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Kevin Spacey is my favorite "living" actor, not person, actor. Tom Hanks is a favorite too.

So, yesterday, criminal charges against Spacey were dropped. Instead of a big splash that was a crawler. More charges haven't come so far, but the media is ever hopeful of smearing him some more.

His accuser took the Fifth because he "allegedly" doctored cell phone evidence by altering photos and then threw away a cell phone. Notice, I give him the benefit of the doubt with that "allegedly". Mr. Spacey got no such consideration.

The media swarm totally prejudged Mr. Spacey ahead of his trial, reminiscent of the witch hunts of the 50s McCarthy hearings and smears against "alleged" Communists.

You get accused and you are labeled "guilty" says the media.

Now they (media experts and people in the know who get paid for blabbing about other people's tragedies on TV ) say this "in no way exonerates" Mr. Spacey that the charges against him were dropped. His accuser was the son of a woman with media connections and "influence" -a local news woman.

People who do not have Mr. Spacey's resources are regularly accused, tried and convicted in the press.

Is he guilty? I don't know. Do you? It wasn't proven.

He has theability to publish about what the media did to him and the moola to produce a film about it all. I hope that he does that and makes more movies. I also hope that people take everything they hear on "news" with a dose of healthy skepticism.
I too, was surprised by the small headline, lower on the trending list on a Social Media spot. I didn't see any news of Spacey's charges being dropped on Main Stream Media. I must confess that I pretty much avoid watching the MSM. Sick of their spewing forth instant opinions of condemnation of someone in public life without any concept of innocent until proven guilty. Spacey,and Trump as well, are demonized and labeled guilty by the talking heads. It appears our news networks have themselves become a source of Yellow Journalism. Who needs the National Enquirer?

Is Kevin innocent? I don't know, he hasn't been tried and proven guilty. But, I do know this -- You don't mess with Keyser Söze!

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Maybe the lack of attention about this in the media was due to there being bigger, more explosive stories happening.

I don't watch movies often and don't have favorite stars that I latch on to, but I do follow the news and pop culture. So I don't really have a horse or cow in this race. The problem that comes with this is the stigma that follows. Spacey made some kind of error in judgement along the way, and that led to him being accused, even if he was not guilty of anything. His reputation has taken a hit. Some studios may not want to work with him now. It's happened to many an actor/musician/person for so long...he isn't the first and won't be the last.

I didn't really follow his case much after the headlines. I'm not big on celebrity sensationalism and all that; I just wanna know enough to know what's going on (in many cases). That said, try not to put yourself in situations that have a chance of getting you in some kind of trouble that'll come back to you and bite you in the butt. If Spacey wasn't proven guilty of anything now, I hope that's what he's learned. But as far as celebrities go, usually behind one allegation are more than a couple others who were afraid to (for a multitude of reasons) speak out on them.
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These are all interesting, thought provoking comments. *Heart*

I find that I want my "news" to be facts. Then I decide what the truth is for me based on the facts. Who what where when and leave it to me to decide.

I do not like it when people who are reading the news to me (anyone who can read and open their mouth and wear makeup can do that, it is not a skill) also interpret and characterize it for me.

With Mr. Spacey, the same amount of attention should be given to the fact that the charges against him were dropped. It shouldn't go from top story to crawler. It's summer and the stories are, quite frankly, shark attacks, heat wave, Tom Cruise doing a sequel to Top Gun and promoting it at Comic Con and, quite frankly, boring.

Charges were brought and they then are subject to be proven. News people used to say this is the charge and the trial will be whenever. But characterizing things and people as guilty or whatever the label of the day is gives them the right to say what I should think. I never think that is a good thing.

I see things that go on even locally, that I see because I am alive and mostly aware. *Sleeping* Then I hear the things spun on local news. I don't think it used to be that way and I grew up in the D.C. area. Unless I was too brainwashed at that time to realize it, which could be the case. *Cow*

I decide who and what I think is full of you know what or anything positive or negative. I decide it all except the weather prediction. There it is straightforward. And, where I live, even with the weather they are wrong more than they are right. *Laugh**Heart*

This is all why I cut the cord on cable back in 2015. I can't see the pontificating blabbers on the cable news even if I wanted to and I do not want to. I can watch the networks for free, but the last few days, I've turned it all off in favor of reading. *Reading**Cow**Balloong*
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