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Happy New Year everyone.
For those that just might like to know.

Well damn it, had a heart attack Friday morning, rushed into hospital and given emergency surgery as the three arteries were blocked, they put a stent in two of them to open them up. was released this evening, but have to go back in about 6-weeks for an Echo and to have the other stent fitted. Other than that, everything is fine.

See...The Sci is invincible lol.
New is in...No signs of lung cancer!!!
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So damn happy for you, smexy!!
Not that good a week, found out Friday I have chronic obtrusive pulmonary disease , and will find out this Friday if it is lung cancer. *Sad*
I'm sorry to hear this Sci. Keep us informed on what you find out buddy. I hope they've made a mistake.
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong, Sci. Sending you much love and strength.
*Partyhatp* Happy Birthday! *Partyhatv*
Thanks Kim.
Happy Holidays (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year) my dear friend.
Merry Christmas and New Year to you Nita I hope you have a great one.
Roll on Tuesday the 18th, I'll be flying out of good old England for a few days in the sun, for the very first time. Going to Majorca in the Med. Never been out of England before so should be quite an adventure lol, first time on a big plane too, only flown once before and that was a few years ago when I had chance to pilot a small 4-seater, so looking forward to the experience.
So happy for you!! Would you please stay in touch. I'd hate to think of you out there in the world, having a good time without the rest of us. *Laugh*
Well I do have every intention on coming back, and will let everyone know how it all went then, and prob post some picies to facebook.
So dang cute! Me likey picies, lmbo.
Well, it turns out that the Sci has now become a grandfather for the first time. My son Wayne is the father to Ellie-Mai Elizabeth, 8-weeks old now, as there was some confusion as to just who was the biological father, but it has now been confirmed.
Congratulations!! Well Sci, it wouldn't be your grandchild if it didn't come in with a lot of drama. *Bigsmile* I know you're going to love being a granddad.
Wow, congrats Gramps. Lol. Hmm, me thinks you'll wear the new title well. Miss you. Hugs
Haha is that Gramps or Grumps lol.
Well thought it was time I let those that might be interested that I am still alive and kicking *BigSmile*

The Sci isn't quite ready to bite the dust just yet, and who knows maybe one day I will get round to publishing something on WDC again.

Miss all my old buddies, you know who you are.

The Sci.
Well it's about time!! Hello to my Brit friend. You are still loved!! *Bigsmile*
I've been waiting for you to reappear. I miss you like mad. Would love to catch up, Sci. So find me already would you!
And today marks the day that we whipped British butt. *Bigsmile*
*Music2* *Music1* *Music2* *Music1* *Music2* *Music2*

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday dear Sci,

Happy Birthday to you!!!

*Music2* *Music1* *Music2* *Music1* *Music2* *Music2*


Ha ha thanks Nita, nice tune lol, and thanks for the merit badge too, drama indeed lol
... and that's what friends are for... *Bigsmile*
Happy Valentine's Day all *SuitHeart* Tag: *Heart*
Happy Valentine's Day to you, Sci!!
Send candy!! *Bigsmile*
32 years married today, that's what...2 life sentences here in the UK lol
Congratulations, Sci!
I have 41 coming up in February... are we dinosaurs or what? lol And - love your life sentence analogy. *Smile*
Happy anniversary old man *Wink* Hugs and much love, T
A call to all my old friend.

I seem to have lost pieces of Lazarus Grey, if any of you still happen to have any chapter copies on your computer could you fish them out and send them to me please.

I have begun working on LG again but I know I have at least lost the chapter called Twins.

Thanks if you have.

Congratulations Sci! Glad you were able to locate the chapters - NOW! Get yourself an external drive and use it!! *Smile*
Ha, I have one, but forgot to back up lol but also use google docs as well and now its all backed up.
I actually have too many drives! My son sent me a great external drive when he was in Iraq. I love it! Then I have numerous thumb drives - and son's gf gave me a really nice external drive for Christmas! I need to get things separated and use one of the large external drives for just pictures and the other for my writing.
Hello my English friend! Thinking about you this evening. I hope all is well with you. AND did you start working on Diamond Casebooks again? I hope so! *Peace*
Hi Nita, I trust you are keeping well, and yes I have picked up Diamond Casebooks again albeit it is slow going due to finding the time to actually write lol.
I'm glad you're writing again! A writer without a story or poem is like a .... well... a writer without a story or poem. *Bigsmile*
Off to RAF Museum Hendon tomorrow, lots of planes to photograph.*BigSmile*
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Are you posting them? :)) I like planes!
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