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Warmest wishes for a happy birthday!
Kindest Regards, Lilli
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I witnessed history last night. SpaceX launched 4 civilians into space from Kennedy Space Center on their Inspiration4 vehicle. The rocket flew just east of us, and the engine's rumble rattled my windows. The bright plume was beautiful with it's blue flame in the center.

Watch the launch here:

Thank you for sharing. Am making a screen snip to remember your beautiful reaction to a beautiful and historic event. Makes me feel like I witnessed a little piece of history with you. Thank you very much for sharing your feelings.
I want to come see the launch on Halloween.

Thank you for the gift points, Anonymous.
Thank you Anonymous for the wonderful surprise I found in my inbox today. I truly appreciate your generosity!

Thank you, Nixie. I'm looking forward to being an asset to the group.
You joined just in time to to participate in our upcoming raid, September 16-17. Details will be announced when we're closer to the event. Chief bonus? Double review credits. And lots of fun. *Bigsmile* (no obligation).
I'll look forward to that.
Great. I'll affiliate my reviews with this group.
Thank you for the generous prank, Anonymous.

Even the local government is watching us.

I heard loud thrashing and grunting in the vacant lot behind my house about a month ago. I looked over the fence and saw a large pig rummaging through the weeds. I called the city's Animal Control office and told them about the pig and asked them to come get it before it destroyed someone's property.
The clerk told me they would charge me $200.00 to get the pig out of the lot. I said, "No way am I paying." I hung up.
Two hours later I heard two city employees chasing and catching the pig. They loaded him into a cage on their truck and drove away.
A week later I got a bill in the mail for $200.00. Outraged, I called the animal control office and argued with the clerk that there was no way they knew I was the one who made the original request.
The clerk said, "We know for sure it was you."
"How's that possible," I asked.
She laughed as she answered.
"Because the pig squealed!"

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When I was a road patrol officer I was required to answer all types of calls for service, anything from a murder down to a minor theft. This is about a minor theft.

There was a university just outside of the city where I worked, and every fall when the students returned for classes, minor petit thefts increased. The students needed ‘help’ furnishing their apartments and so small items would disappear from the porches of surrounding homes; flower pots, lawn chairs, wind chimes, etc.
I was sent to take a stolen property report from an elderly woman who reported that a flower pot and an old lawn chair had been stolen from her front porch. The conversation went like this.

“I can’t believe someone came right up onto my porch and stole my belongings.” She gave me a hot glare. “I want my property back.”
“Well mam, flower pots and lawn chairs are difficult to recover. They don’t have serial numbers, and they’re most likely in someone’s apartment. I’m sorry, but we probably won’t be able to get your property back.”
This sweet little seasoned citizen go angry.
“Well, sonny,” she said. “If you can’t help me, I want another police officer to come who will help.”
I called our K9 officer over the radio.
When he answered I said, “I need you to stop by my location and talk with this woman for me. And please, put on a bit of a show for her. She’s upset with me and wants a ‘real’ police officer to help her get her property back.”
The K9 officer pulled to the curb a few minutes later.

He got out of the car, placed his hat on his head and then made a show of putting on his sunglasses. He punched the remote door opener and out came the K9, Ranger. Jack leashed Ranger and strutted up the walkway toward where I stood.
Watching the K9 officer walking toward us, the elderly woman began to cry.
“What’s wrong,” I asked.
Through her tears, she said, “First they send me an officer who won’t help me. Then they send me a blind officer.”
This story is a work of fiction.
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Continue with this story as you have a great beginning BIKERIDER BEHAVED ALL YEAR . I made the happy mistake of reading aloud...now Buddy is whinning...and looking at laptop...now barking and pawing...I guess he wants to hear the rest so let me know when you write more.. *Headbang*
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