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Happy wdc anniversary.
Happy wdc aniversary
which one sounds better? 1) Journal of my blinded past OR 2) Journey from my blinded past . Thank you
hmm, what about going with Journal of your blinded past?
Maybe Blinded Past Journey.
Hey there. Happy 12th WDC Anniversary!
Hi there... just wondering if there's an automated word count here in WDC. Thanks love
Yeah, it is under the edit gear at the top right of the item. But I think it is only accurate as to how many words there were at the last save.
Oh! I didn't realize it might only count from the last save. Good to know! Also, check to see about things like tagging someone such as Wash Your Sox Already! or an activity such as "The Contest Challenge. Those may both be counted as 1 word instead of 3 because the ML code is 1 word...or maybe not, so check on that if it matters to you. *Wink*
Any tippers on breaking the writer's block please...... Thank you soo much.... ๐Ÿ‘
Music. Word roulette too. Flip to a word in dictionary. Than take that word and make up a 30 word story about anything. Let it travel from normal to weir in that 30 words.
.... Share with me in 5 words ... What could make you feel down?
Five words? Here you go: There is no more coffee. *Facepalm*
The words just stop flowing...
Reviews time... Looking forward to reading some juicy writings... Yeah!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘
Just wondering .. if there's a possibility to look for a volunteer editor here in WDC... Looking for a sweet kind editor for my novel... . Thank you sooo much ๐Ÿ˜Š
The site doesn't offer that kind of service.

Occasionally people who have recently completed a copyediting course elsewhere will sign up for an account so they can post in the newsfeed or "Writing.Com General Discussion that they're willing to do a small amount of editing for free in exchange for being able to show the text as a sample in their portfolio. So it's a limited-time offer with strings from people who are just starting out rather than someone with experience, with no guarantee of sweet and kind. But I haven't seen any recently.
... Quick question.. where and how do i submit writings for reviews ..please? sorry .. but its been a really long time...๐Ÿคญ. Thank you so much.๐Ÿ˜Š
Select a story from your port, then click the wheel at the upper right. From the drop-down menu, click on Request Review, then select a fellow WDCer from whom to request the review. *ThumbsUpL*
If you want to post a link to the item you want looked at in World Weavers' Network , I will get to it (eventually *Blush*) and I'll hand out GP rewards to anyone who comes and tells me that they have reviewed it.

Direct review requests have a timer on them, so I've turned them off.

You can also try posting a request in "Please Review"   [E] by Writing.Com Support which has a widget on the community hub page.
Hi hi there.... does anyone knows how do i edit my Biography? I havent been up here for awhile so i am kinda lost ... Thank you
On your biography page, click on the little gear icon in the top right corner.

It will open up the text fields.
I am so filled with lots of gratitude to WDC right now. I have been inactive for awhile ... and oh boy am i filled with so much beautiful surprises when i opened up emails... Thank you so much for the badges and the upgrades ! ..*ousmile* *Smile**Smile**Smile*! You guys are simply amazing! xx
You promised!
You promised you'll stand by me through thick and thin!
You promised to be there for me!
You promised i can count on you!
Friends or not you promised you'll stick around!
You promised the dam world!

Where Are you now?
What happened to those promises?!
You would always show up no matter how late.
You would always assure me everything is ok
"Everything is gonna alright..." those were your dam words!
Where are you now?

Can't you feel it..
I am falling apart
Can't you tell ..
No amount of vodka or whiskey can bandaid this pain!
You promised!
You promised you'll never abandon me!
Where are you now??

You were not my lover

You were not my friend


You gave me something to remember!

You gave me Hope

on your empty

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Ouch. This looks like total disappointment. I know the feeling. My problem is I hate giving up on on people who mean something to me, yet sometimes there's only so much you can do.

*Balloonv* Hey there. I see you have an 11th anniversary. Congratulations and have a wonderful one. *Balloonv*
ok here's the full para .. please share your opinions.. thank you so much! *BigSmile*

"I shouldnโ€™t have allow her to induce me and force open that very door before cracking down all other cemented walls. I know the risk but I had no choice. The emotions deep within were pounding hard every single day, tearing the body apart slowly, piece by piece. That very door had to open, to release the frozen remnant of sweet bleeding memories kept in a sealed jar buried deep inside. Memories that were still alive.
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๐Ÿ˜ฎ Wow! Dramatic! You go!
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