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Est. February 11, 2008
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You have fought the fight and won!
Portfolio Award
To Cissy, Congratulations on the Founding of Native American Indian Group !
for creating this wonderful place of prayer to Yahweh in the name of Yashuah, His Son
For a Contest That Ensures We Will Never Forget!
Your writings are an inspiration, a window to your soul shared through heartfelt words.
The MOST BEAUTIFUL Tribute/Poem Award- Thank You Sweetie!!
Poetry from the Heart award by NAI Group
Dear Cissy, We just love all of your amazing stories! Great Writing!~NAI Group & Hannah
Dear Cissy, For all your hard work you have put into NAI! We Love you girl!~Hannah~
Dear Cissy, For all of your Amazing Activities! NAI Loves Cissy! ~Hannah~
Dear Cissy, For your wonderful group, NAI ! You are a special Leader! Don't ever change, my friend! Love Hannah

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