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Guess who's back? I am and that means nobody important.

Have a nice day everyone! Keep moving on.
I am sad, my friend left for Tennessee, I didn't even get to say goodbye.
Say a prayer of blessings for your friend.
Not to be a downer or anything but I don't pray & I am a Satanist...

         So yeah that isn't going to work, but thank you. I don't do this often but can you please pray for him.
         Two ships crash in a collision that kills everyone besides the captains of the ships, the captain that caused the crash is struggling to keep his head above the water as the raft with the enemy captain stops next to him. Taking pity on the man and pulls him out of the water, draping a blanket over the shivering captain.

The waterlogged man asks through chattering teeth, “Why would you save me?”

         The man jumps back into the water as the captain watches silently, the man swims away while the captain stares at the bodies floating around of him. He sighs as he begins to row the boat to land as a man grabs the side of the boat pulling himself in… the captain kicks the captain back into the water forcing him to drown. He reaches the shore and looks at the body of the captain that washed ashore.

         The moral of the story: Don’t take kindness with a grain of salt and accept that you are saved-- take the actions of enemies as mysterious and don’t let yourself drown in your own stubborn pride, as enemies don’t give salvation if you rejected the gift before.
         Yesterday, I received a letter from the orphanage that I was put in as a child that my sister had passed. In the letter, there was a ring that she always wore. My sister had cerebral palsy and I had always seen her as normal. The only way I could respond to this revelation and news of losing someone whom you are twin too. I slammed my fist repeatedly into the wall. Several thoughts had been shooting through my head, this goddamn ring was oppressing me by reminding me of her. I truly loved her my sister and now she is dead... here is the letter (translated into English):

To the brother of Anna Kolesnikov,

         I am sorry to inform you of the passing of your sister. When you were put up for adoption, she had surprisingly gotten better for a short amount of time... in which she wanted to see you. We were shocked at the fact that she was able to talk despite her condition.
         The following days were painful to watch the writing of her agony as her condition worsened drastically after the news. We are sorry to inform your sister has passed away in our care, we are sending in this mail, a ring she wore day in and day out with hope. I am sending this memorium to you with sympathy. Your little 'twin' sister wished for you to have a good life and with her heart to fight the urge to kill. She was looking for you as you provided overwatch from a country away.

She really missed and loved you,
I know you deeply miss her also...

Natasha Andreyevich
I know this is probably not the right place to write this, but for a while-- the day-to-day basis. I have suffered from depression and I don't know how to deal with it. Can someone give me some advice, this is re-occurring with me every single day. I try to not get down but it always finds a way to break through the bulwark.
What to feel is hope. Find it within yourself. Resolve too - to keep fighting and find a way to be happy. Happiness doesn't come TO you, it comes from within you. Sometimes it's a choice you make - to be happy despite all evidence to the contrary. Sometimes it's damn hard to find that happiness. Every day I try to find ways to be happy - by helping others, by loving my family and my spouse, by working hard, by being a good friend. Find something that makes you feel a spark of joy and then pursue that. No one can tell you what that is other than you. But the answers are within you if you look. Maybe it's writing for you. Or art? Reading? Movies? Going out with friends? Taking a walk and enjoying nature? Playing a video game? Listening to good music? A festival? A park? Whatever it is, use that to start.
If none of those things work, it may be biological and require medication. I take an anti-depressant that helps me get over the hump so to speak. It gives me just enough so I can find the rest myself. Therapy has also helped me in the past to find the answers within myself. Those things might help you too.
I am going to sleep, see you all in hell.
Hi! Just having a wander through your notebook. Very inspiring! I wish you all the best with your writing! *ThumbsUpL**BigSmile**ThumbsUpR*
Thanks, you too good luck.
I chuckle when I remember this whose line hoedown ending:
Singing a song about a vending machine,
Don't you know that it's really not my scene,
Trying to think of something clever, with a little twist,
if there is another hoedown I'll slit my fucking wrists.
That was one of the best hoedowns ever, if not the best one.
We all have decisions we execute, only what makes us truly magnificent is the passion for everything we do. We are not obliged by the predestination or our brittleness concerning time... but our drive for passion. Men, women, and children, can transpire to be anything they want to be no matter their handicap or barrier preventing them from their goal. This is my inspiration for you all here today, keep it up!
Bravo, Lone_Wolf *ThumbsUpL*
Merci, Gabriella.
There are things in this world that still need to be discovered in the midst of all the ties we create. Politicians with cold hands in their pockets and bills in their palms as they turn the corner of a new age. I am confuddled why I rant like this but everyone has their moments. I hope everyone finds the inspirations that they need to keep on writing their lives path to greatness.

- Lone_Wolf

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