events that did make me wonder about the basic glue missing in the theory of evolution.
To further clarify this point, the survival and creation of beauty and perfection can be attributed to some unseen and yet subtle force, and the potency of this subtle force is evident and can be elaborated with perfect observation and grasp.
I have experienced the strength of love and this love supported with positive intent and innocent focus indeed creates miracle.
Love as in basic terms can be the attraction we have to the lowest level to the highest level for example I can love a scenery that is momentary, and I love my family.
How love remained in background and did played a very important role in evolution can be, like comparing time playing a salient role with space and object.
This is just an introduction and I will do follow up on love and its relation with nature, individual, events and finally with perfection that we call God or Lord.
I will express my views about the different stages we move forward in this world.How our evolution as human being and progress of the mankind with relation to love, and its basic role. A relation, faith and understanding with love of the highest order, can give us a long lasting peace. This will act as a great anchor, when we face difficult moments in our life.
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July 23, 2017 at 1:00am
July 23, 2017 at 1:00am
Super insults πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„πŸ˜œπŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Smart answer by a female...
On a flight, a guy asked a beautiful lady sitting next to him...
'Nice perfume.....which one is it?...
I want to gift it to my wife..!!'
'Don't give her....some idiot will find an excuse to talk to her..!!'
A letter from a teacher to a parent:
Dear Parent,
Kumar doesn't smell nice in class. Please try to bath him.
Parent's answer:
Dear Teacher, Kumar is not a rose, Dont smell him,Teach him......
Mother to Son:
Who is Tippu Sultan ?
Son : Don't know 😏
Mother : Sometime give attention to study also πŸ‘€
Son to Mother : Do you know Chinky Aunty ?
Mother : Don't know
Son: Sometimes give attention to Dad also
A cute excuse:
Teacher-Y r u late?
Student-Mom & dad were fighting.
Teacher-so what makes U late if dey were fighting?
Student-one shoe was in mom's hand and one in dad's..
Wife : I hate that beggar.
Husband : Why ?
Wife : Rascal, yesterday
I gave him food today he gave me a book
How to Cook !!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜œπŸ˜
Husband came home drunk. To avoid wife's scolding, he took a laptop & started working.
Wife: did u drink
Husband : no
Wife: Idiot then y u r typing on suitcase...
July 22, 2017 at 12:18am
July 22, 2017 at 12:18am
Did you know that at Harvard, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, the most popular and successful course teaches you how to learn to be happier?__ The Positive Psychology class taught by Ben Shahar attracts 1400 students per semester and 20% of Harvard graduates take this elective course. According to Ben Shahar, the class - which focuses on happiness, self-esteem and motivation - gives students the tools to succeed and face life with more joy._This 35-year-old teacher, considered by some to be "the happiness guru", highlights in his class 14 key tips for improving the quality of our personal status and contributing to a positive life:
🚩Tip 1. * Thank God for everything you have: * Write down 10 things you have in your life that give you happiness. Focus on the good things!
🚩Tip 2. * Practice physical activity * Experts say exercising helps improve mood. 30 minutes of exercise is the best antidote against sadness and stress.
🚩Tip 3. * Breakfast: * Some people miss breakfast for lack of time or not to get fat. Studies show that breakfast gives you energy, helps you think and perform your activities successfully.
🚩Tip 4. * Assertive *: Ask what you want and say what you think. Being assertive helps improve your self-esteem. Being left and remaining silent creates sadness and hopelessness.
🚩Tip 5. * Spend your money on experiences..a study found that 75% of people felt happier when they invested their money in travel, courses and classes; While only the rest said they felt happier when buying things.
🚩Tip 6. * Face your challenges *: Studies show that the more you postpone something, the more anxiety and tension you generate. Write short weekly lists of tasks and complete them.
🚩Tip 7. * Put everywhere nice memories, phrases and photos of your loved ones *: Fill your fridge, your computer, your desk, your room, YOUR LIFE of beautiful memories.
🚩Tip 8. * Always greet and be nice to other people *: More than 100 inquiries state that just smiling changes the mood.
🚩Tip 9. * Wear comfortable shoes *: If your feet hurt you, you become moody, says Dr. Keinth Wapner, President of the American Orthopedics Association.
🚩Tip 10. * Take care of your posture *: Walk straight with your shoulders slightly backwards and the front view helps to maintain a good mood.
🚩Tip 11. * Listen to music * (Praise God): It is proven that listening to music awakens you to sing, this will make your life happy.
🚩Tip 12. * What you eat has an impact on your mood *:- Do not skip meals, eat lightly every 3 to 4 hours and keep glucose levels stable.- Avoid excess white flour and sugar.- Eat everything! Healthy- Vary your food.
🚩Tip 13. * Take care of yourself and feel attractive *:70% of people say they feel happier when they think they look good.
🚩Tip 14. * Fervently believe in God *: With him nothing is impossible! Happiness is like a remote control, we lose it every time, we go crazy looking for it and many times without knowing it, we are sitting on top of it ..
July 21, 2017 at 12:38am
July 21, 2017 at 12:38am
Salient Thought for the Day.
Be not disheartened. Never lose courage.
Lines to memorize.
This, my little vessel, is tossed and tossed by the angry waves of life.
If Thou dost not hold the rudder and guide its course.
It will break and sink.
At Thy Will, tempest will cease ;
At Thy command, the sun will light the dark ;
In Thy Presence, my fear-stricken heart will embrace peace.
Fear and depression have no place in the realm of Spirit. We all have to pass through the slough of despondency sometime or other. You must not let your spirit go down under any circumstances. Do your duty bravely and faithfully. Never feel that your life is a failure. Try not to brood over such ideas.
Help me, O Lord, to make my heart pulsate in harmony with Thy holy Being.
Thou art my one sure Refuge.
Thou art my one safe Protection.
May I never yield to heaviness or anxiety,
But may I rest all my life in Thee and be at peace.
July 20, 2017 at 12:45am
July 20, 2017 at 12:45am

The human mind can be organized in such a way that our whole system can become receptive to a certain energy, which ancient Hindus knew of.
The majestic Temples of India were not just architectural phenomenons built off of hobby. A full commitment of meticulous work that took generations to come into fruition.
A seemingly impossible feat that was made possible.

Why such dedication and unwavering focus...??
Because such sacred spaces were not built for just prayer,but to erase the perceived lines separating Divine and man, by the absorption of energy as a rejuvenator.

So that devotee can walk the spiritual path with balance,fulfilling their purpose of birth to know God.Never built with intentions of prompting a religion of specifics, or even to please the Gods, but built with purpose of benefiting humanity as a tool to be used to raise human consciousness and constructed by adhering to the Vedic message of leading life in balance with nature and universe.

Although a simple sit of stillness is suffice.
A visit to the Temple should be approached with a understanding of the science involved not just ritualistic .
Today's scientific analysis has proven that the chosen structure and location of temples where deliberately put where positive energy was abundant.Strategically located in spaces with peak energy points,decide by the electrical and magnetic wave conveyances of the north and south pole thrust.Both interior and exterior would have to be in complete balance for such occurrence of intense energy.

The temple architecture itself was to resemble a human body.A natural positioning of the body in padmasana is effectively a temple itself.
The structure of temple domes is also of purpose.while inside any mantras or prayers said have nowhere to go,but are simple echoed back creating a circle, raining back down on to devotee.In most temples Murti is placed in core of temple known as Moolasthanam or Gharbhagriha.

A space of high positive magnetic waves.A copper plate placed underneath Murti is believed to absorb earths magnetic waves.Vibratory fields from such energy would resonate in all surroundings making ones body conducive to the energy.
Temple is then built around Murti.

Temple floors were constructed in such a way that when removing shoes devotee could absorb vibrations allowing it to pass through feet to the body.
A temple bell is quite interesting also.Made up of specific proportions of metals,each one is mixed and made to produce a specific vibration.Activating HEARING.

Upon entering temple bell is rung..a seven second echo resonates with all seven healing chakras in the body.
Creating a balance of left and right brain.

The inner core of a temple is usually dark where idol is placed.
By lighting Camphor the illuminating glow seen in the dark activates SIGHT.Offering of flowers,camphor and incense creates a strong perfume activating SMELL...calming the ripples of ones mind.

According to Ayurvedic medicine the sipping of Thulasi water from a copper vessel balances the three Doshas in body activating TASTE.Performing the ritual Pradakshina after five senses are activated,all positive energies are absorbed because devotee has made mind,body and soul receptive using Temple as a tool.

The application of Tilak given to devotee by temple priest upon Ajna consecrates the body as a temple.

Like a fish taken out of water will remain forever parched and cannot be at ease by any arrangements made on dry land.
Humans conceiving any plans by the illusions of the mind, can never truly have their thirst quenched.

There will always be a whisper of the soul.
Like the shaking of dust from a rug we must detach from the limits of our physical bodies.

Taking the inward journey, by using certain tools to there fullest capacity.In this way the ultimate Truth can be revealed to devotee bringing all into remembrance.
July 19, 2017 at 1:17am
July 19, 2017 at 1:17am
*Why I Pray daily ?*

I loved this interpretation of Prayer.*

What is a prayer?
Prayer doesn't just happen when we kneel or put our hands together and focus and expect things from God.
*Thinking positive and wishing good for others is a prayer.*
When you hug a friend.
*That's a prayer.*
When you cook something to nourish family and friends.
*That's a prayer.*
When we send off our near and dear ones and say, 'drive safely' or 'be safe'.
*That's a prayer.*
When you are helping someone in need by giving your time and energy.
*You are praying.*
When you forgive someone by your heart.
*That is prayer.*
*Prayer is a vibration. A feeling. A thought. Prayer is the voice of love, friendship, genuine relationships. Prayer is an expression of your silent being.*

Keep praying always..
July 18, 2017 at 12:22am
July 18, 2017 at 12:22am
5 Quick Visualizations in 5 secs
1… As soon as you put your feet on ground upon waking up say thank you to mother earth and feel her energies coming up your being and filling you. Visualize your roots spreading deep and getting stronger.
2… While taking bath in the end visualize golden shimmering water pouring upon you. Visualize universe is pouring its abundance and prosperity on you. Feel it, be happy and smile and say thank you.
3… Bless your tea\coffee and visualize with every sip your brain is getting powerful and your body receiving energies. Visualize new ideas and concepts coming to you easily.
4… Every time you use a key while opening a door. Visualize you are opening doors of opportunities and abundance.
5… Smudge your home and office with sage or incense stick and visualize all negativity going out and then the whole place is being filled with positive, loving energies.
July 17, 2017 at 12:56am
July 17, 2017 at 12:56am
This affair is neither difficult nor easy. Only if you have already planted deep the seeds of transcendent wisdom, and served men of knowledge through vast eons without beginning, and developed correct knowledge and correct views, does it strike you continuously in your present conduct as you meet situations and encounter circumstances in the midst of radiant spiritual consciousness, like recognizing your own parents in a crowd of people.

At such a time, you don’t have to ask anyone else: naturally the seeking mind does not scatter and run off. Yun Men said,

β€œWhen you can’t speak, it’s there; when you don’t speak, it’s not there. When you can’t discuss it, it’s there; when you don’t discuss it, it’s not there.” He also commented saying, β€œYou tell me, what is it when you’re not discussing it?” Fearing people wouldn’t understand, he also said, β€œWhat else is it?”
July 16, 2017 at 12:28am
July 16, 2017 at 12:28am
Shrodha was a rich king. He had all pleasures of life. He had also a great competitive nature. He can not see anybody richer than him. Now He got bored enjoying riches since ages, life became joyless. He met many yogis, sadhus, no one appealed him.
Once Buddha came to his village with his devotees. Shrodha visited him. Something happened to him deep in the inner level seeing Buddha's aura of love and compassion. He got attracted so much towards him that he couldn't hold himself and fell on Budha's feet. With tears falling from his eyes he pleaded Buddha to take him under his fold and initiate him.
Buddha knew his past tendencies, and what was going to happen to him. Still Buddha initiated him. What feared Buddha exactly happened, he was too anxious, too excited, too much ambitious, had his extremes.
Shrodha saw many monks old and young, mature and new practitioners. Some monks were close to Buddha and were very advanced, some monks were very dear to Buddha due to their selfless constant seva, and child like behaviour. Now Shrodha wanted to be above them all to come in Buddha's close group. He ate once every second day, while other eat little daily. Others wore few clothes while Shrodha wore one small piece around his waist, meditated 10 hrs a day, while others few hours. This way Shrodha surpassed others in renunciation.
Monks got impressed especially new ones. They started getting attracted towards him. Ego heightened, competition came here as well, a new samsara took birth in Buddha's peaceful sangha. Buddha knew beforehand very well, this going to happen.
One day Buddha called him and asked about his great talent in a musical instrument Veena (a kind of Indian instrument)in which he used to be very good. Shrodha answered in dismay that he suppressed it for dharma. Buddha encouraged him to start his music, and concentrate to sharpen his natural talent, suppression is not right .
Happily Shrodha encouraged by Buddha, got involved in his music too, thinking to be far superior than all and also more loved by Buddha as well. Now day and night, had became same for him, no time to rest.. but doing Sangha service, meditation, and practicing music. Months past. Day by day, he became more weak and emaciated Seeing his condition Buddha came to him, asked him about the reason of his condition. Shrodha cried and asked Buddha that he no more wished to live in Sangha, as after doing double than the other bhikshu's tapas, following his instructions of dharma for years, still couldn't reach quarter of that Anandam where Buddha was established.
Buddha smiled and said, "Ananda is where samsara is not. For samasari, sangha is another samsara, so doesn't matter whether he is monk or not.
Ananda is neither at extremes, nor lowers, but in middle. (As long as pendulum is moving left to right and right to left, in its each move of left or right its tendency or attraction to move its opposite - right or left bound to exist)."
July 15, 2017 at 12:04am
July 15, 2017 at 12:04am
A cruel hunter marauded the jungles of Bengal, India, ruthlessly killing birds just for the fun of killing. Since there were no hunting restrictions in those days as to how many birds one might kill, this hunter, Mr. Nishada, littered the forest with dying and dead birds.

Due to his unscrupulous wholesale murder of the birds, those that were left, having eluded the gorgon gaze of his evil-eyed guns, became so intuitively wise that they flew away at even the faintest noisy approach of the stealthy hunter seeking to kill them. The hunter became beside himself with wrath. When he found that he had so scared the birds that he could not even approach them, he began shooting at random through the thick foliage of the dark jungle.

At last, with his wrath spent, and completely dejected, and after the loss of many cartridges,he walked for a long time and finally emerged from the jungle. He was stupefied at the spectacle which greeted his vision, which stirred fresh hope in his breast. To his amazement he saw an orange-robed Saint standing knee-deep in the nearby lake on the outskirts of the jungle, with all kinds of game birds trustingly perching on his head, shoulders, and hands, and peacefully floating in a circle around him.

A sudden idea flashed across the mind of the hunter: β€œIf I put on an orange robe every day and pose as a harmless Saint, then I can create enough trust in the birds so that they will perch on me and swarm all around me. And then, at my convenience, I can club to death quite a few. In that way I can get even with the birds for flying away at sight of me.”

The hunter watched motionless from behind a tree to see how the Saint, like St. Francis of Assisi of yore, fed and sang a sermon to the birds, and then, after finishing his bath in the lake, with difficulty he got away from the birds, who kept flying after him as he retired.

The next day the hunter concealed several clubs, knives, and daggers on his body, and dressing in an orange robe, as is customary among the Saints of India, he calmly walked into the selfsame lake. To his great glee, scarcely believing his eyes, the very same game birds who used to fly away at sight of him, now trustingly, like little children, perched all over his body and swarmed around him.

He was happy beyond dreams, but as often as he made up his mind to suddenly pounce upon the birds and choke them to death, he found his hands frozen upon him. He could not do it. He did not have the heart to betray the innocent eyes of the birds who so trustingly found shelter with him.

Then he began to sermonize within himself: β€œI have been a hateful hunter, whose very sight is shunned by the birds, but behold, the magic of even an outward orange robe of a Saint, though it covers a wolf in sheep’s clothing, still has led the birds to trust even my very hateful self.” β€œI wonder,” the hunter thought, β€œif simply the outward garb of a Saint can create so much trust and confidence in even dumb animals, how much wholesome influence and trust a real Saint, plus the orange robe, could exert and create in all people.” Thinking this, the hunter, threw his clubs, knives, and guns into the water, and walked away, determined to become a real, full-fledged Saint, amidst the clamor of the trusting birds, who followed him as long as they could, and finally reluctantly parted from him.

This hunter-Saint was known to wade daily into the lake and feed the birds and sing to them, and he made so many bird friends that all the watery seats of the lake used to be occupied by all kinds of feathery folks for an audience.

After delivering his sermons of peace, he was happy to see the difference between the life of a hunter and that of a Saint. As a hunter, he repulsed all the peace-loving birds, but as a Saint he gathered together all the love of the birds. After making friends with the birds, he became a great teacher, who attracted all kinds of human friends, whom he served with the song of Truth from the core of his heart.

Now we find that the hunter, even by imitating the garb of goodness, ultimately became good. Do not forget that even though you cannot overcome your inner weakness all at once, it is all right for you to wear the garb of goodness if you really are sincerely trying to be good. It is better even to imitate goodness than to imitate wickedness. One who imitates good actions, even outwardly, gets a chance to smell the alluring fragrance of goodness, whereas, one who even hypocritically imitates evil, contacts the odor of the polecat of evil.

Of course, to deliberately use goodness to deceive people is the greatest blasphemy against God and yourself, but do not care if people call you a hypocrite on account of a few of your discovered failings if you are sincerely trying to be really good.

We should not expect too much goodness from anyone who is trying to be good, nor should we expect nothing but goodness from one who has done his best to be good. Even if one falls down from the grace of goodness, he is safe if he tries his utmost to become good again. Such people are far better than those who use goodness outwardly to deceive people. Why should those who are trying to be good, once they are discovered doing wrong, be labeled as hypocrites?

β€œJudge not, that ye be not judged”, because, to label anybody as bad or as a hypocrite, when he is really trying to be good, in spite of his failings, is the greatest blasphemy against God and all His children. Naughty or good – all are equally loved by God. God not only rejoices when His good children come back to His home of wisdom, but it gladdens Him most when He finds His naughty, prodigal children returning home from their truant wanderings.
July 14, 2017 at 12:08am
July 14, 2017 at 12:08am
Story from Mahabharata

The king Shibi, a descendant of king Bharata of lunar dynasty, was famous for his truthfulness, justice, and keeping his word. The king of righteousness, Dharmaraj, himself decided to test the strength of character of Shibi Rana.

Once when the king was alone on the terrace of his palace, he saw one dove coming towards him with great speed. An eagle was after him, and to escape from the clutches of the chasing eagle the dove made frantic effort to hide some where. Seeing the king on the terrace, the frightened dove took shelter in his lap. The dove said, "O king, save my life, I have come under your shelter."

The king had vowed to protect anyone who took his shelter. Thus the weak and deprived could not be exploited by the rich and strong. However, this was a new experience for Shibi Rana. Was he in any way obliged to protect a bird who seeks his refuge? Contemplating for a while, the king decided that even tress, animals, and birds require protection and help as do human beings.

Therefore, the king said, "Have no fear my son. That eagle would not be able to touch even your feather. Relax in peace, have no worries." So saying the king readied himself to face the rapidly approaching eagle. The eagle landed in front of the king and said, "O king, you have hidden my prey. Please release him so that I can appease my hunger."

The righteous king saw the point in eagle's demand. He faced a peculiar dilemma of protecting the dove, and at the same time not to deprive the eagle of his rightful prey! He decided to resolve the issue by offering the eagle equal amount of meat from his kitchen. But the eagle insisted on having his prey -the dove - as his food. After some discussion the eagle agreed to set the dove free on two conditions.

The eagle said, "O King, I shall let the dove go, if equal weight of flesh from your body is offered to me as food."

Shibi Rana was quite pleased with the adjustment. He thought that a pound (or two) of flesh from his body would not kill him and the life of the dove in his shelter would also be saved.
Thus he was happy that he was saved from a great sin of 'inability to protect the weak'.

The eagle then put his second condition, saying, "O king, if a single tear drops from your eye I shall be constrained to accept you flesh as my food."

The king agreed and called for the knives and the balance. In one pan of the balance the dove was kept and on the other side a large chunk of flesh from the right thigh of Shibi Rana. But strange as it might seem, the pan with the dove always weighed more even as additional flesh was added! Thus almost whole of the right half of the king's body was cut. Still the weight could not be equaled.

At this juncture a drop of tear appeared in the left eye of the king. The eagle objected to this saying, "O king, I cannot accept the food given in distress. The tear in your eye shows that you are unhappy. So give me my prey back and you shall regain your normal health."

With a faint smile on his lips, Shibi Rana said, "Behold, O eagle, the left eye is not crying out of grief; this is a tear of joy. Now my left half of the body will also be used to honour the word I have given to you. Otherwise, if only right had satisfied you, the left half of the body would have been denied this great opportunity of sacrifice! Therefore, my dear friend, the left eye cries out of joy!"

This ultimate sacrifice of Shibi Rana was unparalleled in the history. The eagle and the dove disappeared and in their places stood the King of righteousness -Dharmaraj and the king of heavens --the Indra. Gods from the heavens showered flowers, perfumes, and praise on the king. They granted many boons to this noble king.

The king Shibi had passed the ultimate test to uphold Dharma, a true duty of every king. It is said that this king ruled for many years and after his death went directly to heaven to enjoy the fruits of his righteous karma.

MORAL: From this wonderful story we learn value of sacrifice our body for good of others. And also how we should not refuse for anyone who need shelter and help.

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