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Farewell to the Father of Festivus, Jerry Stiller!


Funny, funny man. We will be poorer for his departure. I remember him from the days of Stiller and Meara. They're probably cracking up heaven right now. *Heart*
Interesting Historical Fact:

The Hong Kong Flu Pandemic of 1968-69 killed more than a million people worldwide and more than 170,000 Americans.

69 was the Summer of Woodstock, the music festival, the summer of love..

There were no social restrictions that we know of.


We were in the middle of fighting the Vietnam War.

Just something to consider whern the final (accurate) numbers are in.

We stand at around 72000 in the Us now in what 4 months? Might be more without the distance of 6 foot and stay at home rule. Already killed more than the V/N war. When things open again it might be like when WW 1 was over in 1918 and people grouped to celebrate and more people died of the flu than did in the war.
I don't want to see any more people die from this, but please open the barber shops. I look like I'm ready to join a rock band.
Join that band, W.D.Wilcox ! Might make for some good quarantine fun! *Laugh*
In the News.

Something that might interest some, especially in PA.

The Governor of the State of Pennsylvania has until Monday, May 4, 2020, to respond to this landmark case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

I have neither seen nor heard a word about this in the "media". A friend in PA, who is an attorney brought it to my attention this morning.

The main premise of the complaint is about arbitrary taking /shutdowns of businesses in the state, with the governor having the sole decision on what is essential, with no right of appeal for the businesses deemed unessential:

Hmmm... well $3,000 in a 20 day work month is $150 a day in travel expenses ... or $36,000 per year in travel expenses. For sure, I'd imagine it's hard to get ahead with such high overhead just to get to and from your job.

For sure, some people are also helped by the stimulus payments, especially those still working... but that is not everyone and for most, it is not enough. Most state unemployment systems are totally broken -- I have a friend who did hair and she posts almost daily about her lack of funds and how she has not yet received anything from unemployment... and her thread is filled with replies from fellow stylists experiencing the same. These are people who earned most of their money on tips, had little to no savings and these people can't pay rent, buy groceries, and on and on.

Keep in mind that "boomers" grew up just after the Great Depression. Mock them older folks all you want, but they know how bad it can actually be. Our "Great Recession" has nothing on what the Great Depression looked like. Our older folks heard the first hand stories of bread lines and soup kitchens directly from those who experienced it.

That's not to say lockdowns and quarantines aren't or weren't necessary. It's not to say precautions as we re-open aren't necessary. It's just to say that "this existence" literally can't financially go on forever with the expectations of continuing our "1st world" kind of lifestyles. There will be a trade-off to different living conditions and you can look elsewhere in the world to see what that looks like. *Heart*
Yep, this quarantine thing is hurting a lot of small businesses, sadly. Lots of preferential treatment toward large corporate, while making small business close. I'm not in PA, but I totally support people standing up to their government.
I live in a state where the governor has gone too far, in my opinion. I am okay, but too many people have had their lives upended here without definitive guidelines or any hope of a lifeline. My friend says the governor of PA (where she lives) has gone too far. She lives in Lebanon County where it won't be daylight for a long time. She is okay herself, but sees what is happening.

Struggling businesses have been destroyed and people have no money who were living paycheck to paycheck before. Keeping safe and staying home is a decision, but whose decision should it be? And what criteria should be used to determine whether someone's livelihood is "essential"?

I think there will be a lot of class action suits in states (like PA) where the governor went too far, once people regroup. Who gets a waiver is another interesting question, if you read this Supreme Court filing. Should it be "friends of the governors?" That will be looked at too. I get the feeling if you are in the party of the governor and gave to his campaign you might have a better chance with a waiver. Just a feeling, but you know how politicians are.

I will follow this case with interest. In my State and in PA, if I had a businesses where I lost everything (or close to it), I'd be using this time to ask around for someone good who handles class action suits. Maybe someone in Harrisburg.

In states where governors were blatant about power grabs, (and shot off their mouths like Wolf did in this filing) there may end up being some personal liability. You never know, but I think we will look back on some of this and say, "Never again."

Some of this might have slowed the spread of the virus, but some of the other stuff made no sense that I can see. But maybe in the fullness of time, I will see more clearly.

And, of course, the media has pushed for a lot of the panic and shortages. There's that in the mix, too. Is there culpability there?

Interesting questions, to be sure.
Hiya! I thought this was cute and you like music too so I thought of you. *Heart* It has cows too.

Check out Princess Megan Rose 's wonderful April Challenge:

Prince Challenge Writing Contest 2020  (ASR)
In honor of Prince who died 4 years ago, I am having a Prince Challenge Writing Contest.
#2154498 by Princess Megan Rose


You can get credit for it in "The Contest Challenge and "I Write in 2020 if you post in those also.

It's a lot of fun and Megan is very kind and welcoming. *Heartv*
You're so awesome! Thank you for including me in the post! *Heart*

I commissioned this badge and it is set up now so that anyone can give it to anyone.

When we find ourselves in times of trouble, sometimes Beatles music has lifted me up. Maybe it will even help people to be nicer and kinder to each other.

All you Need is *Heart* and the Beatles no matter who or where you might be.

Spread a little Beatles joy. It worked to lift a whole country up in 1964.

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This is a great idea! I love the Beatles! So many memories...
Thank you so much, Hoovsie! *Heart*
This brings back a memory when I was a little kid. My older brother would play the Yellow Submarine and dance with me and make such silly animated faces while doing it, he would have us both cracking up before the song was over! Can't help but giggle when that song comes on now!
So cool, thank you for making it!

Today marks the beginning of Festivus. Here is how it all began (sort of - according to Seinfeld and Mr. Costanza). Let the airing of grievances commence!


I am not gonna bicker, snark, or anything else. I just had to wiki "Festivus' (because I was NOT a Seinfeld fan, so I had no idea...but I tell you what...I am now all ON BOARD with Festivus & will have to find that particular episode of Seinfeld on YouTube. But from what I read on wiki...Im down with it...so there better NOT be no naysayers in here. In fact...it made me realize that if you pay attention to the Charlie Brown Christmas special which has aired every year... Charles Schultz must have been a 'Festivus' celebrator as well... cause that's the whole moral behind the show... the commercialization of Christmas.
Anyone gives you any grief over posting this... call me. I got your back...& lets celebrate FESTIVUS!!!!!
*Rolling* Ahh, Festivus. Love it. This is probably my favourite Seinfeld episode. Jerry Stiller is such a fab comedian!
I think that the key element in enjoying Festivus is a sense of humor. *Laugh**Heartb*
Happy BirthDAY to

Princess Megan Rose !!!!!

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Happy Birthday

Wishing you all the best in coming year!
*Vine2**Candlep**Giftv**Candlep*Happy Birthday, Megan!*Candlep**Giftv**Candlep**Vine1*

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to sign my notebook. Thanks for the Merit Badges and Awardicons as well. You made it a good Birthday. Love: Megan
Well, It's Friday and I feel like dancing to The Beatles.

I just *Heartb* Ringo Starr of the Beatles. He's so cute. What a lovely spirit the man has. He's 79 now and he looks 40. What a lovely lovely soul!

My grandson helped me find my way back to this music (by singing it with me in the spring and singing with his band) and I love it a little more every day.

Here Ringo is in his early 20s as a Beatle.

Here he is at 71 or so. Is it me or does he look younger here?