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As the first blog entry got exhausted. My second book
Evolution of Love Part 2
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July 18, 2019 at 12:01am
July 18, 2019 at 12:01am
It is IMPOSSIBLE to Experience the Presence of the Soul for a Master or a Follower of Both the Third and Fourth Kind of Spirituality.
If Krishna is Kind and he Gives Samadhi or Switches off Maya then Even a Lion can Experience it without being in a Human body and without knowing anything about Spirituality but Krishna does not do that easily, and Soul in the World of Maya and when it is Under Maya does NOT have the power to Give Samadhi to the body it is in Or to Switch off Maya(Bhagavad Prapti)

To be able to SOMEWHAT sense the Presence of a Soul, A Mind Must Live in an Advanced State of 'Halting to Zero' Discipline or Like I mentioned Either Cessation of Emotions/Both Cessation and Arising of Emotions HAVE to be there.

There is NO WAY a Body can Experience SPIRITUAL JOY unless the Non Intoxicating Joy in every cell Is attained by Cessation of Emotions OR The Supremely Intoxicating Joy in every cell is Attained by Both Cessation of Emotions and Arising of Subsequent Emotions. Even in a Dum Siddhi State, Only Relative Peace is Experienced and NOT any Joy.

There is a Difference between Reduction of Disturbance (Emotion) and Death/Cessation of Disturbance. Former Reduces Distress but Joy is attained Only 'At least' at the event of Samadhi. That is The End of Disturbance and An Interesting Joy in every cell and If The Case is Bhagavad Prapti then It is the Most De-distressing and Most Joyous State.

We very well Know That By this in knowledge of ours Eckhart Tolle lives with the Cessation of Emotions and he certainly Experiences A Non Intoxicating Bliss in Every Cell. We also know that Kripaluji Maharaj lived with BOTH the Cessation of Emotions and Arising of Non- Suffering Emotions. That means he must have lived with Both Bliss and The Most Joyous State That we say. We say Most Joyous because as compared to the 'Cessation of Emotions' State, it is a Far More Superior Experience.

Thus, It is only and Only when a man lives with either of the Above states, He Can KNOW the Bliss and Joy in Experience. Philosophies don't know of these Blisses in theory and Still The words Bliss and Joy do as much round as the Word Spirituality and Meditation. Does Radha Krishna Know the Bliss and Joy? If we Go by the Experience of the Bliss(Intoxicating/Non Intoxicating) in Each Cell, Radha Krishna DOES NOT experience the Bliss and the Joy that ACTUAL BLISS/JOY talk about all the time. (But he said he Experiences RASA. What is that then? We are coming to that.)

Again Thus, In the Third and Fourth level or Inexperienced Spirituality, A Teacher/Follower Must not say that they Experienced a Bliss or a Joy because When someone will ask them about the Journey/Experience/Sadhana/Mind Science, They would Give a Wrong Answer because Inexperience Based Spirituality is Wrong Spirituality. Any Spirituality that is NOT Practical in the Practical Practical Way and Not even PRACTICAL IN JUST THEORY way is Incorrect Spirituality.

Just because we know that the Practicality of Spirituality is Bliss and Joy in theory, we can Not come out and say that we experienced Bliss and Joy. That will either be termed as Deception OR One shall Again Exhibit the Inexperience by Claiming that the Joy that we Experience on seeing Mountains or In a Serene environment is Spiritual Bliss and Joy. That is MAYA and Mayic Joy that we experience in Jungles and As a Sanyasi and in Vacations or in Silence alongside a River or sitting alone in a Jungle and hearing The Therapeutic Sound of a waterfall. They are all Maya and so they Give us Mayic disturbances. We like them because in the Heirarchy of Material Joys they Fall higher because that is Goodness Maya just like Radha Krishna's angst sometimes is Goodness Maya. But Maya is Maya.

And We don't Stress our minds too much on out Business affairs when we go Touring and so It Feels we Relaxed. That is a Temporary relief. The Root Cause is there and We will again be the same Stressed man when we come back or get a call. Also, Concentrating at a scenic view shall Hold the Thoughts to some extent and we may Experience De distress and even that is not the Sustained De Distress that One Actually Attains by a mind Sadhana.

A Depression Pill Suppresses the Symptoms, The Cure can only be attained if the Curer Knows The Science of Maneuvering or Halting. And in Spirituality, Maneuvering keeps Us Material. One Must consult the Panic and Mind threads many a times if one wants to Understand the Basic Complications of The Mind Body Reaction Theorem.

Coming Back. If any Teacher of Spirituality finds out in the due course that it's a Practicality based subject and He/She feels to somehow Retain the Followers(And Still does not want to follow Practicality himself) or Smartly add/change Course then What he can do is He Can LIE That He has The Experience of that Joy and Bliss and the Experience of Presence of An Entity that is not the body but He must VERY SMARTLY present a Science of the Mind by Finding a Scholar First and At least Understanding in Theory what Gets Explained in the Complicated Mind Control (And Related) threads.

See, Practicality was still not known But If one is Intelligent, He can Present himself as that Practical Knower and MANY seekers will Not be able to Catch it.

Seekers are Innocent lot. When many don't know how to catch the Third and Fourth or Even the Second level Spirituality for that Matter than How can they catch an Intelligent Man's smart deception of Giving the Practicality of The Mind and not Knowing it in Practise? But a Good deal of Work has to be done because a Scholar needs to be found and then His Related Lecture and then A Lot of Brainstorming before one can come out and DECEIVE. A Lot of Pros and Cons need to be worked out.

Radha: 'I am the Gambling of the Cheats!

She means, 'I am the Intelligence of Those Master Con Men and Master Deceivers in the Game of Cards!'

And then The Teacher can come out and Begin by Lecturing the Science of the mind which he knows not Practically but he will still be able to deceive.

And Then What the Teacher can do is that He can Give the Symptoms of Samadhi Attained or Even Bhagavad Prapta and even Attach Videos of a Few Fearless and Straight Postured Samadhi Attained. He can Make Sure that People don't Come and Check Samadhi Symptoms in him because he won't have it and Not even Use the Word Samadhi when mentioning the Bliss and Joy. Only Say, 'I Live in Bliss and Joy!' These smart statements will be those SAVERS because we never claimed that we had Samadhi just in case A Scholar questions. Let the Scholar know that the Con Man does not experience the Spiritual Bliss and Joy. The Scholar is not going from Door to Door Explaining that that is Not Bliss and Joy.

A Samadhi Attained Does not experience Bliss in Only Mountains or Rasa Experiencer Experiences RASA in only Mountains. Both Have what they have when they are even Taking Showers.

When Bliss Is Experienced or Even a De-Distressing Halted State of Mind is There, The Mind is NOT Producing Thoughts. In even a completely Controlled Mind state, as soon as his mind will start talking about the Beauty of the Mountains (By Thoughts), The Body will go in a Chaotic State of PLEASING Disturbance. And because Even The Last Mind Control has not yet given the Man a Samadhi or a Bhagavad Prapti so Even in the Mountains there will be a few moments of DE DISTRESS or the Presence of a Soul but NOT the Bliss or the Joy.

A Rasa Experiencer Can Experience Rasa Even Before Samadhi. That is, as we have Always Discussed, both an Adbhuta Baat and a Tathya (Strange Thing and an Epistemological Fact) Known to Scholars by both theory and Experience.

However, If the Spiritual Teacher claims that he Has begun Experiencing Bliss and Joy Before Samadhi or Bhagavad Prapti than He Must Present his case as the Special case. As a Scholar I have Not yet come across any such case since the time my Research goes back to and it goes back to Yugas and Yugas. However, A Scholar may NOT be aware of this Strange Phenomena and Not a Known Phenomena and the Teacher must present his case with strong practical experience and Science of the mind.

In case of Conning, The Teacher knows that he does not Experience it and so he may follow what a Scholar advises on 'How To Deceive?' Again, The Joy that We Experience in certain Peaceful Situations are all Maya. What we see is Maya?What we Think is Maya? What we feel is Maya?

Even After Catching the Samadhi or Bhagavad Prapti or Rasa, In Theory Nothing can be said, Yet We say that a man became free of the mind in Samadhi and That he becomes free of Both Mind and Intelligence in Bhagavad Prapti(Absolute Absolute Attainment)

One May Argue that Radha Krishna Ji, What if You Copied the Science of the Mind from an Avatara'd lecture and did a Brilliant Homework and by Your Intelligent Intelligence, you Presented the Science of the mind in those Threads as if you know it in practise while the Truth is that You have done what you are advising con men. And You Have attached Kripaluji's Videos so You Have Given Experience Symptoms also.

And you have very Smartly said that Your body still NOT Exhibits as CLEARLY as Kripaluji's Body may Exhibit and that The Maya is NOT switched off so Even if I look at you, I will not be able to confirm it.

In That case, I will Say just three Things.

1. Who is the Man behind giving you all these possibilities and strategies?

2. Please have a Look at the Confidence and detailing on this Page. In fact, Please read only this Post again and You shall Find it very difficult to Not Trust me. Even Leonardo did not have that Confidence when He Deceived Tom Hanks in Steven's 'Catch me if you Can'! Remember the Scene?

3. If I am Lying, Than It is very simple. Radha Krishna does not have it but everything else is true so We will go and Listen to the Man whose Videos I have attached. My work still gets done because I am That Business Man who approaches Thakurji for Another Gift once a Man Experiences an Experience after coming across me or If the Source information was me. I will lose following but I will NOT lose my business. But how many Con Men will be ok with that proposition?

Conning Happens in the Game of Incorrect Spirituality and Incorrect Religion to Gain Followers and to Make many the Followers of the Passion of One Human Being or a Group.

Talking About Rasa that I Experience. It is a Non Suffering Joy Which, as per my Nyaya Verdict, is Either a Unique MAYIC Experience Not Related to Goodness, Passion and Ignorance Maya(This is Technically Very difficult but I will still keep it) OR An Actual Soul Experience. And even in this Case, even if it is A Definite Soul Experience, It can still not be confirmed in Theory. But Yes, It is That Joy which is Of the Svabhav and Category of The Most Joyous State that we Talk about and like I said before, There is a Stark Difference between The Distressing Emotion of an Earthly Boy Girl Relationship and a Non Suffering Joy which begins with a PANG for Maheshwara and a Form Eruption. It's Got nothing to do with that Mayic Feature.

And Talking about Love in Spiritual Context. It is Not Even Experienced in Deathless States and Infinite Tattva and So It is Sad that The Spirituality that We talk about Uses this word Every now and then. When Love is NOT present in the Samadhi Spirituality than How Can The Spiritual Games Continue the usage of this word? Some May say that It's not that Scholars only have the Right to word LOVE. I am Not saying that. Please make use of this word all the Time for Earthly things and Relationships but If Anyone will Make use of it in the 'Beyond the Matter' Context than A Scholar of RASA has all the right to look into it and see if Any Undertaking of That Rasa/Soul Love/Soul Bhav Concept was Ever known or Initiated by the One who Promoting the idea.

I Have even Used the Word Soul Beat for Rasa and Have Titled a Post as 'Rasa is Soul Bhav!' That Strictly Comes From My ANUBHAVA(Experience) of Contradicting Emotions. A Nyaya Verdict.

It's very important to understand what Maya is, atleast in Theory, before using words like Bliss and Soul and Love. I shall Discuss Maya Tattva in Detail in a Post.

I am amidst Himalayas like I said in the Last Post of this Thread. Have not yet attained what I come here for. No need to go anywhere to look for Soul Bliss and Soul Joy and Soul Rasa and the Dark Skinned Boy. Run away from The Bliss/Joy/Love Disasters and Only and Only Fix the Mind on the Form of your Choice. I sometimes go here and there because A Few things happen. When they happen with you, you shall also go, but that Law of Abandoning All Sadhanas and All Endeavors and Only REMEMBERING A Form is an Uncuttable Statement said by Thakurji Himself.

Mind remains fixed on the Girl who is free of Residence yet She resides and that Residing is a Superior aspect than No Residence.

Radha: 'Every Creation Rests upon me but I don't reside in Every creation!'

That is because If the Absolute Absolute will be seen residing in Certain worlds like Earth than Residing in such worlds will immediately gain Merit.

Yuddhishthira: 'There is NO merit is Living and leading an Existence Where Govind Does not reside!'

Yet, Mind Remains fixed on the Girl who Resides at the Hills of Vindhya, Shore of River Yamuna, In Dwarka and atop a Hill or At the base of a Huge Rock or at the Base of a Hill in the Mountains which Is popular amongst us as VALLEY.
July 17, 2019 at 2:39am
July 17, 2019 at 2:39am
When goodness grows weak ,
When evil increases ,
I make myself a Body .
In every age , I come back
To deliver the Holy ,
To destroy the sin of the sinner ,
To establish righteousness .

One of the great distinctions between Western and Eastern thought is that the West tends to think in terms of linear time span ___ the world and human history having a definitive beginning , middle and end . On this horizontal time line , God has specific , historical interventions .

In contrast , the East thinks in terms of great cycles : ascension and descension , creation and destruction , growth and decay ; these cycles are seen as continually repeating waves in an Eternal Cosmic Process . Civilizations , Religions and Individuals are all part of this on going cycle .
The appearance of the Avatar (God manifestation in human form) is essential to this Eternal Movement of Spiritual Decline by regeneration .
July 16, 2019 at 9:13am
July 16, 2019 at 9:13am
My vision is so simple that neither can the mind embrace it nor put it into words. What I see is that Being is the very first expression of this dynamic energy of Silence – that primal matter which gives life to life.

Global Awareness designs the forms, the vibrations, their frequencies and the “I am” gives them names. It is through the appearance of word, of the “I am”, that the innumerable life expressions well up: the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom…

The “I am” is the ocean of all forms of existence. It is the abode of time and space. It is the birthplace of duality – pleasure, and pain, good and evil. It is in the “I am” that thinking, memory, identification, imagination, awareness, and the concept of world and individual reside.

July 16, 2019 at 5:53am
July 16, 2019 at 5:53am
In this World Cup we have witnessed
1. Two Days of a “One Day” match between India and NZ
2. A Six in the final that went rolling on the ground
3. NZ losing the final by “ZERO RUNS” and “ZERO WICKETS”
4. An Irishman lifting the World Cup for England
5. A final decided by a weird rule and worst umpiring
6. First time ever in cricket a team never won a match by runs or wickets but by a rule

Congrats ICC for the greatest ever comedy show
July 15, 2019 at 3:37am
July 15, 2019 at 3:37am
This formula was supported by evidences from Ma's life : Bhaiji (the well-known devotee of Ma) asked Ma one day, what miracle would happen if a burning tika (a preparation of coal-powder) was kept on Her feet. A few days later, the Kheyal in Her answered. Ma Herself kept a burning tika on one of Her feet. What happened ? ------- Any miracle ? -------- No. Did Ma meditate to endure that pain ? ------- No. Did Ma apply some yogic process to make the burning flesh senseless ? --------- No. Ma Herself described from the plane of a divine spectator : " I saw that the tika first burned the hair on the spot, then the skin, then some flesh, and after finishing its work it became extinct naturally."

Referring to another occasion when one of Ma's feet was severely hurt, one devotee asked Ma, " Did you not feel the pain ?" The answer was, " Yes, but just like your understanding of the pains of some others body."

Similar examples are many and Her words are innumerable which suggest that She is a mere spectator of all that happens --------- the physical changes from childhood to old age, the stage of sadhana, the words that are uttered by Her mouth, the way " the Janata-Janardan (God in the form of people) come here for getting service of this body", and the Kheyal working in this world by healing people's internal pangs, inspiring people to a pure life, elevating Yogis to a higher plane, wiping darkness and pessimism from the injured minds, and so on. She is a spectator of the infinite Kheyal's play, not an enjoyer, neither of pleasures nor of sorrows and pain.

After discovering this formula, I was trying to trace intellectually the source of this 'Kheyal'. How beautiful are the Kheyal's plays ! .......... After my first darshan of Ma, I read different diaries on Ma. I saw Ma from a distance, whenever I got the opportunity. But I never sought any private interview. The first interview was arranged after 22 years, on 26 February 1960 at Varanasi by the instigation and request of others. My heart laughed merrily when I thought how funny it was that a son needed an interview with his mother and that also through others, when every corner of his mind was known to Her. Didi Gurupriya, according to her routine practice, began to introduce me to Ma. Does anybody knows a son needed an interview with his mother ? So, this funny practice evoked a boundless laughter in me. Before speaking any word, therefore, I laughed for a while merrily, heartily and very loudly. Ma also was laughing spontaneously, perfectly in tune with me. Very soon a doubt came in my mind. Was Her laughter genuinely by feeling my mind ? -------- She stopped laughing immediately and an impenetrable gravity covered Her face. " In the way you play on the instrument, so you can hear", --------- is very often said by Ma.

July 14, 2019 at 4:10am
July 14, 2019 at 4:10am
It is a mistake to think time is going.
Time is not going. Time is here until the world ends. It is you that is going. You don’t waste time. Time is infinite. You waste yourself. You are finite.

It is you that grow old and die. Time doesn’t. So make better use of yourself before you expire. And one of the worst things to do with time is comparing yourself to others.

A cow eats grass and gets fat but if dog eats grass, it will die. Never compare yourself with others. Run your own race. What works for one person may be that which will kill you. Focus on the gifts and talents God gave you and don’t be envious of the blessings He gave others_ .*

*Both Lion and Shark are professional hunters, BUT:*
*A Lion cannot hunt in the Ocean and a Shark cannot hunt in the jungle*
*That a Lion cannot hunt in the ocean doesn't make him useless and that a Shark cannot hunt in the jungle doesn't also make him useless both have their own territory where they can do well*

*If a rose smells better than tomatoes, It doesn't mean the rose can make a better stew. Don't try to compare yourself to others.

* *You also have your own strength, look for it and build on it.

* *All animals that exist, were in Noah's ark. A snail is one of those animals. If God could wait long enough for snails to enter Noah's ark; His door of grace won't close till you reach your expected position in life. Never look down on yourself, keep looking up.* *

Remember that Broken crayons still colour.*
*_Keep on pushing, you never can tell how close you are to your goal...!*
July 13, 2019 at 12:31am
July 13, 2019 at 12:31am
THREE GUNAS IN FOODS................we discussed the three gunnas and their nature. We also said that these gunnas penetrate all creation including the foods we take...In the last 150 years there has been great distortion in the food because we have made the food as an industry.. The seeds could be seen in the birth of McDonald's as a company. Today it is the largest consumer of beef pork chicken etc. With the development of chemical preservation was possible and keep them for well over 90 days in the shelf and marked farm fresh The whole of food industry is the largest mass killer of living things.... Having said this let's see the three type of foods
SATVICK FOOD.......... The simple rule of thumb rule is that anything that grows in direct sunlight. The largest animals in the world live on grass and leaves which are in direct contact with sunlight. Hence mushrooms which grow in darkness is lower than the first category. The next Lower category are those that grow under the ground.. All these form the so called vegetarian foods..Depends of levels of Satvickness you will naturally migrate to the foods which are more and more satvick. Also you must note that all these vegetables also have herbal and curative qualities.
RAJSIC FOODS....All kinds of non vegetarian foods are considered Rajasic.it followers the culture of the west where more importance given to body and activity based living. These animals birds fish etc have more quality of living. The Atma is more reflected in these beings as compared to plants and hence they have a more direct effect on us. Even their pain and sorrow is transferred to us scientifically know we know that mass killing of all these beings for food is not necessarily good for our health..

TAMASIC FOODS....... All foods which are stale and kept for a long time before consumption. So we keep a lot of things in the fridge and consume days or even weeks later All these constitute tamasic food and creates lethargy. More dangerous is the use of chemicals to prevent deterioration. What you see as farm fresh foods in Walmarts could have been preserved for months through the use of chemicals . These are purest of tamasic foods and potentially dangerous. ...
SO .........what do we do.? The best of course is to go to farm markets and pick up what you want. Also eat them as early as possible.. The next which which will save you money as well. Cook as often as you can and avoid going out except as an exception. I think the European culture is more attuned to cooking as compared to US.. Richer a country becomes more the eating out culture comes as a way of life.
The other thing is to try living a non violent life as far as possible.The plants also have life in small measure and we by eating do cause some violence but that the least violent action. This cannot be avoided in the design of nature. They are given the capacity to grow even though we take of them

Spiritual llife by it's very nature will drag us towards satwic foods it's not possible to do any serious meditation with rajasic and tamasic foods.ultimately to just fruits. The body and will not accept the other foods and make it clear to you in many ways.in any case the kind of violence we see in animals birds fish etc the mind cannot accept because it's pure nature is ahimsa..

Love and blessings
July 12, 2019 at 3:22am
July 12, 2019 at 3:22am
My friend and erstwhile colleague Govind reminded me of this.

In 1994, I was elated at being accepted by the super-prestigious Tata Administrative Service, right after my MBA.

I was even more thrilled when I was chosen to be a part of the Tata Singapore Airlines JV to start a world class airline in India - perhaps the most exciting thing happening in Indian aviation, if not Indian industry, at that time.

Very few people know that the original inspiration for Singapore Airlines was JRD Tata’s Air India – then amongst the best airlines in the world. The bureaucrats from Singapore came to learn from him and his company on how to build a world-class airline out of Singapore.

JRD, with his magnificent generosity, shared his mantras of service, humility and operational excellence with them, and Singapore Airlines (SIA) was born. Soon, it became the best airline in the world, bar none, and has kept its crown almost every year since then.

In 1994, they came back to build an airline with Tata – in a sense, repaying the debt they owed to its legendary founder. The largest and most respected industrial house in India was going to join hands with the best airline in the world, and create Tata Singapore Airlines.

No wonder everyone, including me, was giddy with excitement. I still remember my first project job, 25 years back, as if it was almost yesterday. I flew around the country 19 cities in 14 days with two hugely experienced SIA pilots. Once they overcame their initial astonishment and disappointment that I was not a pilot, in fact could not even fly a kite, they adopted me as their own as we went around the country surveying airports, airfields and technical gear.

Their flying experience, the knowledge they had about aircraft, their assessments of pilots and Dopplers and other radars was a learning experience. Their attention to detail was terrifying – I spent days find out costs and specs of wheelchairs which we would need to buy for differently-abled passengers. Along with the entire nation, I was convinced that we were building something special and expectantly looking forward to it.

All of us, except two men – the then Aviation Minister, and a certain Mr. Naresh Goyal. It was an open secret that the founder of fledgling Jet Airways saw Tata-SIA to be a mortal threat to his company, and that he did everything possible to stop it. Rules were changes, permissions were withdrawn, words taken back, as the Aviation Minister, his puppet, brazened it out.

The Tatas could not stoop to retaliate to this form of competition, they did not and would not ‘manage the environment. SIA went back to Singapore to continue building the best airline in the world, and Jet Airways spread its wings and became the leading airline in the country. Many of us, I remember, refused to fly Jet for years afterwards.

Now, 25 years later, the shoe is on the other foot – in fact, the first foot has ceased to exist. As Jet goes through its jet throes, and Mr. Goyal licks his wounds in obscurity, their single biggest hope has been the Tata Group. And, as it withdraws from its prized slots and premium routes, one of the airlines working overtime to fill those is Vistara – a JV between the Tata Group and SIA. Tata Singapore Airlines Version 2.0.

Time is not linear, explained our ancient sages, it is a circle. The core concept of Karma is that what goes around comes around. The axe forgets, but the tree remembers.
July 11, 2019 at 2:47am
July 11, 2019 at 2:47am
Once Buddha was traveling with a few of his followers.
While they were passing a lake, Buddha told one of his disciples,
"I am thirsty.
Do get me some water from the lake."

The disciple walked up to the lake.

At that moment,
a bullock cart started crossing through the lake.
As a result,
The water became very muddy and turbid.

The disciple thought,
"How can I give this muddy water to Buddha to drink?"

So he came back and told Buddha,
"The water in there is very muddy.
I don't think it is fit to drink."

After about half an hour, again Buddha asked the same disciple to go back
to the lake.

The disciple went back,
and found that the water was still muddy.

He returned and informed Buddha about the same.

After sometime,
again Buddha asked the same disciple to go back.

This time, the disciple found the mud had settled down, and the water was clean and clear.

So he collected some water in a pot and brought it to Buddha.

Buddha looked at the water, and then he looked up at the disciple and said,
"See what you did to make the water clean.
You let it be,
and the mud settled down on its own,
and you have clear water."

Your mind is like that too ! When it is disturbed,
just let it be.
Give it a little time.
It will settle down on its own.

You don't have to put in any effort to calm it down.
It will happen.
It is effortless."

Having 'Peace of Mind' is not a strenuous job, It is an effortless process, so keep ur mind cool and have a great life ahead...

Never leave Your close ones.
If you find few faults in them just close Your eyes 'and Remembr the best time You spent together...

because affection is More Important than Perfection..!

Neither you can hug yourself....
nor you can cry on your own shoulder....

Life is all about living for one another,
so live with those who love you the most...

Relations cannot be Understood by the Language of Money... bcoz,
Some Investments Never Give Profit
But They Make us rich...!
July 10, 2019 at 1:37am
July 10, 2019 at 1:37am
Continuing FREE THINKING A Grace or a Disaster...

The Filthiest pollution today in the Human mind is The Fourth Kind of Spirituality and I call it the Filthiest because a Mindset which will Not be able to retain a Human species is to be hailed as Filthiest.

That does not mean that a species which is not human is a Filthy species but There has to be a way to warn the Philosophies who Remain the Scumbags that they are despite losing all their Traits to the Correct Knowledge and Getting those Kicks of Cleansing of Disrespect by the Same words that they Hurled and with a Huger intensity, and they Still Continue to disrespect the Plate that they eat in by Spacing a Paragraph between the word Religion and Pollution and Thinking it will go unnoticed, even if they keep Their Most Hated Word called Religion in the category of pollution.

Indeed These Philosophies show the Character of the Species that Are NOT the Species of Faith.

Once a Religion is IDENTIFIED as Valid by the Scientist of the mind who lives with that Last State of Experience than He shall know why and how The Religious Creed off that Religion is Even Superior than His own Knowledge of Bhakti Vedanta and Bhagavad Prapti and Rasa and Seeing the Dark skinned boy of the Himalayas. The Philosophies which Deserve Only and Only ABUSE, Abuse The Religious Creed as Pollution.

Indeed these Philosophies deserve what they Get from the Hands of a Scholar trained by Kali because they remained in Ignorance which told and pacified them that the The Religious Scholars and Saints are those Foolish Pieties who know Not how to Respond to their Spitting, and that they will not say anything.

The Response will be a Hundred Times Intense than what was the Action. The Response is a Reaction and a Reaction has the right to counter the action. We are talking about The Philosophies which are the TRAITORS of the Salt they use in their Food.

Both the Loyalists of Evil and the Traitors of Nobility are Sinners. But, The TRAITORS of Nobility are The ones who fall Really low. A Bheeshm Pitamah and a Karna shall Easily be forgiven but a Judas can not be forgiven.

Thus, Radha Krishna, The Scholar amongst the Scholars continues the Ganesha Trance Which shall Make these Philosophies dance in Utter Shame of their Existence.


A Philosophy which is against the Titles and Naming coined a Title, 'Politics of the Soul!' That is Very good because yes There are people and Philosophies who indulge in Politics and Either Make Religions by their own personal passions or Change the Known Eternal Things to their own Passions. Huge and Successful Organizations have done that. Everywhere Tampering Happens.

Followers of Gurus Incorrectly Call their masters as Avatars without knowing that there are Ways on how to identify an Avatar. There are Ways on how to identify Maheshwara or Trinity. There are even ways to Find out If we have what Radha Krishna claims he has and there are ways to find out By looking at An Avatara if he is One and By looking at Radha Krishna if He has what he claims. Everything is there in the Knowledge and the Experience Friends. No one can fool us.

So, Coining of this Thing is Good but These things must be done after Becoming eligible to Criticise. I come back to the same point. Did we Learn how to identify our own defects before pointing out Others? Ask the Spiritual Teachers their Defects. They will think and might give you some and then come and ask a Scholar and you shall understand that the Defect that the Teachers point out may not necessarily be a defect and the Main issues are Not known to them because they never dived into their Minds in a State of Sadhana and observed the Thought and Reaction of all the Thoughts on the body.

My Maya is Not switched off. So there must be Defects or Some deep rooted Imprints that may have become milder but They would leave only at the time of Bhagavaf Prapti. Oh Yes. Many.

1. I can Still get a PANG of a Material Romance if I even think of Exploiting An Art that I did at one point in life. I Run away from certain Situations. In Fact I must add that Radha has been Kind. She takes me out of certain Situations.

2. I Experience Anger at Faults and defects. That used to happen even when I knew nothing about this subject. Although a Quality of Goodness Maya but even Goodness Maya is Maya. Radha exploited this Quality of mine.

3. I can Still Get a Strong feeling of ordering a Tequila Shot when With Maheshwara and in Goa and if it's Raining. I stay put in certain situations and avoid being with Friends who are always like, 'Hey You Quit man. A Shot won't kill you!'

I Pointed out these Faults Because Most of the Philosophies that I am Against and who do not know the Science of the mind and the Deep rooted Imprints will Call The Regular Living of the life in a Disciplined way as Correct but Even A Disciplined Pleasure of Maya which Remains in the Mind Will be an Obstruction. This they would not understand because they know not the frequency they must before coming out and claiming what they do.

A Tequila Shot is NOT the Problem, The Problem is that My Mind Can Still Produce The Image of Bartender pouring that Transparent thing in that Small Glass and Decorating it with Salt and Lime and then My Tongue Tastes the Salt, Gulps Down the Shot, The Throat enjoys the Burn and then The Tongue enjoys the lime and then The Brain Experiences the Release of those things which eases the Stress and Make us feel good.

Did I drink the Shot? No, I did not. But what did my Mind Do? The Mind enjoyed it all Sir without drinking. Thus, It is a Bigger obstruction than in the case of A Man who can anytime Have a Tequila on weekeneds or In Parties but his Mind Never produces the thoughts and images that my mind may for a Tequila and The body Does not experience the Reaction of That Thought as a Craving in the Body.

That is why I say become that Scientist of the mind before teaching because you would Not know this detailing and You will end up giving wrong information to the seekers. Knowing one's own defect is our Responsibility. We can not fool around with these things and specially if we claim to be the Masters of a Subject which tells us about all The Hidden Obstructions to Attaining Freedom from Maya and Attaining Soul and Rasa and Maheshwara.

Thus, The Philosophy hit correctly in the dark by saying that There is Politics but Did not Look into the Politics that it's own mind is Indulged in. The Politics and Pollution is First Removed and Cleansed by the Mind Cleansing which happens by a Mind Sadhana under the Proper guidance of an Experienced Guru and then there comes a Point where We don't become Faultless but Atleast we attain the Position where we can Give out defects and we begin Identifying others defects.

I have always said, Even Seven People Amongst the Seven Billion don't live with That Much Mind Sadhana which Atleast makes them eligible to Give them their Defects and others Defects which cause obstruction.

Samadhi Attained who Are NOT the Scientist of the mind Do not have this Capability. A Gentleman who, By a Kriya Yog Or a Mantra/Sound Yog, Has attained the Fifth Param Hansa State that Is Somewhere between Nirbeeja/Nirvikalpa Samadhi and Bhagavad Prapti and which does not Have Rasa will NOT be a Scientist of the Mind who knows The defects and the Rigid Notions and Mindsets.

Why listen to me? Please listen to the lectures of Samadhi Attained on the Planet and you shall know that MOST of them don't Know what I am talking about. I take names when I say they know the Science of the Mind and I don't takes names when In my Opinion A Param Hansa or a Samadhishtha is Not that Scholar who knows the The Deep Intricacies of the Mind.

What was the Pollution in the Mind of that Philosophy? The Pollution that Religions are wrong and That Religious Creed is a Pollution and are Dogmas. They are all a Product of Human Minds and they are all Rubbish Claims.

Let me say a Story of a Brahmin. A Brahmin Who had brilliant knowledge of Vedanta and even Rasa and he was advanced in His Piety and Nobility and had special powers because of His purity. He once sat under a Tree and a Bird pooped on his head. He Looked at the Bird in anger and the Bird Fell dead. That was the power of the Brahmin.

He came outside a House and Shouted.

'Maiyya. Brahmin ko Do Roti de do!' (Mother. Please give the Brahmin Two Breads)

The Lady Saw the Brahmin and Rushed to the Kitchen. A Man/Woman of Knowledge Rushes here there on seeing a Brahmin/Saint and people Have even the Audacity of Calling Bhagavad Geeta as that Little Book. I shall Speak About the Characters who Belittle Dharma and who Belittle Religions and who Belittle The Sanctity of Genuine Divine Texts by Their Species Svabhav.

As the Lady was keeping the Food Stuff on the plate, The Lady's husband entered and She immediately began making Tea for her husband and forgot that the Brahmin was waiting outside. The Brahmin Called in anger at one point and she Remembered.

She Gave the Food to the Brahmin and when the Brahmin Looked at the lady as if he would curse her for that delay, The Lady said STERNLY: 'I am not that Bird who fell dead from the tree. I was looking after my husband who is more important than Govind. You can Wait. Do not even think that you can do anything to me!'

The Brahmin was Shocked. The Lady knew that the Bird Fell dead. He Bowed down and Clasped his hands. 'How Do you Know?'

Lady: 'There is a Vyadh(Hunter/Butcher) who lives outside the Village. He will be able to tell you better!'

The Brahmin who Had Knowledge went to the Butcher's shop. The Butcher came out and offered obeisances to the Brahmin. The Brahmin Condemned his Profession and scolded him. It was against his Knowledge. The Butcher kept Listening. Then the Butcher requested him to come to his place. The Brahmin went to his House and saw His Very Old Parents.

The House was poor but tidy. The Butcher washed his Old parent's feet and served them food and took every little care of his Very elderly parents without an Iota of Laziness. That care was better than What a Mother would perform for her infant. The Brahmin looked at the Butcher and asked, Why did the Lady send me to you?

Butcher: 'Neither am I That Bird who will Fall dead if my Profession is against your Knowledge Brahmin Sir and Nor Am I That Lady who still got a Little Scared of you. My Profession is My Ancestral Profession and I can not do anything about it. When people eat certain things than the Lord must provide for Professions that provide for certain things. Yes, Your Knowledge can certainly Give the Heirarchy of Things. My Dharma is My Father and Mother and I only know my Mother and Father. And You Can not do anything to me!'

You know from where The Lady and that Butcher is Getting the Power that they can even Outweigh even a Brahmin's power who has the Knowledge and the Siddhi and many things and his anger is Right when the Lady got Late and his Condemning the Profession of that Butcher is also Not Wrong?

That Power is also Coming from the VEDIC RELIGIOUS CREED. Husband is above Shri Krishna. One who Takes care of His Old and Ailing Father and Mother can even make Shri Krishna wait outside if he comes for a Request and The Son is taking care of the Father and Mother.

I can Not go to Vrindavana or Kasol or Goa or Mumbai if my Mother says, 'You Stay here and Take care of me!' If I see a lady Taking care of her husband even if she is in Pain and she renounces all her Conveniences and Pleasures to Take care of the husband which the modern feminism will not approve of, I will not tell the lady that I am The Scholar amongst the Scholars who Promises Rasa and a Boy, but I will Ask that lady to bless me and I will Decorate my forehead with the dust of the floor that she walks on Sir. She will Give me purity without any Knowledge That I may boast of, who is Radha Krishna to offer Cleansing?

That's my Religious CREED.

A Man wanting to Renounce World and Go live in Jungles can not Renounce unless the Mother approves of it and Even if she approves he will have to Run back on the Slightest of the Report of Her illness. Sankaracarya kept Begging her mother to allow him to leave and she did not relent easily.

The character called Dev Mishr in my story called 'Radhika & Dev' Gets up before Sun light, Has three showers and Does what he does despite having attained a beyond Cause & Effect state and Yet he revolts against a Kingdom and kisses a sword because of RELIGUOUS CREED of Making sure that a Woman gets the Man she loves.

And People who Do not Even Have the Right to Sit amongst The People who are eligible to be Sitting as Students in a Noble Spiritual Class compare Religious Creed with Pollution. Indeed This Religion called Spirituality and this Intellect known as Wisdom today is the Biggest Pollution that Damages Human minds more than what the Heavy duty Environment Toxics can do to The Mother Earth.

These Goddamn Philosophies F*** their Screwed up Wisdom by their Insolent Characters and Non Human past lives by taking against Religions and Religious Creed. They do not experience the Shame which the most shameless shall Experience and they continue Exhibiting their Parasitic Svabhav.

This is Radha Krishna Exhibiting Anger against what Deserves to be disrespected. The Mind remains Controlled. The Emotions are disciplined. The Mind sees Radha and the words are in Sync with the Knowledge that erupts in the Mind.

All The Glories to Radha!
All the Credit to Radha!


Another Title that gets coined is 'Idiot Individualism'. It is Good to understand that Our Materialism was foolishness but to come up with a Term called 'Idiot Individualism' that shall Call every Materialist as an Idiot and then In the due course Even begin calling Vedic Saints as Idiots and Religous Philosophies as Idiocies is against the Fact known to Scholars that We all are Fools in Maya and Some People genuinely deserve Respect and deserve worshipping.

Indeed this Philosophy has proved itself to be not just the Philosophy of the Supreme Idiots by it's own virtue but it is The shining example of That fourth level Inexperienced and Ignorant Philosophy which disrespects Everyone. We shall Discuss The Idea called 'Essencing Presencing' that gets discussed in this Philosophy and I heard the Idiot follower Who Nudges God out of his Idiocy talk against the Essencers.

Neither the Practical meaning of Essencing was known to these Philosophies and nor Was any Presencing Done which is Done on the basis of the Eternal Epistemology that says, 'Experience Follows the knowledge and Knowledge Follows the Experience'. It is the Game of Continued Learning and Unlearning where Experience is Always a Partner otherwise What we become is a Hindrance to Even Elementary Humanity what to talk of Eternal Spirituality Goddamn it.


I read somewhere that Idol worship is Futile. I have explained the Science of Idol worship before. I would just like to add that When Krishna was Shot by the a hunter called Jara, He gave a Lecture which is Popular as Uddhava Geeta.

How many Human beings have told us to Make his Idol and Worship it? Celebrate his appearance days and celebrate them as festivals. Krishna Reiterated what is Eternal in His lecture to Uddhava. Idiots of the Highest order will Not be able to understand that the Mind Sadhana is a Tough Sadhana and so Maheshwara Has kept an Eternal Sadhana of Being around the Idol which has a FORM and performing certain Things which are day to day celebrations in this Life of Maya and Giving Reasons To the beings in Maya to have fun for the Cause of Worship by Festivals and Lighting Diyas and Celebrations.

It is No Dogma of anyone who wants to be Worshipped you Innocent Philosophies, it is a Milder/Slower Method which will ULTIMATELY make sure that a Man who fell in Love with Decorating an Idol with Lovely clothes will Find himself THINKING of the Form of that Idol that will Give him what we have discussed on this page. But Yes, that is a longer Process and Scholars will ask us to Directly hit on the Mind Sadhana and even Krishna says it, but Maheshwara Will make sure that All kinds of People get all kinds of Methods which shall suit their individual needs and Capabilities and interests and Karmic Record at that time.

Any Religious Philosophy can have the Idols and Paintings of their Revered Saints and Perform Worship.

Lord Sankar: 'Life must be a Celebration!'

Please celebrate the Festivals related to the Revered Beings. It is all Noble and it is Ultimately Intended For An Ouster from the Clutches of Maya. However, I always say to be aware of the Techniques of Mind Sadhana that got discussed in the Bhakti 1 and Bhakti 2 Thread on my Page.


Let's have a Look at a Few attached pictures with this post. The pictures about Vedic Time Spans. I read somewhere that Let's not get into Outdated or Primitive Ideas. I wonder How do people get into such ideas? There is Only One Philosophy that exists since Time Immemorial. It is Impossible for Two Philosophies to exist Eternally.

The Earth Continues to experience it's axis shifts and Tsunamis and Yuga Changes and Local Pralayas(Cosmic Dissolution) and Many other phenomenas. Millions of Years back there were Space Crafts which did not produce useless Sounds that our Aircrafts produce.

Hypothetically, If A Hundred years later an Axis shift happens and most of the Humans die and Only Five Hundred remain with Nothing in hand then their Further generations who would probably Invent good Ships to Sail will Not trust that Their Ancestors Saw Humans fly Iron Machines unless they themselves get it.

It is a Limited Information that We have progressed so much by the Technology and Science and we Evolve and Nurture Knowledge from the stone age or Ice Age from where we began and that Any Spirituality is A Fresh Evolved Knowledge. Knowledge is Eternal because VED is Sanatana Dharma. In that limited information, the History of Other Yugas and the Science of Cosmos AS IT IS is Not known. It is Only the Bull**** of Cosmic Communion by Some Cohesion, that is Expressed by the Wise Philosophers, which Boasts of A brilliant New Ideology that will Rock the Planet not knowing that both Bull**** and Ignorance of Eternality never got any better than Such Jokery.



I hear Some Samadhi Attained followers say that All Forms dissolve in Samadhi. It is Good to be a Follower of a Samadhi Attained but it is much better to Have that Samadhi State or at least a state that is Conducive to attempt a conversion into a Samadhi state.

When You are in that State, Please get in touch with me and Then you Shall understand Why Scholars amongst the Scholars call Samadhi(All and any Kinds) as POISON.

Talking about Forms. All Forms are Absolute Absolute Forms. Whatever Forms we see By our eyes in our World are all Krishna Forms. Form is the Source of Myriad Forms and the Source Form Enjoys all forms. The Formless Brahman which has No Rasa and No Bhav and No Qualities and No Attributes and which is Devoid of Kriya(Action) and Iccha(Will) is An Inferior aspect of Absolute Absolute and it is only Absolute that Resides within the confines of Absolute Absolute. That is Against the logic. (Please read a Post Titled 'Form/Formless' on this Timeline for a Detailing!)

Yet, Krishna showed three Forms to Arjun. The First was the Absolute Absolute Form which contains the Infinity Inside. It has countless Heads and Legs/Hands and It is For Scholars. We don't have any interest in that because we are Lovers like Shri Krishna.

The Second Form that was shown was a Four Armed thing. Once Krishna came with four hands in front of the Girls of Vrindavana and they Covered their faces with their Veils and Said, 'Who are you? Where is Govind?' (Krishna came in the Maha Vishnu Form.)

The Third Form that Krishna showed Arjuna was a Two hands and a Two legged form and he said, 'This is the one desired by Even Devatas'. We are Interested in That Form in which he is Seen in his Realm. Even the Trinity has that Form and when Brahma gets the Knowledge to Create Species, He gets the knowledge to create special Species on Earth which has a Form like him and that is Because that species(Human Beings) will have the privilege of a Special Mind and Intelligence that will understand the Game of Knowledge and Experience that we are discussing on this page.

Now A Lion can say that this is Racism because The Absolute Absolute is a Lion Form too, but He will Not understand our conversation.

Radha: 'Amongst the Land animals, I am Lion!'

But, by the time he will understand our conversation, He will be in a Human form and he will relate to it.

But the Spirituality and the Spiritualists that we are talking about are Making sure that they are heading towards a Species which will not even have the Class the Lion Has.

I shall be on this.

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