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Faith to journey as God leads into unknown territories and situations. Where am I going?
Do you know where you're going? I know To Follow Gods Lead

I am in research mode, knowing that God is my light and my guide. Recently I felt prompted to take a very, very close look at Arkansas. When the Holy Ghost gives me direction and I feel urged to act, Most of the time I know it is in my very best interest to do heavy duty in depth research, follow the spirit, pay attention to my feelings, and listen intently for guidance from my Heavenly Father. God is good all the time. Jesus is my friend and He who takes great care of me, and Holy Ghost is my help and my guide.
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September 7, 2016 at 3:38pm
September 7, 2016 at 3:38pm
Packing to move for me was quite a challenge. Unfortunately I had been in the house for about 26 years which meant accumulating quite a collection of items, necessities, and stuff. I don't consider myself to be a hoarder, but I do tend to collect things. The house wasn't so packed full a person wasn't able to move, it was more a collection of books, cds, dvds, art supplies and materials, gardening items and a huge amount of plants, and other house hold items which you may find in the average home, oh yes! There was all the medical equipment and supplies. And, my family members to consider and pack for when we needed to travel from Maryland to Arkansas.

Many books had to stay behind, which I was sorry to have happen along with a large amount of house hold items, furniture, and the list continues. Fortunately my friends are helping to find homes for much of this stuff. I do have cds, dvds, books, and other stuff which I placed on my very important need to have it list. This computer is extremely important as a tool for many types of activities. I'm very grateful to have this machine.

In the beginning of this adventure I was told about Caddo Gap and thought it was a nice place to live, however, I wasn't thinking about moving at ll, not even a hint. A while later after considering what I was told and then asking about details, did I realize that this place may be an ideal home for me. I researched and researched and then realized I was getting a spiritual nudge to go forth and prepare to move. Wow! Usually when things take a sharp 180 degree turn, I know this if of and from God.

it turns out that where I was headed happens to be over 1100 miles from Maryland. And, the trip would take at least 17.5 hour driving without stopping. As this adventure unfolded, I regularly checked myself and asked God if this was what I was supposed to do. So far it seemed that it was exactly what I was supposed do, no question about it none at all.

The best way I can explain this is to use the analogy of red, yellow, and green lights. Every move I made, I checked before and after to kow if this was correct. Usually I would get green for go. Things went very smoothly and vary fast. There was one time when I got a yellow caution, but, the light turned green for go, and so I continued my preparations. After other green lights, there was another yellow, and yet it went to green, so in every fiber of my being, I knew I had all green for go. Now, who could argue with God and the fact that every thing was falling into place very easily, very nicely, and very smoothly? I did consider that perhaps it may be my wishful thinking, yet as I tested this situation it was apparent that God wanted me to go to Arkansas. The only other possible scenerio would be for the enemy to be misleading me and again after much prayer and checking, I got green for go.

Viv (dogpack) & Bella (service dog)
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July 1, 2016 at 12:52am
July 1, 2016 at 12:52am
My friend often asked me about going places. My usual response was "I'm not sure yet, or I don't know yet". Well, recently I did a 180 degree turn around very suddenly and unexpectedly. When this happens, it's usually God prompting and giving direction. My energy rose and my excitement grew as I realized I was off on a research adventure. I know, research is often tedious and boring, yet, this research was a joy, exciting, and I felt like it was absolutely necessary. Arkansas was calling me. Friends told me about this state and my state gradually became focused on state compared to state research. Nothing like a research state of mind to give me cause for curiosity and excitement.

Financially it has been more difficult to keep afloat as the cost of living rises and my dollars struggle to stretch enough for necessities. Caution is fore-most in my mind because I do not want to commit financial suicide. How to stretch my dollars may be a matter of making a huge financial move. I don't have all the answers, yet with God, research, and help from my friends, the answers should be revealed to me.

Health and medical issues are challenges which may be alleviated by changing my state of living. Md to AR may be just what the doctor orders for me. God is the great physician, so I will rely on Him to guide me through the research process and show me the correct paths to take. I know when I make this move it won't be PRN. It will be the real thing with life changing and long lasting effects. So far it seems there are few side effects to this heavenly prescription. As I understand it, I must take research seriously each day and call the great physician regularly for further instructions and medication as needed. I have discovered the weather is similar to MD with milder winters and slightly cooler summers. This seems to work well with my medical needs.

Researching Arkansas is fun and thrilling, so I will continue seeking as much information about this state as possible. Step by step my journey seems to be full of light. There are many unknowns, however God will reveal to me more information and further paths to explore. I know that He is ultimately in control and no matter what happens as long as I trust Him and follow Him, I will find what I seek. When I align my will with His all will be perfect. Caution is key for safety while belief and trust in my Heavenly Father will help me avoid the trappings of the evil deceiver. This one lies and mimics my Heavenly Father. With proper balance I should be ok as long as I keep my heart, mind, and spirit focused on Heavenly Father. Prayer and having a relationship with Heavenly Father is absolutely priceless. In His timing I will know of a certainty what it is I should do, what, why, when, how, and where. I will have the help I need when it is needed. I have peace and this lets me know that I am correctly following His lead. When I allow doubt to try to sneak in, I must ask Heavenly Father for help and focus on him for guidance. We are on an adventure together, which is very fine with me. I wouldn't be able to even think about doing this alone. Heavenly Father is the reason I am stepping out in faith knowing this is His idea and that He has and will take care of me all of my life. Arkansas, here I come!

I know that when I leave MD, I will not be able to return because of costs, and Arkansas will be where I am supposed to be with less extremes of weather, less pollution, and more opportunities. Bella will be able to roam through acres of nature and enjoy watching different animals. For me, I will be able to enjoy better health and less financial strain. Also, I know I will have more relaxed time to focus on reading and writing, doing my art, gardening, having chickens and other small livestock. The farmer with-in will be able to have freedom to exercise the love for nature and the joy of having the closeness to nature I've hoped for for many, many years. I trust God and I follow His lead with hope and faith. My trust for clearity and no deception is in my Heavenly Father. God is good all the time!

Yesterday evening I talked with the real-estate agent and now have the paperwork to review. I'm certain I will place the house for sale, yet being the researcher and detail person that I am, I will read all the paperwork including the small print. There has been added to this adventure challenge. It seems there is a mystery about some land I've been interested in purchasing. For some reason, I haven't been able to find any information about the address which was given to me and so the search is on to figure out where the property is located and why it's so difficult to find.

My mind has been stretched to the breaking point, so today, Sunday, I worked a little bit on sorting things, relaxed, and did some art work. Work! It's Sunday, I should relax and enjoy my relationship with my Heavenly Father. Oh yeah! That's a very good idea. For once, I took my own advice.

It's amazing what incentive and a reason for doing something will do for a person. I have the opportunity to go to a 4th of July breakfast, so I will stop writing now and go to bed. I hope I'll be able to get sleep and be well rested. After breakfast, it will be time to work on getting things arranged and together for yard sale I plan to host next Saturday, weather permitting, or perhaps in spite of the weather. With Heavenly Fathers help, help from friends, and enough time, I may be able to have this event in the house. A lot of stuff must be sold to cut the costs of moving and bring in money to finance my move to Arkansas. I wish everyone happy holidays and a nice restful sleep, good night. 7/3/2016 The End

Viv (dogpack) & Bella (service dog)
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