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As the first blog entry got exhausted. My second book
Evolution of Love Part 2
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December 13, 2018 at 2:51am
December 13, 2018 at 2:51am
Words fall short. It is touch without being touched, something is there that is neither touch nor emotion. It is what you might call the joy of being nothing. In this intensity, the presence is so… present, that I cannot be anywhere else. I cannot get caught up in my thoughts, or by what I see, what I feel or what I do. It is as if the ego cannot reconstruct itself anymore. It is like a fourth state which is so strong, so alive that it prevents me from returning to one of the three usual states – waking, dreaming or deep sleep. There’s no functioning in a personal way like before. At the same time, this presence feels like a sensation that could be likened, at a stretch, to touch. Touch, as in a finger poised at the level of the heart.

It emanates from the heart and encompasses everything. Everything that appears, from one minute to the next, appears within this thing. This profound feeling that I am there without being there. Something continues to see, to function, but I can no longer be tricked or trapped in my old psyche. Things perceived no longer have any power. They are there in the background. Even if Yolande’s way of doing things does not seem to have changed, inside, this thing is there in the foreground, each and every minute there in the foreground.

In 2003, and as a result of a spontaneous awakening, Yolande quits her career and her lifestyle to devote herself to the observation of the silence/presence she speaks of. She currently shares her experience and her point of view in gatherings and retreats all over the world:

"The whole problem arises from the belief that we are this person. Silence is our true source and is natural in every one of us"
December 12, 2018 at 3:09am
December 12, 2018 at 3:09am

Author: So, this sensation you speak of does not have anything to do with what we call sensations: body sensation. Does physical sensation mean anything to you anymore?

Yolande: Yes, provided we specify that it belongs to the three worlds, the three states: the waking state, dreaming state and sleeping state. But this ‘thing’ that sees and senses is beyond all senses, beyond all states. It is what allowed me to discover the intensity, the sensation which, for me, is beyond the senses.

Coming back to what we could call the normal senses, they too are becoming more pronounced and more refined. This is to say I sense and perceive things as both stronger and more subtle at one and the same time – without counting all these sensations that are beyond the senses.

Author: When you say you sense these things more intensely, what do you sense? A fragrance? An emotion? The sky’s beauty? Everything?

Yolande: Yes, everything, with an intensity unknown until now. Which varies constantly. And I do not decide on the intensity of it. It can totally engulf me when I’m alone in bed – my body is penetrated by all sorts of energies, by ecstasies – or when I’m gazing at a blue sky or, of course, when with other human beings. In any case, everything I feel is multiplied by thousands, by tens of thousands, and I don’t know where these variations in intensity come from.

Author: What would you call these things that are felt? Joy, or fear, sadness, questioning, curiosity? Or do they have more of an emotional quality to them?

Yolande: It is different from what I felt in the past: it has no name. I am astounded by an intensity that fills me with joy – not the kind of joy where you jump for joy, but an inner joy that leaves me needing nothing other than what appears in that instant, nothing else whatsoever, so I feel … alive.
December 11, 2018 at 2:46am
December 11, 2018 at 2:46am

Sitting on the side of the highway, waiting to catch speeding drivers, a Police Officer sees a car puttering along at 22 KPH, says he to himself: This driver is just as dangerous as a speeder!
He turns on his lights and pulls the driver over.
Approaching the car, he notices that there are five old ladies in the car, two in the front seat and, three in the back; with eyes wide open and white as ghosts.
The *driver*, obviously confused, says: Officer, I don't understand, I was doing exactly the speed limit! What seems to be the problem?
*Officer*: Ma'am, you weren't speeding, but you should know that driving much slower than the speed limit can also be a danger to other drivers.
*Driver*: Slower than the speed limit? No sir, I was doing the speed limit exactly, twenty-two kilometres an hour!.
*Officer*: 22 is the highway number, not the speed limit.
A bit embarrassed, the woman grins and thanks the officer for pointing out her error.
*Officer*: But, before I let you go ma'am, I have to ask, is everyone in this car ok, because these women seem awfully shaken, and they haven't made a peep this whole time.
*Driver*: Oh, they'll be all right in a minute officer. We just got off Highway 189.
December 10, 2018 at 3:11am
December 10, 2018 at 3:11am
*Mental Aptitude Test*
*Pretty Amazing*

The following was developed as a mental age assessment by the School of Psychiatry, at Harvard University.
Take your time and see if you can read each line aloud without a mistake.
The average person _over 58 years of age_ cannot do it!

1. This is this cat.
2. This is is cat.
3. This is how cat.
4. This is to cat.
5. This is keep cat.
6. This is an cat.
7. This is old cat.
8. This is fool cat.
9. This is busy cat.
10. This is for cat.
11. This is forty cat.
12. This is seconds cat.

Now go back and read _the third word_ in each line from the top down, and I bet you, cannot resist passing it on...

I couldn't resist
December 9, 2018 at 3:12am
December 9, 2018 at 3:12am

What about someone who has a tendency to be depressed, does not love himself – isn’t he light years away from this spiritual life?

Y: No, because you can also live these moments of crisis intensely, these moments when things are not going the way you want them to. For it is a matter of accepting life the way it is, whatever it looks like right now. Some depressed people are very spiritual. Living ‘intensely’ means not adding to the questions that already arise precisely because you believe you are someone.

So, we should feel things, feel what we are doing now, be fully present to the dishes we are washing right now, present to the emotional shock we have just received, rather than think about it?

Y: It is both doing the dishes and having a head full of thoughts that carry us away elsewhere. It is accepting ourselves truly the way we are, with this little voice in our head, since that is what is happening.
December 8, 2018 at 2:21am
December 8, 2018 at 2:21am
🍁Happy daughter's week.

Daughter is not equal to tension
In today's world
Daughter is equal to
Ten son' s

Who Would U Love More, Me Or Ur Husband..??

The BEST Reply Given By the DAUGHTER:
I Don't Know Really,
But When I See U,
I Forget Him,
But When I See Him,
I Remember U..

U Can Always Call Ur DAUGHTER As Beta,
But U Can Never Call Ur Son As Beti..


If you have a daughter who makes your life worth living by just being around and you love her as much as your own Breath..;

If you are proud of your Daughter, send this to people who have daughters..!!

Daughters are happiness.
Daughters are angels.!👼👼


Congrats to who all have daughters
Daughters are like Parrots in the house..

When she speaks,
Speaks without a break..
& everyone says,
"Will you please keep quite for sometime"

When she is silent,
mother says,
Are you fine my child "

Father says,
"Why there is so much of silence "

Brother says,
"Are you angry with me ?"

and when she is married, all says,
"Its like all the happiness has gone from the house "

She is the real non stop music..

Dedicated to emotional, cute, pretty, sweet & sincere girls😊

That's here ..
That's there..
That's a Daughter..😊

=Girls are Proud to be a Daughter 😋
👌🍃Woman has the most unique character like salt
Her presence is never remembered...but
Her absence makes all the things tasteless !!🐾👍
December 7, 2018 at 2:42am
December 7, 2018 at 2:42am
Enjoy the company of your children....
A beautiful post from one mother to another mother...

● There were days when My home used to be filled with laughter, arguments, fights, jokes and loads of mischief.

● Pens and books all over, and clothes messing the rooms, thrown on the beds.

●I used to shout at them to tidy up their mess.

In the morning :

• One will wake up and say : *_Mama I can't find a certain book._*

• And the other will say : *_I can't find my perfume,_*

• And one will say : *_Mama where's my homework?_*

• And another : *_Mama I forgot to complete my homework._*

● Everyone used to ask about their lost possessions. And I will say, *_but take care of your stuff, be responsible, you have to grow up._*

● And today I stand at the doorway of the room. The beds are empty. All the cupboards have only a few pieces of clothes in them. And what remains is the smell of perfume that lingers in the air.

● Everyone had a special smell. So I take in the smell of their perfume for maybe it will fill the empty ache in my heart.

● All I have now is the memory of their laughs and their mischief and their warm hugs.

● Today my house is clean and organized and everything is in its place, and it is calm and peaceful. But it is like a desert with no life in it. Do not become angry with your kids about the mess.

● Every time they come to visit and they spend time with us, when they are ready to leave. They pull their bags and it is as if they tug my heart along with it.

● They close the door behind them and then I stand still and think of the many times I shouted them to close the doors.

● Here I am today, closing my own doors. Nobody opens it besides me. Each one gone to a different city or a different country. All left to find their own path in life.

● They have grown up and I wished that they could stay with me forever.

● Oh! God..... Take care of them & all other children wherever they may be, for You are their guide and protector and always keep them happy.

● If your children are still in the stage that you need to talk and talk before they could get things done in the house, please, cherish and endure it with joy, don't nag, they will soon leave your home for you, remember they were not there at the beginning of your marriage. Now that they are around, make them happy and feel happy yourself.

*Dedicated to all Mothers, Fathers, Grandfathers & Grandmothers.
December 6, 2018 at 1:38am
December 6, 2018 at 1:38am
Australia is a very expensive country.

Though it is very expensive, but public service is very good.

A family from Kanpur was traveling on a family vacation with their father.

They were going by car on the highway. A local woman was driving her car behind them....
She suddenly saw the head of an old man coming out of the car window. She saw that he was vomiting blood, she captured this scene in her camera and sent it to d police, they alerted d air ambulance service....

Within a few minutes a helicopter ambulance were present.....

The father was immediately taken on d stretcher and oxygen was started.

The family had to pay Rs 20 lakh for those services ...!!!

And yes ...
Most Importantly, the son is still trying to find out where did his Father get Gutka from!!!????😁😁😁
December 5, 2018 at 3:22am
December 5, 2018 at 3:22am
1. I recently got crushed by a pile of books, but I suppose I've only got my shelf to blame.

2. A man knocked on my door and asked for a small donation for a local swimming pool. So I gave him a glass of water.

3. I went to a really emotional wedding the other day. Even the cake was in tiers.

4. I had to quit my job at the shoe recycling factory. It was just sole destroying.

5. I was getting in to my car the other day and a man said 'can you give me a lift?' I said 'sure, you look great, chase your dreams, go for it!'

6. I've decided to sell my vacuum. Well, it was just gathering dust!

7. What's the best time to go to the dentist? Tooth-hurtie!

8. Never date a tennis player. Love means nothing to them.

9. I saw a documentary on how ships are kept together. Riveting!

10. I was overcharged for velcro last week. What a rip off!

11. I've been reading a book about anti-gravity. It's impossible to put down.

12. A train stops at a train station. A bus stops at a bus station. Now why is my desk called a 'work station'?

13. How do prisoners call each other? On their cell phones!

14. The thing about dwarfs and midgets is that they have very little in common.

15. To the guy who invented zero: Thanks for nothing!
December 4, 2018 at 2:23am
December 4, 2018 at 2:23am
Sweet dreams my Angel till we meet ....

Give me ur wounds ..
let me balm them
Give ur pain ...
The pain when u had to let go ...
The world was fast going away ..as u held it tight in ur hands ...
Knowing u will hv to let go..
Just like everything, u did so beautifully ...
I know the fire will soon touch ur body
Heal the wounds , of a life short lived ...
But u will be safe , alwys in my heart .
I love u .. alwys will ..
Nd we will meet in a place byond the horizons of time ..
Wait my dear .. till then b with me , in my heart .
U hv become a part of me .
U r safe with me ...
Gd night sweet dreams my angel ,
Love u nd alwys will .
Till we meet again ...

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