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Bored yet?

Tired of sitting at home with nothing to do?

The news getting you down?

Counting the days until your Stimulus Check arrives?

Toilet paper supply running low got you nervous?

Here's something to look forward to.

Announcing a new contest for all those who want to try something new.

Huge prizes! Awardicons!! Merit Badges!!! Gift Points!!!!

Come one, come all. Test your imagination. Write the most interesting story using the provided 'Facts.'

Sponsored by Lilli ☕ and Bikerider

Just the Facts!   (E)
A prompt-driven short story competition!
#2215710 by Lilli ☕

Use the listed options (prompts) to write a story about what happened to the diamond ring.

New contest opens April 1st.

New 'facts' and rotating genre each month.

Bikerider I've already started and I've got that sizzle - this is gonna be fun!
I see that it opens April 1 so we have to wait until then to post our entries right?
Yup. charitykountz I hope your enthusiasm catches on with the members of WDC. But the contest doesn't open until the 1st. That gives you lots of time to polish, edit, wax, edit, and polish your entry before you post it.

*HeartB**Cake**ConfettiG* From your Rockin' Friends! *ConfettiG**Cake**HeartB*
How cool is that? Bikerider falling off his bike! Thank you Hannah, it's great. I almost feel bad about having you arrested.
I was actually hoping you'd write an essay, but since Tina is trying to create a bank for her group, the gift points will help her out.

Thanks again, Hannah, I love the image.
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*BalloonB* Happy 10th WdC Anniversary, Bikerider ! *BalloonB*
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Thank you for the note. Ten years! Hard to believe.
Hey, there, Angelo!


Even the clocks jumped in celebration! *Bigsmile*
Thank you so much for the anniversary wishes. How bout that, even the clocks responded on my special day. Thanks for pointing that out.

I wish everyone a happy, healthy, prosperous, and creative new year!

Animated new year baby
Same to you and yours! Happy New Year!
Congratulations on your What a Character - October 2019 1st Place Win! Whoo! Hoo! *BalloonY**ConfettiG**BurstB*
Thanks Hannah. What a thrill it is to win the monthly site contest.
When I was a little girl, I had a swing too. But it had two ropes, one on each side. I loved to swing. Nowadays it seems my head just can't take it anymore. It makes me feel dizzy.
I am still able to sit and swing in a garden swing, but in a rope swing, nope. I miss those days sometimes. A few years ago I was still able to swing.
At least I am still able to write and knit and needlepoint. I dare to say I'm happy I still have those skills.
Keep up the great work! You have a talent.
I've gained patience as I've grown older and I find that I can now do things that I once couldn't. Patience has allowed me to replace those things my age prevents me from doing with new interests. Never give up.

Belated Happy birthday!
I'm very sorry about forgetting your special day,
so please accept this belated birthday wish in the spirit it is given. Hope your birthday was incredible… just like you.
Kindest Regards, Lilli

Thank you, Lilli. I love the graphic. The rider looks a bit like me, but I carry different color balloons. *Bigsmile*
Happy birthday 🎂
Thank you for the birthday wishes gypsyfae.
Happy Birthday! *Cake2*