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According to WDC, I'm 6 years old lol!
WOW! You are quite the writer for a six-year-old! Well done! *Laugh*

Happy anniversary!
Oops forgot to state, they'll be getting merit badges from me very soon!
People on this site are amazing. There I was, ready to review my way to 200,000 gps to purchase a Basic year long membership. I log on, onto find two lovely members have given me enough to have a membership for a YEAR! They know who they are and I am very grateful for this!

I'm speechless right now. Hugs to both of you.

Asha Moonfall xxxxx
I've just realized I only need to earn about 81 K in Gift points, theeeeeennnn I can renew my basic membership for a whole year! I'll get reviewing later. Wish me luck! As Captain Picard says:

'Make it so.'

Best of luck!
Phew what a dramatic Friday night my mum and I have had! Three little toerags from the local boys school decided to kick our front door in for no reason. We're both a bit shaken up, but fine. Now we need the council to come and fix the door!
*Hug1**hug**Hug2* and prayers sent.
In an attempt to finally get one of my novel ideas out of my brain and onto my computer, from February 1st, I've decided to write 1000 words a day for the next five months. I hope this works!
Good luck! You can do it!
Hey! That is an awesome goal! I don't really have the time to dedicate 1000 words per day but I would definitely consider writing 150,000 words in 5 months. That is certainly a reasonable goal! A suggestion if I may, leave room for catch up days just in case you hit writer's block or need to take a break from your novel. I've done NaNoWriMo and I usually Saturdays as my catch up day. It doesn't have to be every Saturday but just in case life gets busy, unexpected things happen, or you just get bored of your novel for a short time, leave some days for catching up! Best of luck to you. I may consider doing something like this, after I finish grad school. Working as a teacher/editor full time and studying professional writing as a grad student doesn't leave much time for novel writing.
According to WDC, I'm five years old today.... Well my account is!
*Music2* Happy Anniversary *Music1*
*Heart* Hope your day is full of blessings *Heart*
Lady Natters

*Grasshopper* Alexi
To my fellow White Team members and sponsors for NaNoWriMo:

I have been writing and keeping count of my word score, I am waiting until I get paid this Friday so I can upgrade my WDC Membership. I completely forgot I cannot create a Novel item under a Basic membership! My job is now permanent as I've recently been given a permanent contract! Once I've upgraded my membership, I'll upload my stuff and update my word count! Just forgive this silly person for worrying about her job!

Asha Moonfall xxx
Woo! Team White! *Bigsmile*
I've been such an idiot! I completely forgot to renew my subscription to WDC! It'll take me a few months to earn the points for a renewal but I can do it. Does anyone have any tips on how I can earn them? Apart from the review rewards for WDC's 18th birthday. I'll take advantage of that in an hour or two. Mum and I have been looking after my elder sisters two kittens, for the past week.
Happy Birthday WDC. Now that this site is 18, I wonder what mischief will entail? If I had the points, I would put forward a naughty 18th birthday contest! Just to be curious, what did my fellow writers get up to the moment they turned 18?

Asha xxx
I'm 40 years old today. Oh dear.....

Cheer me up someone, link me to a VERY nice fantasy novel on here and I'll read it!

Asha xxx *Cat*
Happy Birthday Asha. *Heart*
My most recent is sci-fi, not fantasy, sorry. But happy birthday! Think about all the knowledge you have gained since you were my age (26), think about how much fun you have had. And then remember, you still have a lot more to learn and a lot more fun to be had! Hope you find a fantasy novel!

*BigSmile* *Cake3*