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I just added a new item to my portfolio:
 Perfectly Normal  (18+)
A story where things change
The ones with the adjustable grips. They're only about 15 dollars
I'm thinking about getting one of those adjustable hand exercisers.
*Sigh* Bampanada
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 The metaverse  (ASR)
A story where everyone can write their own stories
my random thought for today: A yeti in the Serengeti holding up a plate of spaghetti
Would he stand on a jetty? Would he be covered in confetti? Or be hot and sweaty?

Sorry, I feel I'm now being petty...
This is a great random thought, and made me smile! Thank you!
Welp, one of my computers went kaput earlier today, one that I had a boatload of documents and stuff written down saved on it.
This really sucks, brah.
That sucks so bad. This happened to me before. I hope there is something that you can do to recover your files.
Going forward, be sure to back everything up. You can send yourself any document in an email. I do that. It's not perfect, but so far it works. I've recovered some older writings like that.
I got evicted today, and my internet connection has been severely downgraded from what it what it was before, so I might have a hard time uploading any new writing
just try your best okay?
Some really bad stuff here happened lately, and now I fear that I might be evicted from my apartment soon for nonpayment of rent. I can't even go back to live with my mother because they're having a lot of monetary problems as well. I'm really nervous about what the future might hold in store for me, and I might not be able to write on the internet for a while.
That's really disheartening to see and I hope only the best for you and you come out this terrible situation you're facing.

Good luck my friend and hopefully it won't be the case and you don't get evicted. Wish I could help you. :(
That sucks man
Everybody's got their own problems, so it's not like anyone really cares. I just wanted to get it off my chest.
I feel so useless and worthless. All I do is sit on my butt all day on my computer and not contribute anything.
Then find something to do, a Job that needs someone of your expertise and talents or a tolerable source of income regardless the origin of the job (as long isn't illegal), never lose hope for many people, including me, has been in your boots before and its possible to get out even the most hopeless situation.
were it only that easy
The stress of worrying about it has been keeping me up at night, and messed up my sleep schedule to the point I've been going to sleep at 4 in the morning or later. It really sucks TBH. I can't even take up a regular job to make some extra money
I know how it feels to have anxiety and the constant nagging fear and stress, how it messes up with one person really quickly.

You're not alone on this.